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The Apprentice 2015 (UK) - Series 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Daniel!, Oct 6, 2015.

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    It's almost time! The show returns on Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th of October at 9pm. Nick has been replaced by terror of the interviews stage Claude Littner, and a detailed rundown of the candidates can be found here. I can't wait!
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  2. *inhales*

    I've been perched for this for months.
  3. Huuuugely excited for this! Claude Littner might well be an awesomely ferocious addition for the boardroom scenes.
  4. YAS. Consider me perched too.

    Going purely by the picture I think I'll fancy Sam and stan for Charleine/Vana.
  5. Oooh, they all usually look TERRIBLE in the promo shots, so I'm expecting quite a few hotties this year.
  6. Sanjay remains undisputed hotness of last year.

    (or James's body)
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  7. Sanjay was categorically Not Attractive.
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  8. Categorically incorrect.
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  9. Sanjay ticked my boxes teebs.
  10. He was okay looking but that simpering and sycophantic personality... NO.
  11. That's all part and parcel with The Apprentice, naturally. I'm willing to overlook these characteristics for a cute face.
  12. By that metric they're all swamp donkeys.

    Nevertheless, beauty is in the beer of the beholder.
  13. Meet the Candidates video (trigger warning: Matt Edmondson). Stanning for how insufferable Ruth is going to be already. Individual auditions here.
  14. Sanjay was gross.

    Sam will be the eye candy this year. I'm perched for the circus girl and Miss Jamaica
  15. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I'm living for Ruth's Marlene Dietrich meets Doctor Who Auton aesthetic.
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  16. After James put me right off him with his appearance in Celebrity Big Brother, clearly the hottest guy from last year was Solomon.
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  17. The BEST show on the BBC.

    More gifs of Karen losing the will to live please!
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  18. Claude's shade game is going to be unbeatable.
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  19. Hyped for this! I hope Charleine lives up to her Deborah Meaden appearances.
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  20. Joseph seems like a moron and his moustache is almost identical to his eyebrows.
    Elle stans for Taylor Swift and seems like she might punch someone.

    I'm ready.
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