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The Apprentice 2015 (UK) - Series 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Daniel!, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. What is Vana's life.
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  3. Now why would your bitchass bring me into all of this?
  4. Love the fact that Jack Dee and the BBC couldn't even be fucked enough to correctly find out where Vana went to uni.
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  5. Ruth was robbed of this shitty award.
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  6. Charleine and Richard sat together... I see you.
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  7. Remember April?

    Neither do I.
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  8. Vana being psychic. Mess.
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  9. Vana's psychic powers. You'd have thought she'd have had a vision that 250k wasn't going to be enough.
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  10. Vana ruining her credibility with this astrology nonsense.
  11. I'm over this.

    Eject reject.
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  12. Is Selina in the audience? I want her to collect the award for Miss Congeniality in person.
  13. This Romesh guy is offensively unfunny.
  14. The owner of the cafe slayed me.
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  15. Not Jack Dee being a dickhead to the cafe owner.
  16. Ruth's hair is amazing! Work that volume.
  17. Is this where Ruth announces her new BBC1 show?
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  18. LIVING for the compilation of Karen and Claude's draggings
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  19. This Karren/Claude VT just being Karren's iconic drags.
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  20. ''I can assure you it was bad.''
    ''Sam should be so embarrassed about this!''

    I forgot how much those lines slayed me.
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