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The Apprentice 2015 (UK) - Series 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Daniel!, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Leah/Luisa will always be the best top 2.
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  2. It should just be 30 minutes of Elle going through this thread and having a kii
  3. Natalie's pitching was iconic.
  4. Natalie actually deserved that award.
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  5. Charleine deserves an award just for looking so wonderful.
  6. Sometimes it's like she wants to get dragged.
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  7. Elle is one of my favourite candidates ever. Just being there to troll the process.
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  8. I want to have a night out with Elle
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  9. I was so happy to see Queen Leah.
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  10. I genuinely want to apply
  11. So how am I going to get them likes now!? One or two successful posts in the photoshop threads doesn't put food on the table...
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  12. *goes on the Apprentice*
    "My business plan is to buy 25,000+ copies of EMOTION"
  13. Become friends with Ruth and tell us about all of her hilarious quirks and capers.
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  14. Aww, I'm actually really going to miss this thread!
  15. Still a better business plan than a mobile disco with Skype.
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  16. Celebrity Big Brother starts next month.

    That delivers X Factor-level like-age but it's on every night.
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  17. I forgot that Mergim and Elle.......... did that.
  18. I knew he was a filthy bastard.
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