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The Apprentice 2015 (UK) - Series 11

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Daniel!, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Queen Elle gets whatever she wants.

    The peen? She got it.
    An appearance in the finale despite leaving before several other candidates? She got it
    A tiara? She got it.
    A book deal? She got it.
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  4. Low-key living for Elle's stank face in the press shot. She was over it before it even began.

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  5. Not Natalie sending the elderly to their death.
  6. Not Natalie exposing herself as @Mister Unicorn
  7. I want to watch Natalie's cactus shampoo pitch again.
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  8. Just watching it now and There is no way he'll be back next yea surely.

    The whole thing keeps grinding to a halt because his interview technique is so poor and 90% of the 'jokes' flop horribly.

    He's absolutely terrible.
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  9. Overall a really dull final - which obviously would have been mega dull without Elle.
    Elle - the REAL Queen of the night.
  10. Disappointing final, still struggling to figure out how Natalie's gotten so far in life without dying.
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  11. Did Natalie actually muster a single word that entire episode
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, our winner:

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  13. Slé, Jospeh.
  14. It's been 5 years now and I still find the new format really jarring. They literally chuck all of the previous tasks in the final two weeks and pretend they never happened.

    As Lord Sugar doesn't have so many active business interests any more, I wish that the prize could be a job at the BBC instead but the Daily Mail would undoubtedly be up in arms about the cost of licence payer's money.
  15. I don't get why people are still objecting to the format change all these years later. I understand that the show is called 'the Apprentice' but the original premise was totally flawed.

    No winner stuck with the job they got after the show for more than a year or so. I know Stella lost the lawsuit but I reckon that there was a lot of truth in what she was accusing Sugar of. In the interview (and interviews given by other past winners) she said that she basically got a six-figure salary for what was essentially a temp's job. Stella in particular said that she was resented in the office and it completely wrecked her career prospects after she left because she couldn't renter banking (for some corporate bullshit reason I don't care enough about to really understand).

    What was even the point of doing the show in the first place? Most of the candidates were qualified enough to get a far better job for the same salary on their own accord anyway? It was a stupid, stupid prize.

    It says a lot that the most successful winners to date (Ricky, Leah, Tom and Mark) all won AFTER the format change. It also works out far better for Lord Sugar as well as the candidate themselves; Lord Sugar's input is limited to just being an investor whilst the candidate has the freedom to put their skills to use, capitalising on the free promo in the process.
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  16. I mainly agree with your post, however I do think the year that Tom won it the credibility of the process was seriously undermined. He lost almost every week, did absolutely nothing of note, and won with a concept Sugar didn't even go on to fund. I think they've done a better job of balancing the importance of the process versus the contestants' business ideas.

    Still one or two anomalies that occur, and I do think the finals are quite predictable nowadays because you just knew that Sugar wasn't going to front a tights business, or a bakery supplies business, but I do think on the whole we've had more credible winners since the new idea was introduced, and it definitely was a little silly to have people trying to prove themselves as entrepreneurs for 12 weeks only to stick them in a management role (at best).
  17. I don't take the show that seriously and nor should anyone else.

    I watch it mainly for the kiis and I'm not afraid to say it.
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