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The Apprentice series 14 (2018) | "I just want you out my thread now"

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by constantino, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. SCREAM not Louisa!
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  2. ''Am singing a spice girl megamix''

    I planted that seed and I will see the harvest.
  3. LTG


    Nn do all three remaining members of Take That spend their whole time together so they just share one number?
  4. ''We have contacted Cher's management, we await a response''

    Cher's response: ''Sit on you own damn face, I'm busy''
  5. Hhh not the girls serving up some cat sick wrapped in a lettuce leaf

  6. LTG


    Simon Webbe? Sit on my face, I’m not busy.
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  7. ''Give Simon a call and see if he's available''

    I have a feeling he will be

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  8. I’m surprised Rylan didn’t call Claire Richards.
  9. ''Simon what''

  10. Rylan, stop trying to act like anyone knows who Kodaline are, let alone cares.
  11. KoDaLiNe, SiMoN wEbBe, LoUiSa JoHnSoN

  12. Delete Robbie.
  13. LTG


    Robbie pretending to sing badly is better than he usually performs
  14. Okay, but which one is the Stavros Flatley man and which is Robbie Williams?

  15. LTG


    Imagine being the Stavros Flatley son and that just being your life
  16. Louisa sis just sing Teats

  17. fffff not desperately cutting Louisa's already short song down.
  18. Dddd Louisa getting 90 seconds...
  19. LTG


    That’s about 65 seconds more than she’d have expected in 2019
  20. Everyone: h
    Pink: I'm a contortionist as well.
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