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The Apprentice series 14 (2018) | "I just want you out my thread now"

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by constantino, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. A space theme?

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  2. nn yas Frank

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  3. It's actually an eyelid piercing tyvm

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  4. Not everyone missing a trick by not even considering a female character which 99% of the GP would love
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  5. dddd Poochie the dog teas
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  6. Very Drag Race.
  7. MC Monkey sounds... racist
  8. "I don't care if it's half boy, half girl"

    straight people trying to grasp gender as a social construct is rough

  9. BTG


    Twelve year olds are known for living half boy half girl French people with sunglasses.

  10. Screaming at Khadija's concept vomit. May the power of Anisa compel ha!

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  11. I know it was for the young apprentice but I still crease myself at the description of one of the candidates being 'sells eggs and sweets'

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  12. K94



    Khadija is annoying I love her
  13. Frank's comic:

  14. MB


    Hammer out a hero!? That’s a new one.
  15. I can’t cope watching this it’s just so awkward, excruciating, laughable! They are all soooooo shit.
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  16. I STAN Khadija's authoritarian leadership style

    crushed them into submission, queen!

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  17. Dddddd Claude's face.
  18. I hate them so much.
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  19. I want to see translation errors throughout
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  20. The girls team just coming up with Parappa The Rapper

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