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The Apprentice UK - Series 12 (2016)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    YES fellow Apprunties, it's almost that time of year again. Time for another mixture of clueless goons and iconic candidates to go swishing and swooshing, tumbling and turning through the wringer with Shugs, the Baroness and Claude.

    Today the BBC, scrambling after their loss of the Bake Off, have started slotting Apprentice idents featuring the trio into their schedule, including this rather awkward one with Shugs:

    The series starts on BBC One Thursday October 6th 9pm.


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    The Tv Gods really are looking after us all this Autumn...
  3. I hope we get somebody with a fraction of Ruth's Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent this year.
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  4. Edu


    I can't wait.


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  5. When you're upset that Bake-Off is fucked but hear Apprentice is back on soon
  6. Yas. I finally finished watching series one (AKA The Saira Khan Show) on YouTube just yesterday so I'm so ready. Might do series two as well before this starts.
  7. Series 2 was the best one. The Badger is iconic.
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  8. I'm ready for that one woman contestant who destroys business fashion. No smart lady suit but maybe a multi coloured dress or a cheeky beret. They usually have one per season.
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  9. It's between 2 and 3 for me. 3 had such an iconic cast in Jadine, Katie, Christina, Paul, Tre, Simon, Adam etc. The episode where Christina exposed Katie and Paul's bonking after the French sausages debacle was hysterical.

    Or when she literally put lollies in the hands of kids and then charged the parents £5 for the privilege. Too many moments to mention.

    This year, I'm literally just looking to stockpile on new Karren Brady GIFs. Queen of everything.
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  10. I think The Apprentice might be my favourite show on TV. It's just so good.
  11. Lord Sugar has tweeted that the first episode of the series will air on 6th October - two weeks from today.
  12. [​IMG]

    All I have to say is that she better be snatched.
  13. Edu


    Apprentice UK in October and Celebrity Apprentice US in January...

  14. SBK


    Might buy a new iPad just so I can watch and keep up with the thread for the likes.
  15. I bet all the women can't work together as a team.

    They never ever present a united front. It is utterly depressing...and great TV.
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  17. RJF


    Ready for another season of swishing and swooshing, tumbling and turning.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Is this Karen
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  19. I feel like we need a Lucinda Ledgerwood gifset to ease us into the new series.
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