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The Apprentice UK - Series 12 (2016)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. The Apprentice is always one of those shows I either forget to make time or fail to catch up on because it’s wiped from iPlayer shortly after it’s finished.

    For reasons I’m unsure of, Season 12 has just been added to iPlayer in its entirety and I’m absolutely enthralled by it. Though the rest aren’t on there for some reason, wondering which is the best modern season* to try and dig out afterwards, from the forum’s seasoned Apprenticunties.

    * in terms of messiness, buffoonery and tomfoolery.
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  2. “Colony Gin” and the ensuing drunkenness that followed was iconic chaos
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  3. 2014

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    SO many legends, whew!

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  4. I know this isn't the right topic, but did we know Jenny Maguire from series 4 is in a sitcom now?!
  5. On RTE tho
  6. Thank you for this. I had no idea they had put this back up. No idea why they've chosen this series in particular, but I watched the first episode a couple of night back and suddenly remembered all the iconic moments:

    The teams selling things for however much they felt like in week 1, Courtney's eyes, the jeans being misplaced most likely moved by the production team now that we know how they like to move mad, Courtney's voice, Aleksandra quitting the whole thing about five seconds into a task, Courtney's smile, Alana being left hanging during the high five moment, Courtney's hair, Grainne and Trishna getting completely off their faces during the wine tasting, Courtney!
  7. Courtney was definitely a highlight of that series!
  8. Can this please make it to netflix or something I could so do with binging this all during this lockdown. I really missed this last year. Make Karen the main person and just a hour of her expressions and reading all the contestants tv gold.
  9. Rob


    She's actually carved out a really solid media career in Ireland.
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  10. I can’t stop screaming at this.
  11. So I'm still rewatching on iPlayer and even though Courtney is my babe, I'd forgotten that I also quite fancied Mukai and I was gutted when he got fired even though it was rightfully so. But he was cute and stylish and we have to stan.
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