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The Apprentice UK - Series 15 (2019) | "Learn to bake, Carina!"

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. They already shoot two endings and Alan decides the winner closer to transmission, just like Drag Race.
  2. And that one time they actually shot the third ending for the double win. Drag Race found crying in the editing room.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Sugar hasn’t really had the opportunity to rightly fire Lottlie yet, he’s trash but I really don’t think he’ll want her to go any further.
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  4. Do they still do this then? Part of the application process must be being a good actor then...
  5. Lewis came up with one of the absolute worst things I've ever seen on this show. He should have been fired on the spot. But Dean just.. didn't seem all there all of the time so it was probably for the best.
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  6. Yes they do. And the finalists don't find out who's won until the day before transmission.
  7. Scarlett has this in the bag, right? I can't think of a single time they've shown her to be badly wrong/incompetent/stupid. For a modern Apprentice season where they basically paint everyone as idiots her edit has been noticeably extremely strong.
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  8. RJF


    Scarlett has "great in the process, has shit business plan" written all over her to be honest.
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  9. Remember when Tom flailed his way through the process and won because Alan wanted his nail files which weren't even his business plan pitch. The new format of the show is a complete fucking mess.
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  10. You're right but I will miss Marianne's iconic vocal fry ringing through my skull every time I click this thread.

  11. OH MY GOD
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  12. “I am so proudly everything’s has done.”

  13. Her calling herself a “strong conservative woman”
    In other words a:
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  14. I did wonder if she’d studied K*t*e H*p*i*n*’ season on the show and decided she wanted that career trajectory.
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  15. This show has given us one racist horror bag already, and that's one too many as it is.

    I think I'm out after this series.
  16. Quite simply, she should have been called out on this by the production team and asked to leave during filming. This whole thing looks like they're reacting now because its been exposed, not because it happened in the first place.
  17. Lubna not letting her breathe:

    What's truly disappointing is that across the series, she's probably made some of best decisions business/challenge wise (alongside Carina and Scarlett). To have such a personality to go with that...gross.
  18. I guess all that time surrounded by books did nothing for her!
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  19. RJF


    Y’all are being awfully mean to someone who has English as their second language. Wasn’t Lottie raised on Latin?
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  20. I see the final is airing in the regular Wednesday slot and not on Sunday this year. At least we'll be getting it over with and not having to wait while Sports Personality of the Year inevitably overruns.
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