The Apprentice UK - Series 16 (2022) | FIRST TIME F*** DIES

The project manager almost never gets fired in week 1. Unless every aspect of the task is awful or they were just dire.

They generally get credit for stepping up to the plate before they know everyone and are settled in.


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Connor was the one I was most excited for the opening shirtless scenes for sigh. Also blonde ponytail responsible for the green dress/green screen last week (Steph??) is giving me awkward Alana teas - the way she’s managed to go 2 weeks just chilling.
There’s not really any criteria, all down to the vibes Alan is getting. If you remind him of a young him, you’re likely to get a free pass to near the final.
In some weeks, there’s also the possibility of him keeping ones that are more entertaining for the show (like many other reality shows really) and also the possibility of keeping the ones who have the better business plan (but they aren’t shared with viewers until nearer the final)


Ready for the boys’ colour palette this eve