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The Apprentice UK - Series 16 (2022) | FIRST TIME F*** DIES

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Dec 11, 2021.

  1. K94


    I dreamt I was playing Tomb Raider

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  2. LTG


    I dreamt I was playing TIME: The Amelia Stone Story

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  3. Was not convinced at first but now rooting for Miss Bouji Cruises - a winner.

    Is there a reason the other seasons are not up on BBC iplayer? Are they available anywhere?
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  4. It's really irritating how impossible it is to watch old seasons of The Apprentice. You'd think the BBC would just stick the whole lot up on iPlayer. I certainly wouldn't want to rewatch them all but the first 2 or 3 I think I would. All you can really find are random clips on Youtube.

    I went down a bit of The Apprentice rabbit hole the other day and came across this from season 1

    I found it pretty interesting seeing how the show has changed even just from that clip. It's a lot less produced - no dramatic music or quick-fire editing, it almost feels like you're just watching a documentary.

    But also the fact that she had called an impromptu meeting at like 10pm in the house to carry on working on the task through the night. The show is so controlled and structured now, they'd never be allowed to do that.
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  5. Icons only.

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  6. LTG


    I’d watch the Marrakesh episode every week if it was on iPlayer.
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  7. Every Charleine episode would become a comfort watch if the series was on streaming

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  8. I really want Aaron to step up soon. He seems to have a lot of opinions and eye rolls so I'd like him to take charge and put his money where his mouth (and eyes) are
  9. I’m so glad Francesca was fired. Easily my least favourite candidate.

    Sophie on the other hand is probably my favourite in years. The way she seems to hate everyone and everything…..I just love her resting bitch face!!
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  10. Series 1- around 7 is essential viewing, but I think the show was at peak enjoyment for me at S3. All killer, no filler cast, Alan was still an aggressively grumpy and mildly scary shithead (not a dosy excuse for a pop-up book comedian), and every task was just incredible. There was a perfect blend of genuinely respectable contestants with a fair amount at stake, comedic characters that weren't too ridiculous, yet a spectacular collection of 'what the fuck' moments. I'll never forget Jadine, Lohit, and Adam doing an impromptu dance for Eclipse Coffee in the middle of a packed office, the dumping of breeze blocks of cheese after the failed French mission, or Simon having a simulated wank on QVC.

    S4 is when the show started to take a more glossy turn, but still kept standards high. Marrakech, I <3 My Tissues, the 'Reverse Pterodactyl' etc.

    To be fair though, I was concerned that after its break, I might've finally had to say goodbye to the show. But I've found that I'm genuinely still really enjoying it (the forum obviously playing a huge part in that). It's a complete farce nowadays, but unlike a lot of reality shows that pretend they haven't jumped the shark, I feel like The Apprentice has sort of just embraced it, and has seamlessly shifted into full trash television? Once it started happening, it was a wise decision just to lean into it. I think it's contributed to its longevity - there still really isn't anything else like it.
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  11. The show jumped the shark when they didn’t hire Queen Lucinda.
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  12. Thoroughly enjoying the latest series!
    I dipped out the last couple of series, but echo many others in wanting the past series back on iPlayer to binge watch.

    I might be the only one thinking this, but I'd like to see what type of applicants would apply/how the show would work now if they reverted back to the original prize of a job with Alan Sugar, even if for just one season.
  13. Queen Katherine is walking this season. She is innocent!
  14. Kinda shocked Francesca was fired - although she fucked up and seems an absolute nightmare to work with, the spelling error wasn’t the reason they lost and she’s been annoyingly strong in previous tasks.

    Fully expected her to get to the final, so she must have a terrible business plan!
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  15. Ruth Badger and Luisa Zissman are the show’s legacy icons for me.

    Luisa’s “sorry no offence but you’re a doctor”, and “engage brain” are still lines I quote to this day.

    Oh and I just remembered I was in the audience for the advertising task on series 2 and it was hilariously amazing!
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  16. I can't get over how weird this whole task was. They were supposed to be designing a videogame but all they did was come up with a backstory, a main character and a very vague synopsis of the gameplay? Then Ar(c)tic Saviour lost because the gameplay "looked boring" (from a panel who didn't even play it) which the contestants had barely any control over anyway. At least in the children's book challenge they had to actually write the book.

    I really enjoyed Akeem's exciting never-before-seen game concept of "a dystopian post-apocalyptic future with robots". And whoever it was that kept on talking about "prison games" like that's some over-saturated genre you can't get away from these days.
  17. This week's task, whilst hilarious, did seem like they were deliberately set up to fail. Creating a decent level demo of a new game from scratch in 2 days was always going to result in basic results. The HUB overlays in "Time" seemed particularly basic (e.g. the timer font).

    In You're Fired, they showed live game play of each game. They went to investigate the NPC's in "Time" and they appeared to be programmed to all congregate at one end of the prison doing generic synchronised fighting moves! It looked like they were flash mobbing. The team shouldn't have been penalised for a time crunched developer.

    It also wasn't clear if the game was for mobile or console. If the task was solely for mobile maybe we would have seen better products.

    Nevertheless, the right team won. "Time" seemed to have a lot more potential and was investable. "Artic Saviour" just seemed like a free flash game on a climate change organisations website.

    I get the feeling that Francesca's constant denial of mistakes or at least the extreme twisting of negatives contributed to her departure. If she showed some humility or acknowledgement of her errors, she may have fared better.
  18. I get the feeling a key part was her sheer refusal to just admit she fucked up with the spelling of Arctic. If she had just held her hands up and took responsibility for it, it might've gone differently.
  19. Yeah, as fun as the show still is, it's as produced to within an inch of it's life as say...Drag Race. My boyfriend's told me to shut up because every episode I point out how there's no way this task was fair or could be accurately judged or whatever the case may be. But it's all for (our) fun.

    I'm innocent!
  20. I get to make my own video game in this module I’m doing at uni. Going to make a sequel to the iconic Time
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