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The Apprentice UK - Series 16 (2022) | FIRST TIME F*** DIES

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Dec 11, 2021.

  1. LTG


    NOTTT this challenge! Rehabilitating the Diamond Princess in a post-covid world. Let cruise ships die.

    not this knock of Pirates of the Caribbean music!!!
  2. BBC iPlayer randomly putting up Season 14 (and no other seasons?) in the peak of last Winter's lockdown was a complete lifeline and I was hooked

    The forum's being even more of a trainwreck than usual for me but I'm here in spirit <3

  3. BTG


    I’d take Akshay‘s seed.
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  4. Fuck Francesca lives, Kathryn is skinny!
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  5. “Portsmouth…England’s maritime capital.”

    Being from there, that sums up all you need to know. Don’t go.
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  6. Nav on the boy's team

  7. LTG


    dddd these logos

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  8. LTG


    “Buddies just having fun in the pool”

    just say fæg
  9. Not me spending this whole time thinking my phone had suddenly stopped liking the site!!

    Not even 20 minutes in and already everything is chaotic - I've missed this show!
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  10. RJF


    Did they seriously put that ship out to sea for sixteen people?!??!?! MESS.
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  11. The boy’s half human-half wave logo

  12. The girls team's ad was giving

  13. LTG


    Maybe it was taking advantage of something like this

  14. BTG


    The logo looking like a dose of the shits I-
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  15. MB


    A turd in it. Dead
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  16. RJF


    That cut to Karren after "I'd say today has been.......... smooth sailing *LADS BANT LAUGHTER*"... this show still has it.
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  17. I think all the footage at sea is all stock footage, or they have used the day they shot it to do this too.
  18. Honestly send them all home
  19. The boys' logo is camp.
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  20. No wanky team names that take 4 hours to settle on this year?
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