The Apprentice UK - Series 16 (2022) | FIRST TIME F*** DIES

ha ha ha HA ha ha, ha ha ha HA ha ha,

I just happened to watch this tonight having missed the first episode but I have genuinely been laughing aloud.


This is my first time watching and I don't understand the criteria for being "fired"... bizarre decisions both weeks
There’s not really any criteria, all down to the vibes Alan is getting. If you remind him of a young him, you’re likely to get a free pass to near the final.
I’ve never realised how bizarre watching this show for the first time would be. Over the years the messiness has become the norm.

Week 1) Teams has a terrible logo, the one person who recognises it and tries to put an alterative idea gets fired...

Week 2) The whole "it's not uni-sex!!!!!" thing being blown way out of proportion and the main design flaw idea (the turd) being ignored. The guy "responsible" for the "not uni-sex!!!!" thing is fired...
The person who got fired went against the brief he was given my the PM which in turn helped them lose so it’s understandable why he got fired