The Apprentice UK - Series 17 (2023) | "Generic worm"

Yeah I remember when Margaret returned to do the interviews, Stuart Baggs got similar treatment when he used her first name.

That said, I can't help feel Karren has been a lot sharper all series and it almost seems like she's auditioning for the main job, as if she knows Alan's due to stand down or something.

I mean Margaret hadn't been on the panel all season. So her response was a bit more warranted.
Not the previously on basically showing clips of the advisors saying both of these businesses are shit.

And then Alan lying saying only one person can win, when he has literally had 2 winners before.

Maybe he will balance it out by picking no body.


Dd it’s giving a knock-off Croft Manor from 1995.


Alan Sugar wishes
Would it kill them to show off people saying they liked the logos because there must have been some people who did