The Apprentice UK - Series 18 (2024)

The live selling task is always a hard one. I was impressed Paul did so well and yeah Raj not using him throughout was a mistake.
The Pieman is still there because he’s the only one genuinely making decent money.

A couple of the other business plans are terrible. One is particularly disappointing given whose it is.
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They are definitely set up to fail in this task compared to previous seasons. Seems a bit unfair that they have to decide who in the team is presenting before they've actually had a chance to experience it (decent salesperson does not equate to decent presenter), and the "training" they received seemed very limited and forced on critiquing them.

The two PMs did make a rookie mistake of thinking that they should be PMs because they wanted to be a presenter and were comfortable with public speaking. The PM in task ideally should be producer who is able to oversee everything and control what is being said.

Other Observations:
- Was Sir Alan really watching them live like in past seasons? Or was he fed this information afterwards. His laziness continues to be prominent.
- Raj is clearly a fan of Kylie's "Wow".
- Paul clearly likes the word "masticate".
To me, Flo seems like the only sensible person left in this series. Though, I have no idea what her business/business plan is. I guess keeping Phil in because of his business makes sense but also is completely against what the show is meant to be about, AKA people proving themselves to be good at business, which clearly he isn't even if his own business is doing okay. He makes poor decisions and doesn't really work well as a team player.
I'm assuming Amy Anzel's non disclosure agreement (or whatever you call it) has expired. As she is talking loads about how the show works on TikTok
Not them giving Phil an extra team mate... Shugs must have a stiffy over his business plan.
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