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The Apprentice (UK) - Series 9, 2013

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by EnsnareTheSenses, May 7, 2013.

  1. Another year, another series of The Apprentice.

    Here are the 16 new candidates, hoping to get their hands on the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar to start up a new business of their own:


    Karren Brady looking suitably snatched - we're good to go, people.

    The new series begins tonight, with the candidates battling it out with other another on a task that sees them... selling loo-roll! A second episode follows tomorrow, in which the candidates will be creating a new flavour of beer. Interesting!

    Let the fun commence.

    * * *
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  2. Oh lord, that guys eyebrows! Actually that could apply to a few of them...
  3. Apparently they've chosen crazy characters again. Thank god! Who cares about business acumen!
  4. I think I'm in love with Tim.
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  5. Can we essentially rule out all of the girls and Jason Not Of The Argonauts already then? Thank god Jaz left, she made me feel like I was watching CBeebies.
  6. Is it just me or does Uzma look a bit like Vanessa/Tranessa from the Saturdays?
  7. "I'm half machine!"

    Obviously half vacuum cleaner as you appear to SUCK.
  8. I like the Northern Irish doctor woman. haha.
  9. Uzma is stunning.
    Jordan is my favorite so far, he is so so handsome and I will make him mine.

    The food challenges are my favorite so tonight should be fun, there is always a team who fuck it up.
  10. Can it be said that I, for one, am glad they've started selecting ATTRACTIVE idiots again.
  11. Jordan and the Irish Doctor lady look like the only un-twatty ones.

    That said, the guy who kept trying to take over was quite easy on the eye. He looked like The Master from Doctor Who.
  12. Really? I was really disappointed that there weren't any attractive men for me to shallowly root for this year. (Neil's alright looking at a push, but his demeanor's too awful for me to fancy him).
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

  14. KAG


    I found last year's Apprentice so boring but last night's episode was brilliant.
  15. I'm 4 minutes in and I love how it looks like the cast of TOWIE is doing The Apprentice.
  16. I can't even remember a single person from last year's series.

    I was a bit disappointed with the totty but it was really entertaining last night, hopefully this will be a more fun series like they used to be.
  17. How on earth have you managed to forget Ricky Martin already?
  18. SBK


    God they had their claws out before they'd even started the task.

    The sub team leader for the guys practically had his cock out on the table demanding it be measured to show how he's the bigger man...
  19. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    The blonde girl is an idiot, next time don't put yourself forward for being the number cruncher if you can't do basic maths. Tim was robbed!
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  20. I love the Irish girl, she's gorgeous.
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