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The Ariana Grande Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jun 6, 2016.

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    I read @Laura Vanderbooben's smack down of your rate promo during her Rihanna rate just this week, don't lie.
  2. I mean I got 35 voters, so again I think did well for a Disney-queen.
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Oh my god, keep missing the point a bit more.
  4. We get it, you guys hate each other.
  5. Whatever messes I caused in the Rihanna rate are a distant memory to me. Live, learn, and grow.
  6. I never started the Cold War. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, but whatevs.
  7. ...And I'm pretty sure I did the whole Rihanna rate to 11 the hell out of 'Who's That Chick'. I can't really talk!
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  8. The songs I need to exit now are Knew Better / Forever Boy and The Way.
  9. 12

    Bad Decisions

    Average: 8.50
    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (@Posh Spears), 10 x 30 (@digitalkaiser, @lemonsqueezyy, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Jersey, @Laura Vanderbooben, @Petty Mayonnaise, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @aaronhansome, @constantino, @Hunterpoop, @Subwaykid, @Sideout, @Jonathan27, @RUNAWAY, @TtT2, @Robsolete, @TheDangerZone, @thefaceofyou, @Txetxu, @Andy French, @ThisIsRogue, @Jacques, @xOJakeXo, @velocity, @Lost In Japan., @evilsin, @violet, @that boy is a monster, @Mr Blonde, @Slice of Life)

    Lowest Score: 4 x 1 (@Jwentz)

    What an absolute corker. Me...I Am Slain. Another gem from the reliable quartet of Ariana/Max/Ilya/Savan (The Beatles who?), Bad Decisions made a brief appearance in the top ten here, breaking in for the first time after 40 voters. But after getting a 4, a 5 and a 6 within the next ten ballots, it fell out and never regained the dizzying heights of #9, although I don't think it ever really went past the low teens. I don't even care about the line in the bridge that everyone else latches onto, but from the squelching opening synths to that wailed chorus, this fucks me up from the first second. I would love to see it be a single. Shoot the video at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California.

    What got you to give this a 10, aaronhansome? "It’s that fucking added shouting to 'MAKE ME MAKE'. Joyous." Mmmmmm yaaaaaathssss. sexercise giggles, "'Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?' becoming every gay’s Twitter bio is a kii. Genuinely great though." Has a better ring than 'make me (ooh)' I s'pose. "Bonus track? WHAT?" shrieks Jersey. "This just might be the best bonus track ever since I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance. That Pop/R&B fusion is in full force and relentlessly displayed here. That middle-8 is my mantra, because yes, this princess is a bad bitch." This isn't a bonus track I don't think? I mean we only have the 15-track standard in America and you're American so. Speaking of America, Txetxu is topless. "Fun, bubbly and poppy, perfect for a road trip and having the top down. This has been my soundtrack for roadtrips."

    Resident Dangerous Woman hater Beginner nevertheless found time in his calendar and his heart for this. "The triple chorus obliterates me." Not as much as the top ten will, but yes. Lander calls it "funky" and tells us he raised his score from 8 to 9. Generous prince. "BOP! The joyful chorus could lift anyone out of a bad mood," ThisIsRogue says confidently, having never met RJF. "I feel like this would maybe do better coming in a little earlier on the album. It's slightly reminiscent of the first album's style, but it doesn't wear out its welcome as quickly. A bit basic, but I use." Oh, that wasn't too negative. Never mind. Euphoria critiques, "This comes dangerously, almost painfully close to nailing that earlier 'Ariana sound' that drives me nuts. However, this song is of much higher quality than anything from the first 2 albums. Chorus after chorus, pristine production, endlessly catchy. Half a point has to be cut for the dreadful 'We got that hood love!' line -- this would have been an 8 otherwise." I mean, Ricky didn't grow up in the luxurious mansions of Boca Raton, Florida, did he? johnny_tsunami isn't into that either. " Love the synths here, and the staccato chorus. But 'hood love'? You in danger, girl. Kinda cringey. But otherwise a good album track."

    that boy is a monster included "[​IMG]" in commentary for four songs. This is one. "'Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch.' [​IMG]" 4Roses says "This song is far from a bad decision. <3" Groan, but love the positivity. violet stans, "That outro takes a 9 and turns it into a song I wish I could give an 11." Petty Mayonnaise weeps, "Relatable bop. Who hasn’t made poor decisions over a boy? Like a time or two? All throughout your dating life? Even now? Yeah…" Sprockrooster feels easy. "A sort of bop. But I feel easy to get tired of it. Okay I am tired." Yeah this makes me feel easy too. constantino rages, "Queen of poor life choices! Speaking of which, what the fuck was she smoking when she decided that this, Touch It, Knew Better/Forever Boy and Thinking Bout You were bonus track-material whilst the fucking Macy Gray collab was worthy of a spot on the main album? Bad decisions indeed..." Gotta show you love America (and by extension hate Europe) somehow. My patriotic queen.

    Can't Speak French hails the "basic anthem" and asks "‘Ain’t you never seen a princess be a bad bitch’ indeed." Slice of Life says this is "very chill yet packs enough power to be memorable" and calls it the coolest song on the record. "As odd as Cashmere's absence from Dangerous Woman is, his spirit is alive and well on this high-energy bop. The middle eight is sure to be echoed in countless pieces of Princess/Bad Bitch items at the Moonlight Bae Tour merch stand," predicts IMHO. Yas frighten the Midwestern moms with their 12-year-old daughters. Oh but AlmightyAloud gets his Miss Cleo on even more than that: "Ok - so the part that sticks out to me the most is when the chorus repeats to the fade out - almost like it's meant to be performed on the B Stage of the Dangerous Woman You're Gonna Leave Scalp'T World Tour, because Ariana needs ample time to run back up the walkway from B Stage to the Main Stage, especially do to her little legs and conceivably really high heels. Listen to it, and I dare you to tell me that's not going to be choreographed on the tour. She'll turn and run right at the 3:15 mark. BOOKMARK ME."

    "Take back your agency, Ari," applauds ohnostalgia. "Ari saying she 'hood love' is as convincing as J.Lo being “real”, but this bumps," bounces Plethorya. "Dated production and cheesy lyrics ('hood love'?) that are more fitting for Yours Truly. The vocal run at the end of the chorus is the only noteworthy thing about the whole song," says gouldsplosions, one of the only dissenters. "I haven't gone crazy over this song like everyone else seems to have done," says DJHazey, giving the reserved score of a 9. "There are so many strong points, but the main line in the song: 'boy you make me make bad decisions' is a buzz-killer for me. It's a minor criticism though, because this is absolute banger thru and thru."

    Ariana's vocal delivery here is one of the best of her career, and evilsin appreciates the phrasing. "I blame this for making me say decisUHns every time I say the word now." supersoon calls it a "bop" and tells us the bad bitch line is already iconic, as does LA Hallucinations. digitalkaiser gets much more...vivid. "This is the final chapters in the bottom bible, when you are too lit to give a shit, and just want to get crazy. I love how this has some of the structure and production-isms of some earlier Ariana tracks, with some new twists. The sassy delivery really just takes the cake here." WhatKindOfKylie? loves the line so much he slightly misquotes it. "Another firm favourite for me!!! It deserves a solid #10 for that already iconic line of 'Have you ever seen a Princess be a bad bitch?!' That aside, it's super catchy and was stuck in my head within seconds."

    And Posh Spears, our 11 representative, contributes: "Simple yet oh-so effective. It’s so carefree and fun and I live for that 90s house piano, which I feel throws it back to Yours Truly. Plus, the 'baaaaaaaad' reminds me of 'baby I looove the waaaay!' Okay, so like, when she sings 'I don’t give a what love' then says 'one life,' it sounds like the lyrics are 'one love... one life' which is what you’d probably expect but it’s even better because she makes you think she’s singing that but then sings something else. Can someone relate to me please?! Anyway, I love this song so fucking much, obviously. Release as a single or I’m un-stanning."


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This elimination was a bad decision. This absolute BOP deserved top 10 so much.
  11. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddd Decisions has literally been MY SONG for the past two months. What kind of shameless, funfilled megabop? I feel so bad for anyone who finds it basic and/or doesn't realize its power.

    Anyway I'm happy it got so far (so close to the top ten eee) and that I was able to represent the people with correct taste by giving it my 11!
  12. The wrong Dangerous Woman tracks are leaving. Take out Greedy already.
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  13. I mean it's all very close. This is 8.5 and we don't hit 9.00 until #6. I didn't want to say a lot during voting but it was definitely a fight to the finish.

    At least now I have a donut font on my computer. That'll handy...someday...
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  14. Oh wow....

    It's gonna be such a magnificent jump from #6 being a 9.0 to when One Last Time lands at #1 with a perfect 10.0 score.

  15. [​IMG]

    At least Touch It has majorly grown on me since voting, so I won't be pressed when that steals a top 5 spot. I just want my 11 to do well. And Knew Better/Forever Boy to leave soon. (It won't).
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I think that was one of my lower scores left? So yay.
  17. Not to bummed about seeing those leave. I am however a bit shocked I am lowest scorer multiple times already (with 100 voters). Not really liking it, especially when I have a feeling I will be for another for at least one song.

    On the other side it is the ghost of revenge after tossing some early faves.
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  18. Are you though. Are you really.
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  19. As long as it's not one of the last three tracks on Dangerous Woman, you'll make it out of here alive.
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  20. Am I mistaken?

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