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The Ariana Grande Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Y'all better do right by Sometimes.
  2. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Ok but do I give Bad Decisions my 11 because I'm afraid it'll be done wrong?
  3. In the same predicament.
  4. Me about All My Love.
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  5. Adore is still THAT mumbled pussy shaking bop.
  6. "Zero to Hero" is gonna get my 11.
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  7. The only songs I'm familiar with are all tracks from Dangerous Woman and one or two other singles, so this'll be interesting.
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  8. With you on this one. But it would be highly surprising if it isnot among the bottom 5...
  9. Lemme have a little bit more time with Yours Truly before I send in my scores.
  10. This rate opening has to be one my greatest days of my life. It not THE best.
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  11. I'm so excited for this, you guys!

    I have a question though, why isn't Don't Be Gone To Long included? Because she wasn't officially on the track in the end? I like her solo version even though you can tell it's not finished.
  12. I'm ready. Although I'm not the biggest Ariana stan so I'm worried.
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  13. I'm still processing my feelings on Dangerous Woman so lemme make the most of this long voting period and submit scores on 5th July. Early favourites have emerged as Into You, Greedy, Sometimes and Knew Better/Forever Boy. I think My Everything is generally impeccable, though, and I'm still figuring out how they all stack up to each other.
  14. Easiest 11 ever. Honeymoon Avenue.
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  15. Can't wait to give Focus my 11.
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  16. Into You is getting everyone's 11, right?!

    *looks at post above mine* Oh.
  17. Fuck. Yes.
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  18. Can't wait for Intro to win. What a song.
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  19. I don't I'm ever going to struggle in rate this hard again. I stan ma Boca Raton Queen so hard.
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