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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

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    It's time.

    One would be hard pressed to deem Ashley Tisdale a member of pop royalty. It's more fathomable to consider her one of the Disney queens, but even that is technically wrong since her music was released through Warner Brothers. But that doesn't matter, because miss Tisdale has accomplished quite a plethora of things. After being discovered in a New Jersey mall, Ashley starred in over 100 TV adverts before deciding she had to be on Les Mis. From then on, it's been a professional kind of rollercoaster: from acting to producing programmes, from promoting charity projects to lending her voice in shows, from becoming the queen of coffee to promoting deodorant.

    Tonight, we initiate the celebration of an artist whose music career has been on hiatus, but continues to make her listeners bop through an uneven assortment of teen-pop bops and semi-angsty pop-rock anthems. 07's Headstrong and 09's Guilty Pleasure are her only studio albums to date, and the stars of this rate, but also making an appearance are standalone singles, the most iconic High School Musical songs performed by Ashley and a few more. As a note for first-time listeners, her music is accessible and solid. You will definitely encounter excellent gems in her discography (the title track of Guilty Pleasure), as well as a handful of couple of utter bombs. (Unlove You. Kii).

    Now for the technical part: you must rate every song on a scale of 0 to 10 (half-marks allowed); one song in the rate tracklist might receive your cherished 11. No troll ballots are accepted, while commentary is fiercely encouraged. Scores are to be sent until 5 August @ 9:00 PM GMT.
    rate now finished
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  2. [​IMG]

    Headstrong — 2007

    1. Intro
    2. So Much for You
    3. He Said She Said
    4. Be Good to Me
    5. Not Like That
    6. Unlove You
    7. Positivity
    8. Love Me for Me
    9. Goin' Crazy
    10. Over It
    11. Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)
    12. We'll Be Together
    13. Headstrong
    14. Suddenly
    15. Who I Am
    16. It's Life
    17. I Will Be Me


    Guilty Pleasure — 2009

    1. Acting Out
    2. It's Alright, It's OK
    3. Masquerade
    4. Overrated
    5. Hot Mess
    6. How Do You Love Someone
    7. Tell Me Lies
    8. What If
    9. Erase and Rewind
    10. Hair
    11. Delete You
    12. Me without You
    13. Crank It Up
    14. Switch
    15. I'm Back
    16. Whatcha Waiting For
    17. Guilty Pleasure
    18. Time's Up
    19. Blame It on the Beat

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sharpay — 2006-2008, 2011
    High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3: Senior Year & Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

    What I've Been Looking For
    Bop to the Top
    You Are the Music in Me (Reprise)
    I Want It All
    Gonna Shine
    My Boi and Me
    New York's Best Kept Secret
    The Rest of My Life



    Last Christmas
    You're Always Here
    Heaven Is a Place on Earth
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    Never Gonna Give You Up
    Time After Time
    Too Many Walls
    Someday My Prince Will Come
    Kiss the Girl
    Shadows of the Night​
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  3. #55 – Humuhumunukunukuapua'a – 3.62
    #54 – Someday My Prince Will Come – 3.69
    #53 – Unlove You – 3.96
    #52 – New York's Best Kept Secret – 4.08
    #51 – My Boi and Me – 4.52
    #50 – I Will Be Me – 4.87
    #49 – Suddenly – 4.87
    #48 – Love Me for Me – 4.88
    #47 – Time After Time – 4.98
    #46 – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) – 5.10
    #45 – Too Many Walls – 5.10
    #44 – You Are the Music in Me (Reprise) – 5.19
    #43 – Shadows of the Night – 5.33

    #42 – Heaven Is a Place on Earth – 5.48
    #41 – The Rest of My Life – 5.50
    #40 – We'll Be Together – 5.73
    #39 – Last Christmas – 5.79
    #38 – Gonna Shine – 5.85
    #37 – It's Life – 5.87

    #36 – Who I Am – 5.90
    #35 – Positivity – 5.92
    #34 – Never Gonna Give You Up – 6.08
    #33 – Me Without You – 6.21
    #32 – Time's Up – 6.27
    #31 – You're Always Here – 6.46

    #30 – Hair – 6.50
    #29 – What I've Been Looking For – 6.58

    #28 – I Want It All – 6.60
    #27 – Blame It on the Beat – 6.62
    #26 – Whatcha Waiting For – 6.63

    #25 – Delete You – 6.71
    #24 – Goin' Crazy – 6.81
    #23 – Over It – 6.85
    #22 – Kiss the Girl – 6.85

    #21 – I'm Back – 6.88
    #20 – Fabulous – 7.12

    #19 – Bop to the Top – 7.12
    #18 – So Much for You – 7.23

    #17 – Guilty Pleasure – 7.33
    #16 – What If – 7.38
    #15 – Switch – 7.38

    #14 – Not Like That – 7.42
    #13 – Tell Me Lies – 7.71
    #12 – Don't Touch (The Zoom Song) – 7.75
    #11 – Erase & Rewind – 7.92

    your top 10
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  4. I was waiting for you to reserve some posts first. YAAAAAS I'm so ready. I just finished the Ariana rate so I'll begin this shortly. (Once you get the official tracklist up, etc.)

    @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @iheartpoptarts, @tylerc904, @GhettoPrincess and all other Ashley Tisdale fans it's here!
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  5. Let me give a shoutout to @Mina, who I know usually loves the Disney-pop queens.
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  6. Excited for this, @Push! Ashley's pop career was such a godsend considering what the musical landscape was like at the time when she got started, and I'll be forever grateful!

    Your avatar is the best, by the way. I'm actually jealous.
  7. Shady Sharpay is here to make sure nothing flops that shouldn't.
  8. Except everything always flops that shouldn't! At least if you ask me...

    Good luck with that.
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  9. My boyfriend is such a fan. I am here and probably score this mostly based on his love for this woman. Prepare for high scores (he loves to exaggerate).
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  10. Ooh, I'll participate. I'm familiar with the studio albums, but I never dug into her various soundtrack contributions, and I imagine there are a lot of those, so I'll have something new to discover, too.
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  11. I was such a fucking fan of The Tiz many years back. It was just after the release Guilty Pleasure, I use to stalk her every day on youtube.
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  13. Aw, I really hope you find the time. I enjoy being involved in rates with you.
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  14. Don't ever speak to me or tag me again.
  15. So excited for this. Looking forward to being the first person to PM you my rate results once the tracklist goes up (probably).
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  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I haven't listened to her music in years, but seeing as I partook in all of the other Disney queens' rates, I feel like I should do this.
  17. A quick, first-time listen to her second album has me intrigued. I might participate it if's a low number of songs.
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  18. Keep listening then and it's bound to become a favorite. Guilty Pleasure is basically pure perfection to me.
  19. The run of Overrated, Hot Mess, How Do You Love Someone, and Tell Me Lies on Guilty Pleasure towers over entire careers, I'm sorry.
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  20. I listened to the entire album in full and I don't think I came across a single dud. I'm impressed.
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