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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Yaaaas. I personally don't like her debut quite as much but I'm also not saying it doesn't have its bops, because it does.
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  2. I remember loving Acting Out and I'm Back from Guilty Pleasure. Can't wait to relisten to her discography and discover more gems.
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  3. I'm living for your enthusiasm, I really do apologise for the lack of everything in this thread but I really am occupied right now. I'm updating whenever I can, but sorry.
  4. I'm ready for that song list today!
  5. Can you tag me when the song list is up @Push?
  6. Guilty Pleasure hasn't aged at all, I love Tell me Lies, How Do You Love Someone, Crank It Up, Hair, ohh so many 10's!.
  7. Guilty Pleasure is of course amazing, but I feel like her debut deserves some more love for the 2000-throwback-ness of it all. The pop world can never have enough of that!
  8. It's good but some of the songs are a bit too much of a mess, even for me.
  9. Her debut was great at the time but it hasn't aged too well. I like Headstrong (the song) but can't really remember the rest so need to revisit it. He Said, She Said is definitely not great anymore.
  10. Don't Touch (The Zoom Song) is definitely a 10 though and it better be done right. Not Like That as well.
  11. What it really comes down to for me, I think? It was 2007, pop had largely been eclipsed by urban club jams, and that album just came out of nowhere. I'll always have such a soft spot for it!

    (I'd agree that 'He Said She Said' is not a highlight, though!)
  12. Like that's her worst song... but ok.
  13. Then I'll start making sure I'm not on or near stairs around you.
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  14. Not Like That is pretty awful. It sticks out as a High School Musical song when it's sposed to be an Ashley album. Unlove You is the same but the ballad version. Positivity also is a big no no. We'll Be Together is too cheesy for me too. Those are the 4 big duds on the debut for me.
  15. 'Over It' and 'Positivity' are my faves on it, for what it's worth!
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  16. I'll be mourning Not Like That alone it seems.
  17. Discovering the hidden gem that was Tell Me Lies last year, was so satisfying.
  18. Uhm Headstrong was such a great debut and is still one of the best disney albums ever.

    Not Like That is amazing. The last time I've heard the track must be a couple of years ago but I just checked & still know all the lyrics to it.
    So Much For You, He Said She Said, Be Good To Me, Not Like That, Going Crazy, Don't Touch and Headstrong still smash so hard Oh My God!

    Still can't believe that the trash called Suddenly got a single release and not those jams.

    The Tiz really knew how to make a great pop album. She was such a huge star in Germany during Guilty Pleasure. It's Alright, It's Ok was a Top10 hit there.
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  19. HERE'S

    Pumped for any excuse to listen to all these bops again!
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  20. Guys, I'm hoping that Monday I can start this. I was wondering if then if I should start a new thread so it's all on fire.
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