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The first reveal is coming #soon. The absolute nadir of Miss Ashley Tisdale's discography will finally be revealed, as voted by many PJers. Will a much-mentioned Headstrong song claim the infamous place? Or is it one of the extras that will do it? Worse: is Guilty Pleasure losing a song?


(As soon as I get the cover art right I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_)
I can't unlove you

Can't do that

No matter how I try

I'll never turn my back on

Hawana waka waka waka niki pu pu pu




Average: 3.68

Highest Score: 9 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest Score: 0 x 3 (@GhettoPrincess, @Shockbox, @sexercise)

Here it is, y'all – the worst song on Ashley Tisdale's discography, as elected by you lot. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a accompanies a bizarre scene excluded from the final cut of High School Musical 2, in which Troy is brought to a secluded cave (?) in the spa resort, only to find Sharpay performing a demonic ritual this little ditty. Only owners of the DVD got a chance to see this, perhaps for the best.

Lyrically, Humu is not more than poor Tiki's plea for her enchanted prince to be rescued, after being transformed into a particularly compelling fish called... you guessed it. And that name leads the way to that fucking chorus, which is pure trash gibberish. Now, if you've been exposed to this film (of course, in the extended edition) as many times as I have, you probably are desensitized to whatever this is and have learned to enjoy it. Which probably explains my generous 6. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.

tylerc904 asks the most relevant question here: "I mean... why?!" I... I don't know. Sally_Harper also wants to know the truth: "What the hell is this? As much as I enjoy Sharpay’s theatrics this is probably the most terrifying scene in the entire trilogy, and I have no idea how Troy stays so calm. As for the actual song… I have no words." Careful with what you deem the "most terrifying scene" of High School Musical... you never know when Zac Efron is around. "Cute" is how Plethorya terms this outtake, while also throwing a wee bit of shade at the actual fish's physical appearance. Poor that. Meanwhile, headztrong approaches Humuhumu with caution: "Very theatrical, to say the least," whereas Penguin dares to call it "not good". Shockbox brings the animosity toward Humuhumunukunukuapua'a to another level: "I HATE THIS SONG AS MUCH AS I HATE JESSIE J/MEGHAN TRAINOR". Imagine a duet between the two of those singing this. Now that's something I'd gladly pay for.

"After everything we’ve done to Hawaii, they didn’t deserve this," laments sexercise. At least it's already gone, sis. Pet it farewell." iheartpoptarts similarly brings up the much beloved island, "I love Hawaii as much as any other person, but what is even happening more?" I don't think we should associate this with Hawaii, teebs. They'd be offended. constantino is not sure how this has attained 18 million views, and neither am I. He adds: "This is just so tragic that I can’t help but enjoy it. I mean, all that effort just to get some dick? S I S…" "A complete mess," that's how DJHazey correctly assesses it. Expose ha a bit. He also brings attention to an important issue: this is definitely the sequel to The Tiki Tiki Room by Hilary Duff. Though the Hollywood Records pioneer's version is worse I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_

Others revel in the Summer-ish vibe of Humuhumu, somehow. Our highest scorer for this round, Sprockrooster, is quite enthusiastic: "Such a fun song, especially for the summer! The fish talk has me on the floor." lalaclairi_ finds it to be a positive rate discovery of sorts? "Somehow I've never seen the extended edition and have never seen the scene that goes with this song? Gosh, HSM2 really was the best." It was. It really was. WhenTheSunGoesDown serves passive aggressive teas. "Sure, delete this actually fun scene and song in favour of more fucking Gabriella and Troy being beige. The fact that nobody realised that Sharpay should really have been the star of this series is a disgrace!" I wonder how Sharpay Evans find her way onto PopJustice? In all seriousness, you are very much correct and Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure was probably some way of redemption for her lack of protagonism in the main series. Let's wrap this up with Lost In Japan.'s stannage: "ICONIC." That'll do, Lostie. That'll do.

And whatever the fuck this is. I'm not sure, I only know it's making me cackle.

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#1) I can't unlove you



#3) Lowest Score: 0 x 3 (@GhettoPrincess, @Shockbox, @sexercise)

#4) only to find Sharpay performing a demonic ritual this little ditty.

#5) "After everything we’ve done to Hawaii, they didn’t deserve this," laments sexercise.

#6) DJHazey correctly assesses it: the sequel to The Tiki Tiki Room by Hilary Duff.​

#1) The other option for last place

#2) This artwork is iconic, don't listen to the haters.

#3) You guys are heroes.

#4) Dead.

#5) Still dead.

#6) The real tea.
Wait, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is an actual fish and not some word a person falling asleep on a keyboard came up with? (I'd stopped listening to the lyrics of these HSM songs by the time I got to it.) The more you know etc.
I watchd HSM2 on DVD so am familiar with this one. It's representative of the sort of crazy stuff you imagine Sharpay doing, but in no way resembles a song by a serious pop artist. I understand this being first to go.

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Pleasantly surprised with that first elimination. It's awful.