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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. I forgot to include @Shockbox's portion of commentary on the write-up, but probably for the best, since I think it deserves a separate post: "I HATE THIS SONG AS MUCH AS I HATE JESSIE J/MEGHAN TRAINOR"
  2. A nice start.
  3. Do you guys mind a kii cover for the next reveal? I was trying to make the typography work with the image I chose but it's not working. A mess.
  4. If memory serves, it's the state fish of Hawaii and a bit of a state symbol!
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  5. I think everyone prefers those probably...?

  6. 54


    Someday My Prince Will Come

    Average: 3.72
    Highest: 8.5 x 1
    Lowest: 0 x 3 (@GhettoPrincess, @Shockbox, @sexercise)

    This was actually mislabeled on the rate tracklist: it is not from the Degree Girl OMG! project, despite being a cover, but rather extracted from DisneyMania 4. It was later part of the Princess DisneyMania CD, where it fits right at home with other average trash as sung by peers like Vanessa Hudgens. I'm guessing contractual obligations (and potential royalties, kii) are the motives for this passable version of Someday My Prince Will Come. They should've just included Kiss the Girl, which oddly enough is sung in this compilation by Colbie Caillat, who lends it the gift of mediocrity and makes it sound like every other song of hers. Fun fact: the guy who's singing in the background is Drew Seeley. Yes, you don't know him, but he's infamous for providing vocals in the first High School Musical in lieu of Zac Efron. Back to the song: I don't mind this too much and threw it a 6, partly because of the "Prince of my dreams / Far away / To call my own someday" hook. So bad it's so good, teebs. The rest could be deleted.

    The panel didn't care much about this one. Two commentators similarly offer up 6s, but with varying levels to their dislike and shade. "Huh? What's this doing here? Did Disney Mania say 'nope'?", questions WhenTheSunGoesDown. "I'm definitely saying nope to those creepy ass whispers. And those struggle vocals." Drag it! Perhaps you can find comfort in the fact that this can be considered a thematical predecessor to Humuhumunuku- oh no, that just makes it worse. Nevermind! constantino goes to the light and sees Jesus. Sort of. "This is so Disney it hurts but…I kinda enjoyed it? It’s adorable and camp but it pulls it off very well. The chorus is a bit Hilary Duff so it’s immediately above-average pop, the verses are a bit shit but I’ll forgive her."

    confesses their unexpected love for the cover, calling it "cute" but "random". Conversely, Sprockrooster opines that "queen of sprock and changer of my life also did a fabulous rendition of this, making it impossible for any other act to do it justice." Well, I'm just glad someone still has Anastacia on their minds. DJHazey finds a common thread of "meh"ness in Disney-commissioned songs, finding this "to be no different". "Feels like a demo to me", sighs headztrong, calm as ever, and sexercise justifies his 0 by stating "I have no use for this." Well, sis, I might not have any use for our following victim, but my score was not a 0. *cue suspense*

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  8. A 2 and now a 3. The cover art made me choke. The Colbie and later Anastacia shade made me chuckle, (watch out for @Sprockrooster's wrath though I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_).

    Yas at @constantino measuring good pop by how Hilary it sounds.

    You can always count on @GhettoPrincess and @Shockbox to shamelessly 0 the crap early in rate and help get it out, trust me. Good job!
  9. @Push Someday My Prince Time Will Come
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  10. Oh this is going well so far.
  11. You guys, I'm serious: I cannot stop bopping to the PRINCE OF MY DREAMS, FAR AWAY part. I want that over a generic early 2010s EDM beat, stat.
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  12. A good majority of those extras (including these 2) deserved last place so I'm satisfied so far.
  13. I actually quite like that cover in a cheesy-but-adorable sort of way. Don't drag me too hard!
  14. Ooh, we've started!

    I still have nightmares about that Humuhumu... song/scene so glad to see it go early. On the other hand I have no memory of listening to Someday My Prince Will Come at all, which is a bit alarming.

    Looking forward to following the rest of the rate!
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  15. This is going well so far. Someday My Price Will Come is just too cute for me.
  16. Off to a great start. Genuinely chuckled at the Humumnumunukaiaetc. cover art.
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  17. The best part of 'Humuhumusomethingsomething' is Troy's constant "What the hell?" face throughout the entire song. Love it.
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  18. I mentioned that in my commentary but @Push left it out for some reason.
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  19. Yes, stan for Zac Efron a bit!
  20. Exact words:

    Troy's reaction to the nightmare unfolding in front of him is priceless.
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