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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

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    New York's Best Kept Secret

    Average: 4.16
    Highest: 9 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    Lowest: 1 x 4 (@Plethorya, @mat.overboard, @Lost In Japan., @iheartpoptarts)

    Sharpay now takes a second hit, this time with New York's Best Kept Secret, taken from her spin-off film Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. Three more songs are still in the rate from this straight-to-DVD fable, which sees her trying to make a name of herself in New York. In the process, she auditions for a Broadway show and, well, stuff predictably goes wrong. Yatta yatta yatta the musical's producers are given a taping of her singing this number. Now I don't want to spoil the story for anyone so I'll just let Sharpay herself describe her journey:

    I thought I had a perfect plan
    Where I would wind up on top
    One day I'm thinking, "Yes, I can!"
    Next thing you know I'm a flop

    I love Tori Kelly. This usage of flop is quite unprecedented but I love it; the fact that it's in a musical makes it all the more special. I wonder which one of you ghostwrote this. Probably not Sprockrooster, who appears to have fallen in love with the film: "This movie was a best kept secret." It's not a bad movie, though the songs don't even come close to anything from High School Musical. That's the only positive commentary I received, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Even DJHazey, who gives it a 6, denounces its average quality. "You can appreciate the sentiment behind the song, but it sounds like Sharpay came up with it in her head on the fly." Let me try to comfort you a bit, Sprocky: I don't hate this with a passion, I only feel like it's just there. It doesn't go anywhere and it's cliché-ridden.

    Sally_Harper reckons "this isn’t that great. There’s barely any melody to speak of. Not a fan of this one." Another commentator who's not a fan is WhenTheSunGoesDown: "Should have kept this song a secret. Har har har." Kii. I minorly cackled. "What bet did she lose to release this pile or turd?", ponders mat.overboard, while constantino is confused about the song's context. "Was Sharpay even from New York?" She's portraying the protagonist of that Broadway show. "It doesn’t even matter, this is shite either way. I appreciate the effort that was put into the production…but her vocals just cannot pull off this kind of arrangement."

    headztrong risks their life with some East High-era shade: "Why is Sharpay singing a Gabriella song?" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, Sharpay Evans better not catch you saying that. "[the] most boring part of the whole movie" is how iheartpoptarts evaluates New York's Best Kept Secret, and Plethorya doesn't stray too far from that. "This is where being a former theater kid works against you - I’ve heard this song so many times before, and better."

  2. #1) Why is she being so hard on Ashley's career though?

    #2) This is exactly what I was going for. It seemed like Sharpay was making it up as she went along by grabbing any cliché that popped into her head at the time.
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  3. A few other songs could've gone first, but I'm not going to lose sleep over this.
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  4. Much worse left but not exactly crying at it going either.
  5. Definitely the kind of song you fast-forward through. Bye!

    Oh, and the Tori Kelly bit made me laugh. Brutal.
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  6. DAMN!
    I'm just going to post my commentary again so people don't miss it, because it's by far my best work.

    "Should have kept this song a secret. Har har har."

    You're all welcome.
  7. Wait, Unlove You is already out? What are you people drinking? Madness has started.
  8. Did you listen to it properly? I'm not it's biggest hater here but those vocals.
  9. Can't wait till the worst songs on Guilty Pleasure are gone!
  10. Any predictions for what's next?
  11. Too Many Walls or My Boi And Me.
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  12. The Rest Of My Life, hopefully.
  13. Would love Positivity to go but since that's unlikely then I'll say.... Never Gonna Give You Up or Last Christmas.
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  14. That's the beauty of it! The vocals!
  15. Madness has started indeed.
    There are no worst songs on Guilty Pleasure. Only best songs.
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  17. Oop! Let me edit that real quick
  18. Positivity. You Are The Music In Me.
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  19. Positivity aint going NOWHERE.

    Wait at positivity not being a recognized word?
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  20. Positivity is definitely going soon and it's one of my lowest scores left.
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