The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

It had better go far!

(If you ask me? 'How Do You Love Someone' and 'What If' are the Guilty Pleasure tracks that should leave, if any.)
Headstrong, the Sharpay songs and extras have all taken at least a hit. Is it Guilty Pleasure's turn now?

Not yet.




My Boi and Me

Average: 4.50
Highest: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@sexercise)

Ouch, Sharpay and her Fabulous Adventure just can't take a break. Bowing at number 51 is a theatrical number where the diva and her pet dog Boi (which the High School Musical Wiki notes is "pronounced boy, not bwa". A mess.) promise to entertain the audience with a very complex routine. After two minor appearances in the main trilogy, Boi serves as Sharpay's sidekick in the musical she auditions for, and later becomes enamoured by his competitor, Countess. All very interesting. I find this kind of cute in its context, but not memorable or worth seeking out any other time. (I gave this a 6, I must have been in a great mood.) It's definitely better than "Me and My Girl" or whatever it is.

My good sis DJHazey concurrs: "An adorable song, but there's not a lot to it and it becomes forgettable pretty quickly. Of course Boi is a doll throughout the video." Diverging completely from my opinion is iheartpoptarts who prefers "the production on that other guy’s version". It's alright though, boo, I still love you! "Okay Boi stole the show. Amazing!", Sprockrooster gushes in adoration. headztrong remains laconic as ever, labelling the song "cute".

"I thought from the title this would be about Sharpay meeting a new man", confesses Sally_Harper. "I was not expecting it to be about her dog! It sort of sounds like something Rose in Gypsy might have made up for her daughters to sing in castings. I have no strong feelings either way on this one so I’ll give it a 5." WhenTheSunGoesDown provides an instruction manual for listening to My Boi and Me: "Snore. Snooze. Skip." Plethorya inquires, "Anyone else feel uncomfortable at that title?" Look no more! "I knocked an extra point off for the spelling of ‘boy’ because I’m petty like that", admits constantino, who also scolds Ashley: "Ashley, we’ve established this…you do not have the range for ballads." Our 0-scorer sexercise simply exclaims "No thanks!"


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@ohnostalgia needs to see this.

Basically it are my boyfriend and my scores so with all the songs we picked the highest. And we both loved Sharpay so hence our highest scores going out fast.

I hope your boyfriend doesn't hate us. Hopefully Fabulous will do well at least.