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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Our 11 will win.not?
  2. I know what song you're talking about and I'm guessing it will be like #6.
  3. No I want it for top 2 at least. The other would be my former 11.

    @Push can you remove my comments about my former 11. They are useless when it's not my 11 anymore.
  4. SCREAM. Were you influenced into changing your 11?
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  5. Yeah my inspiration was a princess.
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  6. 11s can be changed per request by the way xx
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  7. She can be very...influencial. I agree.
  8. I'm happy with mine, but I fear my second place song has a better chance at winning.
  9. Does anyone agree with Zoom Zoom song for Top 10 ?
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  10. Oh I love you. Let's hope it's top 5 at least. I'm not feeling this #6 prediction from @DJHazey.

    @DJHazey likes that one.
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  11. I won't mind if your 11 wins at all, considering it's one of my 10s. I just don't see it happening. And yes I love Zoom Zoom Song.
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  12. I used to love The Zoom Song back in 2007! I still do, teebs.
  13. Let's all pretend it's still yesterday and this is the second reveal of the day, as it should be.

    Not today Satan!



    Time After Time

    Average: 4.90
    Highest: 8 x 1 (@Jonathan27)
    Lowest: 1 x 2 (@Plethorya, @mat.overboard)

    It's our first cut from the Degree Girl section of the extras and I'm not happy about it. Sure, none of them is particularly decent or even worth discussing, and I might have given this a 5.5, but there is worse. But let's get into that whole campaign - Ashley signed a contract to sponsor their female deodorants and what we got out of it was that fucking horrid photoshoot and an EP-length collection of 80s pop covers. Now, I've never understood how 80s covers are supposed to be a good way to market deodorants to teenagers, but that's up to them I guess. Time After Time, needless to say, is a "reinterpretation" of the 1983 Cyndi Lauper single from She's So Unusual, and was the second song released to promote the brand. I wish I could get some archive link to the Degree site in 2008 to relive those moments of bopping endlessly to all the songs. But enough of 2000s online nostalgia, let us move on to what you lot had to say about it.

    "This is very sweet, much like the original, although far less charming", opines constantino, "The bubbly production works well and despite it not being a patch on the original, that obviously wasn’t the motive behind recording this." I can honestly picture the rent-a-producer being late for a golf match or something and finalizing this in 30 minutes. It's cute for what it is, for sure. "Sort of similar to You’re Always Here, but a bit more dreary and not quite as good" is how Sally_Harper sees it, and I must say I'm surprised someone's mentioning that song, not in a shady "it flopped" way, more because, well... no one ever seems to talk about it. "This album is so weird", remarks WhenTheSunGoesDown. It isn't even in an EP, and let's be thankful for that. Can you imagine a full album of 80s covers from Ashley?

    Sprockrooster loses his calm and characterises it as "quite a horrible rendition", which is in line with his reaction toward Someday My Prince Will Come. But if the last time our good sis mentioned Anastacia in his commentary, now he slips in a bit of promo for another forgotten act. Never change, Sprocky! "Luckily we have Novaspace to prove it can be covered in total sugar sweetness." What kind of Cascada teas? It's confession time for iheartpoptarts: "Yeah, I never really liked this song. *shot*" That's definitely not controversial, as sexercise doesn't seem to love it either: "What is this knock off Timbaland production? Why!!!!" Plethorya was dangerously close to zeroing this, but "can't give Cyndi Lauper a 0, even if someone else is singing it." Y'all are too harsh. I couldn't even give Unlove You a 0. Let's get a glimpse into DJHazey's try at listening to Time After Time, shall we? "Careful queen, because I love this song. Okay, this is a disaster so let me click stop before it gets too ugly." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.

  14. I was that emo kid, yikes.
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  15. Then you were like, 200x more fun and awesome than all the other emo kids were! I stan you.

    I thought it was unpopular to dislike the original 'Time After Time' itself, but who even knows?
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  16. Ooh, commentary twins!
    (I commented "Wow, this Timbaland knockoff[...]" on a yet-to-be-eliminated song)
  17. Oh! I thought you were just talking about the Ashley version!
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  18. That Hair elimination tease. I know it's not going anywhere when half the voters have expressed their love for it.

    LOVE the Novaspace mention. Their version is actually the version of Time After Time that I've listened to the most. (As well as All Through The Night, which is my favorite of theirs).

    Also Cascada is an all-time favorite artist and @iheartpoptarts will tell you that I'm always willing to dig out numerous songs from their back catalogue during a Plug session.
  19. I knew you would love Novaspace!
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  20. I love all the 00s eurodance bands: Novaspace, Milk Inc., Cascada, Sylver, Groove Coverage, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl/Annagrace, etc.
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