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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Amazing. I still lowkey love Because The Night and I should be ashamed of myself.

    Not sure if this eurodance though. I am bad with genre when it comes to the dance scene.
  2. Same. Don't give me that in my Disney pop. All that Timbaland-esque urban pop domination was what drove me to Disney for my bubblegum fix in the first place!
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  3. So today has been a mess and I might not post any reveal until midnight. I'll try but it'll be very hard, sorry guys!
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  4. Don't worry. Quality over quantity. (As long as you don't abandon us completely)
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  5. Not at all! I'm literally exhausted but still doing a reveal for today!
  6. I would be satisfied if Guilty Pleasure (the song) grabbed a surprising win.
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  7. It's time, sistren. Our next song is the first 11 and single to fall.




    Average: 4.94
    Highest: 11 x 1 (@Drawlight), 7.5 x 1 (@Totto)
    Lowest: 2 x 2 (@mat.overboard, @Lost In Japan.)

    Well, this is something I don't see getting mentioned too often. Suddenly is the closing track of Headstrong and its fourth and final single, with a CD single release in Germany (where it peaked at #45) and other European countries. I suppose this fit the "mandatory ballad single" requisite better than, say, Unlove You. It was paired with a boring minimalistic visual of Ashley performing the song to a packed arena, which ironically and unfortunately never did happen in her career (except for the High School Musical tour). I am very mad at all of you for collectively positioning this lower than... let's see, maybe the Headstrong bonus tracks? It's quite the harmless downtempo expounding on Ashley's change of life and her newfound fame, and it gets bonus points for the self-referential bridge. It wasn't until yesterday that I noticed the nonsensical brilliance of this:

    As my dreams begin to rain
    I want to say to love me for me
    What's inside
    I'm gonna be positive, not run away, so much for you
    This is my life

    It is random but cute that who wrote this decided to incorporate mentions to Love Me for Me, Positivity, So Much for You and It's Life. Mostly cute, however! DJHazey notices it too: "At least she is more restrained and delivers something listenable with this ballad. It's actually a very mature sound for her during this era and you can also tell it summarizes the album with some of the lyrics being the titles of the songs. Very pretty, but kind of 'meh' too." "Ashley is better than this nonsense", argues Sally_Harper, though I'm not sure her ballads get any better than this. "It only gets three points for the violin." Another classical instruments lover is found in constantino: "NO to ballads, Ashley. The violin bit was sort of sweet, but like I said earlier, she doesn’t have the range. A 3 may be harsh, but she totally killed my buzz after Headstrong, so I’m a bit annoyed to be quite honest."

    mat.overboard is not on board with this one! I'll excuse myself out "Not a very good song." iheartpoptarts isn't too fussed either: "This has American Idol finale written all over it. What’s it doing on an Ashley Tisdale album, anyway?" I think the Headstrong release marks that American Idol finale kind of time for Ashley, thanking random people for the opportunities they've provided, embracing herself and looking into the future. So it kind of makes sense? 'I don't care, give me the pussy-popping jams', says WhenTheSunGoesDown... paraphrased. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. "Ugh. Fewer ballads, more bops please. (Guess that’s what I have Guilty Pleasure for.)" You're not the only one to use Ashley for her uptempo material.... practically everyone is, teebs. tylerc904 thinks "The ballads really bring this album down (unlike Guilty Pleasure)". LA Hallucinations agrees, and has no mercy for Miss Tiz or her collaborators: "The ballads on this album are all so cringeworthy and just plain awful." Drag her, Guy Roche and... Janice Robinson? Mess. Why is the temporary vocalist of Livin' Joy (known for Dreamer, down below) involved in this?

    Imagine Ashley was responsible for bringing her up? I can see the fanfiction already. Ideally I would wrap this up with Drawlight 's reasoning behind their 11, but they didn't provide any... unfortunately. l'll let Plethorya end this writeup: "This is very clearly meant to soundtrack the middle of the second act of some unwritten musical. But that just means I’d rather hear the showstopper."

  8. And you're doing such a flawless job!

    Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing. Seriously, this song is the best.

    'Suddenly', not so much.
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  9. Let me see a few more replies before I say anything.
  10. Quite shocked that's out so early.
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  11. She's so pretty in this video! But yeah, I'm shocked this was someone's 11.
  12. Suddenly leaving now is... Sudden
  13. Oh dear, don't push it.
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  14. Poor Ashley.
  15. This is making me laugh, because I pretty much regard the two as the same thing!
  16. Will Guilty Pleasure finally be taking a hit next?
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  17. If it does, it's going to be Me Without You.
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  18. If the next one is from GP , i prefer it would be Time's Up or Switch.
    My lowest score from GP is Hair, But we discussed about it before and we know it ain't going soon.
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  19. I hope so!
  20. I also wouldn't mind Delete You. The song is good, but I've always been kind of 'meh' towards it.
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