The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Realistically, if it does, it's going to be either a ballad or a bonus track that doesn't have any stans.

I just hope it's not one of the good ones! ('Switch'?!)

I think we are against each other in this rate. I hope my 11 won't be your lowest score.

I want to confess I don't remember most of the songs even some of my 10s.(But I clearly remember Hair ; My 11 ; Zoom Zoom and my other choice for 11). So everything I say is based on my scores.

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''I enjoyed the rate but I just heard all the songs this day and rate them in second listen. And I don't listen to them anymore (Don't tell this to DJhazey please) ''.
This is part of my PM conversation with Push. But now i just want to be honest with you....

You guys are so cute.



Love Me for Me

Average: 4.96
Highest: 8 x 1 (@constantino)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts)

The Headstrong ballads are not faring well. Love Me for Me is another album track I suspect no one's going to be pressed about, because it... well... meh. Even I'm bored writing this. I deem it worthy of a 6, which is my go-to score for that song you like but isn't anything other than cute. I do use it a couple of times here and there, though. Ashley tries it with a few glimpses of braggadocio, and Plethorya corrects ha. "I don’t think I saw Ashley in the magazines outside of the High School Musical pieces." But wait... is that part of the song referring to models or her slightly retouched and brushed images in covers? Truly the Inception queen.

What does tylerc904 think of this? "Average track. Sounds like the kind of song you would expect on a Disney girl album, which Ash typically avoids" I read 'track' as wreck, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. He might not have found a great tune in this one, but he might have found a telepathic friend in iheartpoptarts: "Very Disney, but not in a good way for once. Last time I checked Ashlee Simpson’s was better." I was not aware of a song of the same name existing, much less by the L.O.V.E. songstress, and for a moment there I thought this was another cover. DJHazey is also in sync with Tartsy: "I'd rather just go listen to Ashlee's." Y'all are boring, I want drama and fits. Just kidding. Let me continue his commentary: "I don't mind the style of this song at all considering how well composed it is. The middle-8 is also a mini-moment. Even though it has this nice structure, the execution is way off and it falls flat. She was not recorded well at all either."

A common motive for complaint was the juxtaposition of a decent chorus against microwave-heated verses. It's what saves the track for constantino, who says "The verses are kinda awful (really awful, actually) but the chorus really comes through and saves this. I may well use this in the future." SO SHAKE MEEEE FROM LA Hallucinations accordingly approves the chorus and dismisses the other parts as "flat". Meanwhile, Sally_Harper can't love this track with all of its imperfections, and would probably prefer an image of their own design: "I’ve never really liked this. I’ve tried but I just can’t get on with it. I usually like a good piano-driven slowie, but this is on the boring side of things and I’m not a fan of “I can only be myself” type songs in general."

It is time for mat.overboard to drag Ashley's lyrical mood swings and contrast: "She says everyone's looking at her and that they can't be as hot as her in one track and then the other she's all "awww poor Ashley no ass, flat chest, poor her she 41NT P3RF3CT" A Jessie J chai. Totto isn't quite here for her hypocrisy either! "Eww boring. Singing about not being perfect, while looking like an angel." A bipolar beverage. sexercise suggests some "reproducing. Not terrible but it sounds a bit cheap." Headstrong's promising start is mourned by WhenTheSunGoesDown: "Wow, this album really takes a dive after that stellar start, huh?" Only a bit. You know who will fight you on this? headztrong, who loyally cherishes their namesake and doesn't care what you think. "Her best ballad. Cute."