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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Suddenly and Unlove You are catchy showstoppers, and I just can't at Love Me for Me getting all the "well crafted" comments.

    I only watched the first HSM for this rate. I stopped when I realized Ashley wasn't really going to have her own song, like Suddenly. I was so disappointed!

    I hope this is What If.
  2. Sis, Not Like That avoided all of that wrath, easily.
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  3. Watch HSM2 and 3!
  4. I wanted to watch HSM but when I saw some of its music videos for this rate; I found the guy that sings with Ashley a bit unlikely. He's not even cute in my opinion. So I skip it and watched films like Camp Rock etc.
  5. @DJHazey loves Demi so you can watch Camp Rock together.
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  6. Soulmates!

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  7. Some popstars are just not made for ballads, and I don't know why they even bother.
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  8. Hey it's another one of your mottos.
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  9. I love ballads but generally only when they're by male artists.

    Ashley has a few good ballads but they're not all that.
  10. I'm so predictable.
  11. Living for the Creamy shoutout from @DJHazey. What an adolescent bop, I have it on some compilation and lowkey use it.
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  12. 47


    I Will Be Meayay

    Average: 4.98
    Highest: 8 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    Lowest: 2 x 3 (@Plethorya, @Lost In Japan., @Penguin)

    As most of you know, Headstrong is one of my childhood touchstone albums... but bonus tracks were absent from my deluxe copy. That might explain why I'm not particularly attached to any of these songs, and I Will Be Me is no exception. It got a 4 from me though I should've upped a point for "I'm holding on to the fire burning, deep inside of me". But why is Ryan Lucas Grabeel yelping at 0:57?

    And just like that Shockbox ruins anything worth saving for me: "How does she say that the first time? 'I will be meayay'?" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ she does and I keep replaying it and cackling. I think it's hilarious but DJHazey seems to love it. "Something about the way she sounds singing 'I willll be meee' kind of works for me, but overall this is not the kind of song I'd seek out from her. Still, there are plenty of candidates to be replaced by this on the standard album." Sally_Harper admits she's "never liked this. Even the “na na na” bit isn’t enough to save it. I’m annoyed that we got this but we didn’t get the clearly superior Who I Am or It’s Life."

    "Yup…this is very bonus track-y", states constantino, adding "the guitar-led production is cute and her vocals sound decent, but unlike the other two bonus tracks this is perfectly fine where it is." Sprockrooster doesn't move to this* but his boyfriend does, for peculiar reasons. "Reminds my boyfriend of one his huge faves Colbie Caillat. He is getting his life to this. I am not." iheartpoptarts tells us "this one is giving me early Hilary Duff, but don’t ask me why." Why?



    * marks a hint
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  13. I'm not sure about the hint, but I'm guessing Bop to the Top.

    @Sprockrooster must have strong feelings to overlook the Colbie Caillat love, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.

    This song sounds more boring than when I listened to it during the rate. My 7 was a true gift.
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  14. Too much Colbie terrorises your ears. I missed something about the hint part?
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  15. I don't know, it's Disney pop and it has guitars in it. They could've thrown it on Metamorphosis or something.

    Of course, I very much prefer my Disney pop without guitars. Obvs.

  16. [​IMG]


    Look out for number 4.

    Elaborate, I know.



    Too Many Walls

    Average: 5.02
    Highest: 7 x 3 (@tylerc904, @Jonathan27, @constantino)
    Lowest: 2 x 1 (@Shockbox)

    Cathy Dennis was another of Ashley/Degree Girl's victims for the 20th century covers fest, with Too Many Walls, released as the fourth single from Move to This. (I admit I hadn't listened to the original version before this rate, though the reissue made me look the album up in 2014.) My verdict? I don't especially care for any of them, to be honest, possibly also because the cover is a quasi-exact replica of the 1992 midtempo. However, Cathy's recording functions nicely as a product of its time whereas Ashley's is like karaoke.

    constantino wasn't aware of the original either. "I'm not familiar with the original but according to Google it’s by a woman called Cathy Dennis." I'll have you all know Cathy has a masters in Pop 101 and is behind hits like Toxic and Can't Get You Out of My Head. But let me get back to the commentary: "This is actually very nice and unlike the other Degree Girl covers, this suits her [limited] vocals far better. It sounds very Disney and that’s very much ~her lane~." Joining the didn't-know-it line is DJHazey, affirming it feels like "a new song altogether. She can keep it though."

    The chorus is what makes iheartpoptarts recognise it: "This is one of those songs you don’t think you know until you hear it, and then the chorus kicks in and you’re like, 'Oh!'". Queen of rate jokes WhenTheSunGoesDown is apprehensive toward its length: "More like Too Many Minutes, am I right? Har har har. This really is like 90 seconds too long, even with a key change." "This is nice in a 'song I’d put on in the background and not really notice it playing' sort of way," argues Sally_Harper, and I must say I can definitely see that happening. Make that all the Degree covers, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. She adds it "gives me early B*Witched vibes for some reason."

    sexercise ends this writeup on a positive-ish note: "Maybe the least offensive out of all of these covers." (I must add his 4 is the highest score for the Degree songs. Generous kween.)

  17. Honestly? I wish she'd covered 'Touch Me' or 'C'mon and Get My Love' instead! Much better.
  18. I was cycling home tonight after watching The Shallows which is iconic and everyone should see it, singing screaming along with my 11 and I saw a falling star! At first I was like "what a magical moment!" but then thought "oh fuck, is this an omen that it's going to fall soon?".
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  19. These last two songs are both incredibly boring to be fair.
  20. Happy to see all these covers go.
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