The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

My heart started racing. If I actually listened to the CD instead of ripping it to my computer and adding it to my collection, the damn thing would be a melted piece of unplayable plastic by now.

I just remembered I gave away my Fight or Flight CD. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Though I did overplay Lovesick back in the day!
I remember "Picture this" - in that scene, the Shenae Grimes pretending to drum realness was amazing.

*sigh* at least La Tisdale is still on TV, unlike her co-stars in that film.
She did bring us the hilarious moment where she's all "I gotta go my own way!"... and gets picked up by her mom in a van.
Aside from that she's the worst and the movies would have benefited 100% from Sharpay murdering her in cold blood.

She also sung practically the exact song in HSM3 (Walk Away). It was extremely cruel that Vanessa had practically all the songs and Sharpay was always relegated to one or two per movie, and never solo either.

Guess who got the spin-off though. Kii.
The original You Are the Music in Me is LEGENDARY. Listening to the (Reprise) version gave me war flashbacks.

Also, SCREAM @ that Whitney cover. Mess.
My Ashley/Whitney artwork/album cover tribute did not garner as many praise, compliments and Grammys as I expected, so I will retreat and scream into an abyss. Or, you know, continue the reveals.
Just catching up with this rate now and I screamed at the Whitney cover! Good work.
That Sharpay cull just won't let up.



The Rest of My Life

Average: 5.48
Highest: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 1 x 2 (@headztrong, @mat.overboard)

The Rest of My Life becomes the second-to-last song from Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure in the rate, which I find to be Popinjustice. How the hell did Gonna Shine trump over this decent yet completely formulaic "bright future ahead" song. At least it's not a redux of everything good about Sharpay, but I digress! This is the opening number of her musical, but strangely sounds more like it should be in the end? It's the final song in the film though, so it sort of makes sense. And, truthfully, I didn't have any ideas for this cover right now so it's a boring unoriginal mess, but hey I'm not quite @Laura Vanderbooben anyway.

"Ah yes, the uplifting soundtrack song model A47. Good choice. Nice uplift at the bridge." I detected a little bit of shade, Plethorya, I did. "Torture!!!!" is how headztrong refers to it, four exclamation points and all. iheartpoptarts is more reluctant and thinks "it has a solid chorus to it...", ellipsis included. Luh y'all punctuation kweens. " Sally_Harper goes on a musical adventure: "Off to a good start with the piano. I’m a sucker for piano. How many times have I referenced piano in this rate? A similar theme to Gonna Shine, but less extreme. The “I know there’s no guarantee” line was a bit of a surprise - is this really Sharpay saying this?! Again Ashley sounds decent here, which is nice considering it’s a Sharpay song - I don’t know if this is unpopular but I don’t think any of the HSM songs really did her voice any favours."

Sprockrooster feels the goosebumps and everything: "Fantastic. What a rush of pure fabulism!" That's not the right word, I believe, but stan it a bit! Is this song too good for the poor spin-off? WhenTheSunGoesDown says so: "This uplifting, catchy song is too good for this movie." constantino also recognises that "It’s the best song from the spectacular flop that was Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, but that REALLY doesn't say much... I’m just glad I’ve finished this section and don’t have to listen to them ever again." I bet you're listening to Humuhumu in private mode, teebs. DJHazey is mixed: "The song is a bit blah, but I appreciate how it actually sounds like a fully realized tune and she sounds confident as the song she is singing would indicate of course." Concluding this write-up is Penguin, who provides a simultaneously tragic and humorous tale: "I made my siblings watch this movie on Disney Channel in a hotel room and felt apologetic by the end of it, because there wasn't that iconic 10 Sharpay song moment and it was just sad."

(I promise that cover art will be substituted tomorrow I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_)

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No shockers so far so can't complain but there's a few awful ones still around.
Still an iconic cover art though and yas @ Gonna Shine taking the Fabulous Adventure crown. I'm sorry that is Popjustice, because it's the most Popjustice ready song from the movie. Instant 10 if I ever heard one. #Spoilers
At first I misread the title of You Are The Music In Me and thought it would be a cover of the quite good I've Got The Music In Me, but alas, it turned out to be a bit of a racket.


Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Average: 5.58
Highest: 9 x 1 (@DJHazey)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Plethorya)

The second place of the Degree Girl OMG! covers goes to a Belinda Carlisle song: Heaven Is a Place on Earth, a 1987 Hot 100 number-one and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance nominee (which for some reason has a "Heavenly Version". What the fuck?) Why did they choose this one? Well, it is one of the classic 80s pop songs so it fits the pattern they wanted. The rework is a bit annoying but still fun in my opinion, but I still gave it a 7.5.

WhenTheSunGoesDown proclaims, "I'll never not think of my favourite song Confetti when I hear Heaven Is A Place On Earth. (Team Confetti, represent!) Objectively, this cover is a terrible disgrace but whatever, I’m bopping! Guess I’m a sucker for bargain bin electropop autotune covers of classic songs." Who isn't? But the kii's are yet to come: "Guess what’s responsible for this track, guys? Video games! At least, according to this upset YouTube commenter. 'This is crappop compared to the original - just more proof of a dumbed down world in the last decade - too much video gaming and staying indoors instead of going out like the last generation did!' You tell em, cranky old man!" I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, not video gaming and sedentary lifestyles being behind this cover. These comments were not something our dear headztrong expected, however: "Baffles me that there are so many people reacting badly to this cover on Youtube. It is really good."

Plethorya begs, "ENOUGH WITH THE BENNY BENASSI SYNTHS." "This sounds like a DJ Sammy remix, and not in a good way", opines Sally_Harper, and I'm having trouble finding what is the good way. She recognises poor Ash's effort: "Ashley does her best, but I’m really not enjoying this." "I'm not blown away but I am pleasantly surprised", boasts constantino, who argues "The original is one of my favourite songs ever but this cover is…welcome. The production is cheap but it’s a fun song so it all works." iheartpoptarts finds this a decent addition to the Degree "solid" song selection, but sexercise limits his commentary to a "SIS..." Run for your life, Ashley.

I originally forgot DJHazey's commentary, so lemme give it a paragraph to make it up for him: "She doesn't really add anything to the original, but not too many could. However, it's still very enjoyable when you love the song enough." And I agree!

My final verdict? Give me Belinda Whoslisle any day of the week.

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The second place of the Degree Girl OMG! covers goes to a Belinda Carlisle song: Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Wait, so Rick Astley is victorious? I kind of love it.

WhenTheSunGoesDown proclaims, "I'll never not think of my favourite song Confetti when I hear Heaven Is A Place On Earth. (Team Confetti, represent!)

@WhenTheSunGoesDown, you're flawless for the shout-out!