The Ashley Tisdale Rate.



Who I Am

Average: 5.82
Highest: 9.5 x 1 (@Totto)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@Plethorya)

I don't remember this one. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. As I think I've explained before, my Headstrong CD was devoid of bonus tracks, and I largely ignored any songs that weren't on that edition. Who I Am was included on the Wal-Mart version of the album and I'm struggling to find anything worthwhile to write on it. I'm mad at the fact that this ranked higher than We'll Be Together. Anyway, this is very unremarkable in my opinion, which justifies my 5.

Sally_Harper finds herself in a situation similar to mine, though she... likes it?!?! (forced drama): "This is not something I’ve heard before as it wasn’t on the UK version of the album. On first listen I think it’s GREAT, except for how distorted about 90% of the vocals are. It doesn’t even sound like Ashley most of the time. That’s my only issue with it though!" Her masterful whisper technique is a quality envied by many. Plethorya hails Ashley as "whisper queen", and constantino nods in agreeance: "A bop. The sultry breathing under the chorus kinda scalped me. This is significantly better than half of the standard edition tracks."

serves up in-depth review: "This is a nice bridge into her Guilty Pleasure material in my eyes. It's definitely not on the same level, but it's getting a 9 because it blows most of Headstrong's standard tracks out of the water. Some people might run away from those 'ahhhs' in the background but it just adds to the 'drama' as far as I'm concerned. I love when she gets kind of mysterious with songs and saying 'you don't really know who I am' is obviously the perfect stepping stone into that vibe, which I get from Guilty Pleasure on the whole."

What's this I see? A Britney/Myah Marie chai brewing? "I know Ashley isn’t the strongest singer, but getting Kylie Minogue to sing the chorus is a bit much?", asks WhenTheSunGoesDown, and I can totally hear it. Well, it's most definitely not her voice during the hook, even casual listeners on YouTube know it. iheartpoptarts informs us, "I love how the top comment on YouTube is 'It’s not Ashley singing the chorus!'" Expose her! There's no rent-a-singer accusation from Lost In Japan., but rather a plagiarism issue: "This gives me SUCH ripoff Holly Valance vibes. It’s basically State of Mind. That said the version I have in my iTunes is a ridiculously low quality so it could be Vision of Love for all I know and I just can’t hear it." It does sound similar to State of Mind! Though I had never heard of Holly Valance. tylerc904 just says "The backing singers on the chorus drown homegirl out completely, but the song is alright."



It's Life

Average: 5.82
Highest: 9.5 x 1 (@Totto)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (@Plethorya)

Placing at number 37, It's Life rises triumphant (get'em) as the Headstrong bonus tracks queen. It's interesting because this one and Who I Am were always moving up and down the leaderboard bottom 15, hand in hand. This is justified by the virtually equal scores, a probable effect from being back-to-back songs in the list, while poor old I Will Be Meayay got the short stick of it all. What do I think of her? I don't think of her. (Honestly.) But this is a cute bop, similar to Who I Am but slightly better.

DJHazey almost gives in to temptation: "I'm tempted to just throw this a 10, but it's life and I'm trying to get it right. It honestly just wouldn't feel right because I know there will be many actual 10s to come." He explains, "'Sometimes it's haaaaaaaard' is so messy but it's honestly the kind of shit that hooks me on the regular. I have a weakness okay? What a discovery this one is for me though! The spoken verses were kind of turnoff at first, but they kind of work once the chorus stormed through me." Penguin points out that "there is no reason this song should be as dramatic as it is but I kind of like that about it." It is quite dramatic and I love it, teebs.

"I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard this before either", guesses Sally_Harper, who says "Musically this is a less good version of Headstrong, but it’s still pretty good. It reminds me of another song (not by Ashley) but I can’t think what song it is." headztrong's opinion is on par with the rate results: "The superior bonus track on Headstrong. The bridge makes the song for me." Meanwhile, iheartpoptarts supposes "they could’ve kicked out a ballad for this…" "YATH ASHLEY!" exclaims constantino. "Give me that slightly over-baked, poorly-mixed BOP that I crave! The chorus kinda pops off and I’m living for it. Should’ve made the standard."

This feeling's like no other

I want you to know

Like an angel in Armani I'm too fabulous



Gonna Shine

Average: 5.84
Highest: 10 x 2 (@DJHazey, @Reboot)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@constantino)

Oh... this. Gonna Shine is the first song off the film and is performed by Sharpay in the world-renowned Lava Springs Country Club... run by her parents. There she meets a Broadway mogul and everything goes swimmingly. know it's supposed to be some sort of grand statement to kick off Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, but I don't get it. It just completely falls flat for me, trying to serve up a mega-cocktail of everything that Sharpay embodies and failing to understand her true essence. Is my 3 too harsh? No, I think. Congrats on being the gold medallist of that movie's soundtrack, though. Can we talk about how shady Sharpay sneakily gets in the second verse though? Now there's nothing in this universe to hold me back (bye, Gab)

"This is sooooo flat", correctly moans constantino. "The watered out vocals in the chorus, the cheap production, the lack of chorus, the more mixing… NO. Get this out immediately." If only it had been sooner. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. WhenTheSunGoesDown bashes the movie and praises the song: "God, this movie was such a boring piece of contractually obligated shit. And this song could have been really fun if the production hadn’t been so bargain bin. Still, a reference to Bop To The Top, and that bit where it sounds like she’s singing about hiding a dog in her cooch are enough to save this from a 4." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_:

They'll be lining up for blocks once I bop to the top
With a poochie in my Gucci, I just can't be stopped

Mess! The songwriters for this soundtrack were definitely aware of what they were doing. This is as messy as "The next thing you know I'm a flop", but you upped your score all the way to an 8, though? Delete it. iheartpoptarts finds it "more of a typical pop bop than the other High School Musical stuff. I can't say I’m complaining!" Well, I am! "This bops slightly", sighs sexercise while Sprockrooster unsurprisingly loves it: "Already a fantastic start of the movie!" Plethorya opines that "The spoken bits are adorable, but the vocal production deflates the song before it gets going."

I agree with you on a lot of things, DJHazey, but not this. Never this. "I don't care what anybody says, but this could be on a serious album with no issue. What a massive jam. The way she sings "shiiine", "tryyy", and "flyyyy" probably sounds like nails on a chalkboard to some, but it's giving me the good kind of chills. Let me give this a 10 to help prevent a disaster from occurring." Mess at good kind of chills.

Sally_Harper briefly becomes Hazey's commentary-size-queen understudy: "I did not know Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure was a thing." No one knows it was a thing. "The funny thing about this song is that I assume it’s Ashley singing as Sharpay, rather than Ashley singing as herself, but it sounds like it could be an actual Disney Star Song by any of Ashley/Vanessa/Miley/Selena etc about their real-life journey to fame. Or an X Factor winner’s song. That sort of thing. Ashley sounds fairly decent here and for what it is it’s pleasant enough. I’d probably have been inspired if I’d heard it when I was about 12 (that sounds like shade but it’s not intended that way!)." I'm sure everyone can relate to keeping dogs in luxury bags.






Average: 6.04
Highest: 10 x 3 (@headztrong, @Drawlight, @iheartpoptarts)
Lowest: 0 x 1 (@GhettoPrincess)

I guess Positivity can't live up to its name anymore. #35 is actually a far better placement that I expected for this one, considering it stood firmly in the bottom 10 for a while and was pushed higher by a few generous scores. That wasn't quite my case, as I gave it a 7.5. Why? It's enjoyable and harmless, though a tad messy, musically I must say, and I don't care much about the lyrics. They're awfully banal but, well, any teen-pop filler would be like that. Still, like much of Headstrong, this is incredibly nostalgic for me and takes me back to my album listening sessions.

DJHazey hails Ashley as the queen of videogaming: "What is this NES-soundtrack realness in the background? I've had to restart this like three times now because absolutely nothing is grabbing me at all. The weird production is literally the only thing I can pinpoint. Okay, I guess she sounds alright when she delivers those lines in quick succession during the chorus. I don't think I'll ever be hearing this ever again though. Seriously those 'flute' sounds are annoying as hell!" Don't do Queen of Nintendo like that. "What a pleasant bop", sighs tylerc904, while constantino prefers to exclaim: "This slinky bop! This is fun, light and catchy – exactly what I want/expect from Ashley. Fair play, Queen of positivity!" Queen of Nintendo, positivity and bops. What can't she do? Plethorya finds a little bit of positivity in themselves: "I mean, I always enjoy Britney clone music at least a little bit. But just a little bit."

"'Nah, this song is a little too basic. I’m not recording this.' - Christina Milian in 2001, probably", quips WhenTheSunGoesDown, though I'm not sure why you're dragging your namesake. headztrong confesses they "always wanted this as a single #JusticeForPositivity" I think it would even flop harder than Suddenly, honestly. "People are already asking for this to go and I’m, like, appalled," shares iheartpoptarts. "It’s been a fave of mine since day one! Also, Samantha Jade is amazing." Mmmkay. Giving the song the same score (6.5), Totto finds it "a bit samey" whereas sexercise thinks "the makings of a good song are there but this needs a new chorus."

is downright vicious. "I hate the 'Won’t you show me some baby?!' part. HAAAATE IT. I don’t really think much of the rest of it either, to be honest. The “Don’t bring me down with ya baby” section is the best bit, but not worth enduring the rest for." That's the worst part though! I kind of adore the Won't you part in a so-bad-it's-good way. GhettoPrincess just scraps the "it's-good" part altogether: "Oh god, this is just awful. Those shouty vocals. No. NOOOO!"