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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Averages...

    High: 10 x 2
    Low: 0 x 1
    Average: 5.1

    Guilty Pleasure
    High: 11 x 1, 10 x 4
    Low: 2 x 1
    Average: 6.8

    High: 8 x 1
    Low: 0 x 1
    Average: 4.6

    High: 7 x 1
    Low: 0 x 1
    Average: 3.5
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  2. I'm ready for my 11 to destroy.
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  3. I think my Guilty Pleasure average is quite deceiving but it's such a stellar album. It's worth doing the rate simply for that album alone.
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  4. I know your averages are usually low @GhettoPrincess, but Guilty Pleasure has got to be higher than 6.8. There's at least one 10 among the Sharpay material, at least. We may bump heads in this rate, but like always we'll survive.
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  5. Honestly if I removed two of my lower scores it would much higher but I think 6.8 is good for a 19 track album. You know I'm a harsh critic and I have said my average is deceiving but there's two tracks on there that I think belong to the Headstrong era and stand out in a weak way. There's also a few songs that are mediocre but have the potential to be more than that. Mostly though it's a fantastic album and still holds up to that to this day. She really nailed it on this album and it's a shame there wasn't a follow up that could've potentially trimmed the fat & been perfection.

    There is a song I was going to give a 10 to on the Sharpay songs but I decided against it as I feel like I've outgrown the High School Musical songs to a point in which they can't be compared to perfect scores in her discography. I do hope you give this particular track a 10 though (I'm sure you will) as it's her best Sharpay song by far.
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  6. Yessssss to this rate!!!!!!!!

    Cannot wait to stan for Guilty Pleasure and the very underrated You're Always Here. I just put Headstrong on now to revisit it. Even though it's not even close to Guilty Pleasure's brilliance, there are many bops here as well.
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  7. I read the thread title as "Let's Go Menstruating".

  8. Now we know what is on your mind.
  9. Yeah, definitely not. I say poor word choice.
  10. I say illiteracy.

    Hoping you are not dyslextic, cause that makes it a bit of a wrong comment
  11. I was just going to say that @AlmightyAloud had tried shading me for illiteracy and then this occurs.
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  12. I knew he did, so I kind of wanted to return the favour.

    You're welcome.
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  13. It's more visual marketing training - you never want to title anything or hyperlink anything that could be misconstrued within a 2 second glance, but keep up the good work I guess?
  14. I'm having trouble figuring out how anyone would get that word out of masquerating though. I've also never heard it used in a "let's go ____" context, so it really just makes no sense.
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  15. I'm not participating in this - just figured I'd point this out. Continue on in the bubble *christmas kisses* xx
  16. I'll wait for just one more person to tell me that before I change it.
  17. Which is more puzzling, because her fans would clearly understand it's from the song Masquerade, so it fits in perfectly.

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  18. Let's go misinterpreting!

    ...Okay, I'm done now.
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  19. I'm so excited to get more ratings in. Give me those scores that I love.
  20. I am not a fan and yet I immediately knew that the title referred to Masquerade, aka my potential 11.
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