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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. 'What I've Been Looking For' does not deserve low scores. I hope that isn't a hint!
  2. Oh no.

    Okay, so @Sally_Harper I'm so incredibly sorry for my childish error but I forgot to include your scores. I've done it now and the leaderboard switched a few songs to different places. I'll do a graphic with the new leaderboard so far and the averages, is that okay?

    Tagging @RainOnFire for a little guidance.
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  3. I thought I was Boi? Which works because I know Sharpay would never leave him.
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  4. I hope this means Me Without You moves up higher. It deserves it.
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  5. Well the eye roll in the gif is probably you looking at all my posts today.
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  6. Yes, the Darla hair flip was the cherry on top. We'd be getting dinner at the place of my choosing tonight.
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  7. No I doubt that'll be going anytime soon, I'm just showing @DJHazey how I'm the boss like Sharpay.
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  8. Oh god, I broke the rate! That's fine with me, especially if it means Me Without You does better!
  9. It's okay these things happen.

    What I would do it just post the new countdown from beginning to #33 (like just post a big list). If there's a song that is still alive now but should be out already, just post the new lower score with commentary like normal.

    If a song is out but should be higher than #33 let us know it's still in the running. Then just do a bare-bones reveal of it (since we've already seen the full one) when it's real spot comes up.
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  10. Starts praying @Sally_Harper is a massive Sharpay fan!!

    My boyfriend obviously knew Whitney, but I am highkey shocked Time After Time didnot ring a bell. We do not understand each other well musically and I think this states it is not my fault.
  11. Your boyfriend needs to listen to Time After Time on a loop. TEACH HIM!
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  12. There is no reason to bother. This is his fave of all-time:

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  13. YOU FUCKING MONSTERS. I knew I shouldn't have came in here to check on poor Positivity. It wouldn't have gotten my 11 but it would have a bonafide 10/10.

    Hair would have been my 11. <3333
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  14. Wait, did you not vote? Because your opinions are perfect. Next time we have a rate disaster, I'm blaming you!
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  15. Oh no, Hair is one of your favs too? I'll be calling for its head pretty soon!
  16. I'll be calling for your head, etc. etc.

    We're so not on the same page here!
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  17. There we go. The fire within coming to the surface!
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  18. [​IMG]

    I'm sending my condolences for the future fuck ups to commence in here! I'll give my tidbits of what I hope y'all have and haven't done:

    + Erase and Rewind better not miss the Top 20
    + Hot Mess is Top 5 material HANDS DOWN
    + Thank God y'all punched out Unlove You early, it's awful
    + What If needs AT LEAST a 8.0 average otherwise you're all terrible
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  19. We're on the same page for most of this rate at least...

    This is me running away from @iheartpoptarts

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  20. We usually are! The Darla/Spike things only happen once every blue moon.
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