The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Me at all these terrible opinions of Hair but trying to keep my cool:

Revised Leaderboard
Note: The scores were altered after I added Sally_Harper's scores, which I originally forgot.
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Black means it stayed the same

#55 Humuhumunukunukuapua'a 3.62
#54 Someday My Prince Will Come 3.69
#53 Unlove You 3.96
#52 New York's Best Kept Secret 4.08
#51 My Boi and Me 4.52
#49 I Will Be Me 4.87 | #47
#49 Suddenly 4.87
#48 Love Me for Me 4.88
#47 Time After Time 4.98 | #50
#45 I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) 5.10
#45 Too Many Walls 5.10 | #46
#44 You Are the Music in Me (Reprise) 5.19 | #43
#43 Shadows of the Night 5.33 | #44
#42 Heaven Is a Place on Earth 5.48 | #41
#41 The Rest of My Life 5.50 | #42
#40 We'll Be Together 5.73 | #39
#39 Last Christmas 5.79 | #40
#38 Gonna Shine 5.85 | #36
#37 It's Life 5.87
#36 Who I Am 5.90 | #38
#35 Positivity 5.92
#34 Never Gonna Give You Up 6.08 | #33
#33 Me Without You 6.21 | #34

Hope everything's clear and I apologise again for the mishap. Up next: Guilty Pleasure suffers another cut.


Time's Up

Average: 6.27
Highest: 9 x 2 (@DJHazey, @Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (@Plethorya)

The origins of this one demand we reminisce of The Matrix, a production group widely known for penning songs for artists including Christina Aguilera, Shakira and what not, I'm too lazy to look up the songs, teebs. Circa 2004, during Katy Perry's short-lived stay in the group as lead vocalist, they recorded an album that they would later release in 2009 in the aftermath of Katy's rise to stardom. This one didn't make it to the LP, and ended up in Ashley's hands instead, being released as an iTunes pre-order bonus track, and also a digital gratification for fans who bought the limited fan edition of Guilty Pleasure (the one with all the posters). In my lens, Katy's take is as "good" as the final version, but the chorus on the latter is better (even though Ashley is completely drenched in effects).

It's definitely a rate discovery for DJHazey, who points out that this one isn't discussed too often. "I don't hear anybody talking about the song's brilliance, but it better not be done wrong! It attacks with an uncanny groove during that chorus. It's admittedly not on the same level as the last two bonus tracks, but it definitely shouldn't be discounted in any way, shape, or form." Guess the voters did you wrong... this was collectively voted as the worst Guilty Pleasure bonus track, and I agree to an extent. The "absolutely fantastic middle-8 and transition to the final chorus" are the highlights for Sprockrooster, who seems to adore it too. On the other hand, we've got constantino bringing up memories of a darker era. Literally: "I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ I’m thrashing to this emo-pop masterpiece. Lemme stay away from sunlight, grow my hair out and stop using skin cleanser to really get into it." I wouldn't say this is the most emo song in this competition, but the other one is better, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.

Others concur that Katy wasn't in a particularly bright day when she penned this one, such as tylerc904: "Not Katy's best castaway. Gimme I Do Not Hookup, Longshot, Rock God, or That's More Like It over this any day!" iheartpoptarts concurs: "I get why Katy didn’t keep this for herself. The chorus has something to it, but otherwise, kind of forgettable." This! "Katy Perry had so many random songs to give away to Disney Girls back in the late 2000s/early 2010s", points out WhenTheSunGoesDown. "Not really made for Ashley Tisdale’s voice but still very listenable. I’ll always enjoy a song with “Life’s what you make it” in the lyrics. And that ending is hilarious and perfect." I wouldn't call it perfect, I'd term it as disturbing and messy with a dash of hilarious indeed. Sunny adds that he "was under the impression that she wrote this too, but apparently not? Hm." Wikipedia confirms Katy as the first-placed songwriter in the credits.

Seriously that chorus always comes crashing in and it shakes up my world. Perfect rock-pop as far as I'm concerned.


You're Always Here

Average: 6.46
Highest: 10 x 3 (@tylerc904, @Alouder98, @Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@mat.overboard)

Departing right before the top 30 is You're Always Here, a personal ballad which tackles her grandfather's passing away and Ashley's process of grieving and coming to terms with it. It was co-written with her husband Christopher French, who was singlehandedly with the production. Commencing with Ashley's voice soaring over an organ-backed instrumental, it progresses to reveal a glitching, slightly messy beat and drums, which makes it all the less riveting than it should be, unfortunately. The release of this single was teased by Ashley (à la Focus) as a "special project", and was then discussed in an interview with MTV where she mentioned she was in the studio working on a "heavily pop" album. No further singles were extracted from the seemingly shelved work. Maybe the other songs would have been better, but she was probably disappointed by the disappointing reaction from her fans (i.e. no chart placements at all). Not that the remainder of her discography had astonishing commercial outcomes either.

You know who wasn't even aware it existed? DJHazey. "No wonder I have never heard of this single, talk about a complete snoozefest. She doesn't even sound appealing either." Similarly, iheartpoptarts isn't too elucidated on the existence of this single: "This happened? Anyway, the pre-chorus is the poppiest i.e. best part." Well, it wouldn't even be you without suggesting more and more #POP. Penguin doesn't quite see pop in the influences for this: 'll never think Imagine Dragons is a good musical direction to follow..." Expose Ashley for following the tendencies of 2012. On the other hand... "It's nice to know she can write!" exclaims headztrong, who says they "would love to hear more of this". sexercise may have just found another rate minor discovery: "I actually really love this? It’s not the greatest song ever but it’s cute."

Plethorya doesn't quite get the lyrical theme – "she's got a knack for these sunny friendship anthems", they observe – but I suppose it is open to various interpretations. "I'll never forgive this song for giving me hope in an Ashley Tisdale music comeback" is what WhenTheSunGoesDown feels, and I have to agree with him on that. He continues: "But it’s kind of sweet, I guess. It’s definitely not as bad as this type of song usually is. Now give me a Guilty Pleasure 2.0, Tisdale!" There's no easy way to say it... it's never coming. constantino sets some low standards before evaluating it: "This is nice in a 'rejected by Kelly Clarkson' sort of way. I don’t see myself seeking this out (nor would I ever hear this on radio…kii) but it's very pleasant."

"I haven’t heard this before, for some reason, but it’s really sweet and a little bit sad", comments Sally_Harper. "This would be a 'put your phones in the air' song on a tour. I like a good slow song every now and then and this is one of them." 10-giver tylerc904 argues "This would be in my Top 5 without question. Such a gorgeous little gem with a fantastic sentiment." Similarly, Alouder98 likes it, and discovering the subject matter even heightened his appreciation for it: "I was going to give my 7/8 for it but I heard she sang it for her grandfather. So I listened to it again and I got so emotional and it became my favourite ballad of her discography." To finalise, Sprocky entitles it "a beautiful ode."

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