The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

What I've Been Looking For is nice and enjoyable and all, but it's just a bit too sweet for me. And here's another confession of mine: I've never seen any of the High School Musical movies. Kii.



I Want It All

Average: 6.60
Highest: 10 x 4 (@coolforthesummer, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @headztrong, @Penguin)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@sexercise)

BOP TO THE TOP IS NOT BETTER THAN THIS. How can this go so soon? Is it High School Musical bias? Is it just that people can't appreciate the best song of High School Musical 3? Is it because you all got scalped with such astounding intensity that y'all had to avenge that 99p wig with middling scores? Well, boo hoo, Shannon, this is the best Sharpay song and I'm sad that you didn't hail it as such. I Want It All is the only number performed solely by Sharpay and Ryan in the film, in which they project their dreams and hopes of achieving grandiose in all senses. The visual is the perfect accompaniment, also depicting Vanessa, Kelsi, Zac, Troy and more as fans/staff working for them, while they conquer the world of showbiz.

Let's dig through the commentary. Sally_Harper says "This is sort of a lesser Fabulous, but it’s still enjoyable.". Wrong! constantino informs us " I never went to see HSM 3 and I never felt like I missed out…this…changes nothing. I like Sharpay’s character but the shtick wore a little thin in the end. Plus, this is two minutes too long, like I get it…you want it all." Tragic. Some similarly wrong opinions are actually closer to the truth (now on iTunes). "Not quite as iconic as ‘Fabulous’. Still kind of great", writes iheartpoptarts, and I can only suggest removing 'kind of'. But, yes, it isn't as widely known as Fabulous.

isn't aware of the 3 and 4-minute versions, I assume: "Everything about this is amazing, from the conversational verse to the explosive chorus. Obviously, it's too short to be a real song, but I get my life while re-living a video I haven't seen in ages!" You better experience the video posted below. I want to frame what was said by WhenTheSunGoesDown: "A goddamn 10! This song is huge. If all musical songs were this enjoyable, I’d probably like musicals more." THIS! headztrong finds it "Sharpay’s best produced song. I can’t believe she has only one song in this movie". I couldn't either. At least she did have a spin-off... which was substantially worse than the main films. I always love seeing Sprocky praise Miss Evans: "Fantastic. So much ego, narcissism and arrogance and yet I am still bopping hard."

"Yes, I do need my star on the wall. Thank you for noticing." You're welcome, Plethorya. Now you all better get your life to this and repent:

The part I heard was what I remembered seeing on Disney Channel years ago, which is great. I'm going to have to check out the video when I get home.


Blame It on the Beat

Average: 6.62
Highest: 10 x 2 (@WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 3 x 3 (@lalaclairi_, @mat.overboard, @constantino)

I have always been confused about this one: would it be a Hot Mess, a Positivity or a downright non-factor - name it yourselves and let the drama begin. Blame It on the Beat, originally included as a bonus in the iTunes edition, later served as a B-side in the CD single of Crank It Up (I wonder if its time is soon?). It makes more sense paired with the latter, considering they're both sultry electro-pop floor filler about partying and dancing uncontrollably; placed at the end of Guilty Pleasure, it's a bit inconsequential especially after countless pop-rock tunes. I've always liked how it doesn't resort to a bombastic sound and keeps up a cool, synthpop melody, though it is a tad less showstopping than Crank It Up. I don't adore the breakdown, but thank God that's about ten seconds only.

Shockbox originally evaluated it with a 6 due to the "dodgy rip" he possessed, once he got a hold of the real deal he upped it to a 7. Queen of moderate generosity. "Embarrassing lyrics aside, this song is incredible. That pre-chorus! That beat!" enthusiastically raves WhenTheSunGoesDown about his 10; Sprockrooster, who awarded it the same score, commends the Crank It Up maxi single: "That is one fantastic CDS, cause there are so many bops on that. Both those B-sides strike gold with a diamond like it's a-side. This one could be a single just as good!" If you thought Crank It Up is diamond, headztrong inverts the ranks: "The improved Crank It Up", he calls Blame It on the Beat.

suggests it could be superior had it delved into a sound more like its bridge: "Why doesn’t the rest of this song sound anything like that flawless middle 8? It’d be a serious 11 contender if it did!" I'm having difficulty imagining that, but the middle 8 is great, except for the kind-of-dubstep thing as I said. sexercise argues it should've been compiled into the regular Guilty Pleasure, whereas DJHazey particularly draws attention to the perfect rhyme of "'nooooise'//'boooys'" and views it as "This little Femme Fatale leftover that could! The chorus is a tad static sounding and doesn't flow like I would want it to, so there's room for improvement, but it's a cute little club track to end things with." Ah, the obligatory dance song. "I love Selena Gomez & The Scene…"—quips constantino—"...but not this. This is cheap, tacky and hook-less…and not even in a fun way."

If we're going to hit up Guilty Pleasure we're knocking all the correct songs so far. The Extras and Sharpay songs have all stayed too long now.

later served as a B-side in the CD single of Crank It Up (I wonder if its time is soon?)

I want in the Top 10, but I'm chuckling at the thought of this mess actually happening.
There should be no Sharpay songs left at this point, or Disney Mania. Blame it On the Beat is a bop, much stronger than Time's Up.
Mess. I guess Blame It on the Beat was really a non-factor. Moving on to the next one.

Guilty Pleasure better hold on to its weave.



Whatcha Waiting For

Average: 6.63
Highest: 10 x 4 (@DJHazey, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @constantino, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 3 x 2 (@Drawlight, @Sprockrooster)

I wanted to make this image work but it was a bit low quality and many colorings and effects were done to, well, practically no effect. About the song itself, I thought this would surprisingly reach the top 20... close but no cigar. Also a bonus track from Guilty Pleasure, it featured as an extra in the poster-sized limited edition, which was kind of awful and impractical and I never wanted to buy. Truthfully, this has never been on heavy rotation for me but I love the over-the-top boldness of it all. IF YOU DID IT THEN ADMIT IT CAUSE IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE. Ashley doesn't even let her traitor of a boyfriend take a breather; it sounds like knowing whoever he cheated her with is trivial and she just wants to assert herself as the superior woman. Perhaps the harsh attitude also impeded a higher placement on this rate, though I believe #26 is a decent spot for this one, a good but ultimately inconsequential bop. So nice work guys!

For some, it's one of the most substantial discoveries. DJHazey screams "WHAT A RATE DISCOVERY!", after explaining: "So this is the one I hear everyone talking about and I now I feel like a loser since I don't know it already. So yeah, let me just start by saying this is an instant 10, let me go find a wig real quick to prove it. That chorus is massive and electric! A lot of craziness to process here! I'm going to have so much fun letting all the small moments fall into place, because right now it's just making me feel sugar-high off the rush and I don't even know what's going on really but I know I love it, wanted it, needed it, and now I have it!" Who is also getting his sacred life is WhenTheSunGoesDown: "God, this goes so hard. Yet another song on this album with an incredible middle 8. How in the world is this a bonus track and not a (lead) single? I wonder if they realised how quickly that Guitar Hero reference would date the song." It's a bit cringeworthy, yes! "C’mon rock and roll!! Give me that cheesy, cliché rock-pop BOP that I crave! Fuck me all the way up with that RUSH of a chorus", preaches constantino.

Other than the copious praise, there isn't much commentary to quote. ishadepoptarts implies something: "I could swear we’ve heard the exact same chorus twice already!"; headztrong utters a half-hearted "meh". That's it. I take the nice work guys back, where is the commentary sistren?

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This was almost my 11 too, if not for my eternal devotion to a certain track that had better not be anywhere near being eliminated. I'd never heard it before doing the rate and on my first listen I loved it enough to consider giving it my 11. MY ELEVEN.
As Ashley says, how could you do this to meeeeee?!