The Ashley Tisdale Rate.



Goin' Crazy

Average: 6.81
Highest: 10 x 2 (@RainOnFire, @LA Hallucinations)
Lowest: 1 x 1 (@mat.overboard)

This stings a bit because growing up Goin' Crazy was always one of my top Headstrong tracks, I found it to have this really special quality and thought it was one of her best. Now it's lost a touch of its sparkle though it remains a superior bop on the album. The lyrics are usual teen-pop fodder relating to being head over heels in love with some guy. Right off the bat, Sprocky is already bringing fan drama into this: "Zac Efron teas." Okay, but you deal with the Zac and Vanessa stans when they find out about this. It wasn't before this rate that I learned that this is one of two covers present on the album, the original recording being titled All Eyes on You and performed by Sandy Mölling. However, I don't like that one at all; although the instrumental is practically the same, her vocals are monotonous and the hook is worse. Kudos to Ashley for improving it!

"Yessss to this jam!", exclaims tylerc904 who slightly prefers Ashley's take: "I love the original (Sandy Mölling) but Ashley's kicks it up a notch." Conan knew about the cover and doesn't seem too happy about it: "And another rehashed one, again No Angels related. It's included on one of the member's solo albums under "All Eyes On You". " The puzzle pieces just keep popping up! Mölling belonged to the relatively short-lived German girl group No Angels, who I accidentally/tragically confused with Hot Banditoz and I really don't know why. "Gosh I forgot how this was, It’s always turning up on shuffle, but I never looked what the title was, so I never bothered to listing to it willingly", expounds Totto before morphing into Dr. Dre: "The production is poppin'".

Many commentators indulged in the 2000s synthpop, early Britney teas they were being served with this one. A "lost Oops… I Did It Again leftover", WhenTheSunGoesDown calls it, and it doesn't appear to be shade! "The dated, stale synth-heavy 00s production is kinda slaying me", admits constantino, who states "the chorus reminds me of early Britney, so go Ashley!" Ultimate queen of pop iheartpoptarts is here to, well, stan for pop. "Something of a circa-2000 pop princess throwback. Not as flawless as it could be, but of course I’m here for it!" Sally_Harper says "This is more like it. I’ve always thought this was very 'early Britney' sounding - if I didn’t know it was Ashley and had to guess I would have said it was a Britney track. I think it could do with a bit more oomph but it’s still very good." A little more oomph would be great.

Hazey didn't quite love it: "It's harmless and cute, but yet again it has aged terribly and I could just go listen to so much better from her. There's not a lot of substance, but it's kind of breath of fresh air compared to the rest of this album. I mean I'd bop half-heartedly, I guess." It didn't entrance Plethorya either: "I checked my phone during this and when I looked up it was over. Welp." mat.overboard is just vicious: "Open up the dictionary, go for the letter F, word: FILLER, you'll find the lyrics/melody for this song right there. You're welcome." I just double-checked to see if this wasn't commentary for Positivity, which he rated higher. (1 vs 2, but still.) Elsewhere, headztrong supports his 8 with the claim that "I can dance to it", while a voter with the same score sexercise characterises Goin' Crazy as "Another urban tinged bop!" Queen of urban. Supreme stan LA Hallucinations will play us off now: "What a tune. The chorus just explodes into something massive. Queen of bops."

I mean, in a way, it's a little disappointing to get that bubblegum Britney soundalike we all want more than anything (at least, I know I do) and not have it be 10/10 amazing.

I'm still waiting for the female equivalent of Austin Mahone's EP!
I'm okay with a Headstrong track that I don't even remember going out at this stage. I'm happy my favorites from that album are hanging on, since they looked to be pretty divisive during the voting period.

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This has been going pretty well lately. I'm scared something good will go soon.
Um, it's the Britney-ish one! Obvs.

Let's just keep 'Over It' and I'll be fine, mmmkay?




Over It

Average: 6.85
Highest: 10 x 2 (@iheartpoptarts, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@mat.overboard)

Hey, you know what?
I don't need this! I cannot believe you!
Over her and why you gotta lie about it? That's it, I'm over it!

Here's our second tie in the rate (there actually didn't exist any before I input Sally's scores, just by curiosity). The first song at number 22 is Over It, which starts with that glorious glorious phone call intro and is an even bigger throwback to the Britney-esque pop of the 2000s than Goin' Crazy. Conversely, I never quite adored this one, it was just there on my CD and frequent were the times when I skipped it. I thought it was annoying, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. It's not bad it's certainly not something I would go to recurrently, this teen bopper sound is not my thing at all. According to The Daily Wildcat (completely coincidental), the "husky, alto" vocal employed on this song is inspired by Britney, which is really cool and exciting.

Our old chum Hazey was feeling the teen pop angst: "I'd like to use this as a theme song for how I feel right now, but this isn't that bad. It low-key sounds like a bad Britney album track, which is probably a compliment at this point. (It even has the giggle at the end to match. Kii.)" This sounds like commentary for a 5, not an 8, but grace ha with extra points. "TSwift could NEVER write a song this good about breaking up!" jokes, I hope, mat.overboard. Totto informs us that "I found this a bit late, I think it started 4 years ago and I couldn't get over it. Jam."

But back to the intro, which was universally acclaimed. Lemonade who? Sally_Harper quotes the fabulous intro and says it "is my favourite in-song dialogue ever recorded and deserves many points on its own. The amount of love I have for this song is probably quite unreasonable but as Ashley has probably said somewhere on this album, I have to be true to myself, so it’s getting a ten. I have done a lot of sassy hair flicks to this in my time!" We want video of that. "**** me some with the acting skit! This is a yet another bop from the latter section of the album. Queen of being over it!" hails constantino; "I love the ‘phone call’ at the start", asserts headztrong; sexercise just writes "That intro I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_." Expressive queen.

I live for the references to other artists in the commentary, such as in Shockbox's: "Sounds like a 1999 Jamelia cast off. That's not a good thing hun." That's the worst insult I've ever read. Nice job. Plethorya alleges his 6 is based solely on "the mid-90’s Max Martin style synths", and I think it's just a guilty pleasure. Express yourself, don't repress yourself. tylerc904 classifies it as "Another stone cold bop. Could do without the early Britney "acting" in the beginning though", while iheartpoptarts says it's "Hands down the best chorus on the album." Receive that praise a bit.



Kiss the Girl

Average: 6.85
Highest: 10 x 2 (@Jonathan27, @Sprockrooster)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts SIS.)

Oh, this hurts so much. Another of my poor childhood bops, this was one of the first Ashley songs I listened to and I played it excessively - well, as with almost any other Ashley song. In its original version, performed by Samuel Wright, Kiss the Girl appeared in the Disney classic The Little Mermaid; logically, and I'll let my old friend Wikipedia complete this, the lyrics "encourage a young man to kiss his female love interest before it is too late." It garnered nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, but enough about that. What's truly important is that somewhere in the extensive list of cover versions Ashley took up a place, recording a soft pop rock (is that a thing?) cover in support of the Platinum Edition DVD of The Little Mermaid.

GhettoPrincess claims she is "the biggest Little Mermaid fan ever" so I'll let her start: "Surprisingly I quite like this cover version. It’s obviously a different take but it’s done right. I do have to say there’s a bit in the video where she does this knee running bit which makes her look like a midget and it just cracks me up." Mess. I've just seen the video for what is probably my 243th time and still haven't found it. "Yes! Turn this Disney tune into a certified Tisdale bop", approves tylerc904, while Hazey admits "I've always loved this one and I'm glad it didn't end up being as bad it started to head towards. *Blows a kiss across the room to Ashley*" Run Ashley run! "Sha La La La La, this is my jam and I’m glad this rate made me go back to this song - you're welcome, headztrong - I always hated the 2:20 mark when it’s clearly another person ad-libing for her though". Myah Marie teas. Ashley was so fond of this technique she used it again in Who I Am! "An absolute fantastic chorus!" praises Sprocky. sexercise is less generous with the acclaim: "Not terrible!! This video is a damn mess though." To see more on Disney DVD videos, see below.

After being tormented with the Degree Girl section, constantino screams hallelujah: "SHALALALALALA MY OH MYYYYY!!! WAIT at this rock-pop-bop coming through to save my sanity." Lost In Japan. discretely pisses off every Little Mermaid fan in existence: "Low-key my fave version of this song. Sorry bout it." Mine too, don't worry. "Am I disappointed that she didn’t use a shitty Jamaican accent? Of course! But it’s still a smash despite that missed opportunity." insists WhenTheSunGoesDown, and I can't help but imagine the final result of that. One of the reasons why I'm also loving this rate is the odd nostalgia trip through the days of 2000s internet and archaic physical media. He continues: "I kind of miss the days when Disney-Channel-star-sings-pop-version-of-classic-Disney-soundtrack-hit was a viable promotional tool for DVD re-releases. I’m imagining a terrible Bella Thorne remix of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and I’m already imaginarily stanning for it!" YAS! My favorite is Selena Gomez's Cruella de Vil. So, did everyone simply adore Kiss the Girl? "At least they changed the arrangement, so there was a bit of effort here." Deny us, Plethorya. Is iheartpoptarts okay? "I totally forgot there was a video for this and everything. Oh dear." BUT IT'S QUALITY POP.



Rejoyce, as the Extras category of The Ashley Tisdale Rate dissolves and disappears into rate oblivion.

The sources for this section derived from disparate releases, ranging from DisneyMania songs (Someday My Prince Will Come, Rate the Girl) and a Degree Girl deodorant campaign score, to standalone singles and select soundtrack tracks. From now on, it's all Headstrong and Guilty Pleasure. Oh, I forgot, Sharpay, but how long will her two remaining songs last?​