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I'm Back

Average: 6.88
Highest: 10 x (@GhettoPrincess, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@constantino)

Oh, the memories... I'm Back brings me right to late 2008, when everyone was thirsting for a second alb- actually, scrap that, I know a lot of you are triggered by the term sophomore album so let me use that instead. In September 2008, this tune leaked on the webs and left everyone puzzled. Not because of the shift in musical direction or if it was to be included in what would become Guilty Pleasure, but due to the title. Was it I'm Back or I'm That? People would get on heated debates through YouTube comments (I have proof), but it was all clarified when it was included in the fan edition of Guilty Pleasure. God, I miss it when Ashley was popular on the Internet. I played this like hell when it first came out but my interest reached its peak soon after. It starts out with a great deal of potential and the chorus just wrecks it. Still good though.

WhenTheSunGoesDown concludes "This is more of a jam than I remembered. But fuck lazy fade outs." I like them, actually! "Quite a different sound there, Ash. I would like it if she used more of this sound if she ever releases another record!" I have to say no to that, headztrong, she can bring on the full pop-centric album. Iheartpoptarts diverges and hesitantly says she would "be willing to bet this is a Headstrong leftover." Here's constantino to mercilessly drag Ashley. "This is lacking something…hmmm…what could it be?... oh year! A HOOK! Nice try, sis, but no." Leave her some strands of hair at least!

DJHazey gets himself a paragraph, as usual: "Now we enter bonus tracks I've honestly never heard before. Okay, so this lyric video I'm watching with Ashley biting onto a lollipop while spitting these lyrics....mind blown. Anyhow, she just brings the confidence with every word over a hand-clapping rhythm and it's kind of a bop. It does suffer from being a tad repetitive on the first play which is never a good sign, but it's definitely a lot of fun. It'd probably tower over some of the material on Headstrong, because it's lacking a bit after what I just heard. Still a very good for 'Japanese bonus track' level." Well it's not, technically, but this is definitely Japanese bonus track material.

Okay, so this was all the comentary you lot wrote.



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I think I just fell in love with it when it leaked although it hasn't aged as well as the other highlights of Guilty Pleasure but it brings back my nostalgic love for Ashley so I don't regret that 10.
Can't believe it's not at least a 7! Once when I came back from vacation I posted the link to I'm Back on Facebook, and my friends were either sorry for me or had good taste because it got 8 likes.
Another tie is up.

And the first song is controversial.

Go get your pool accessories.




Average: 7.12
Highest: 11 x 1 (@coolforthesummer), 10 x 4 (@Plethorya, @Penguin, @iheartpoptarts, @Totto)
Lowest: 2 x 1 (@Reboot)

The thematically quintessential Sharpay song now departs and I believe this is a rather adequate placement for it! Miss Evans might have introduced herself in High School Musical, but it was on the sequel, with this song, that she made a stand. Arguably one of the most memorable songs extracted from the franchise, Fabulous has left a trail of destruction after appearing on High School Musical 2, including reaching the bottom halves of five charts worldwide (kii) - hey, it's not bad for a promo single from a kids movie soundtrack, Suddenly was a full-blown single and it did worse. But more important than charts is the complete and perfect embodiment of Sharpay's feisty qualities and diva demands the song presents, paired with an equally exquisite visual. It's one of the most iconic moments of the saga. Yes, she wants fabulous trash, is that so wrong?

We'll start with our top scorer coolforthesummer, who decides to scream into the oblivion. Scratch that - fabulous oblivion. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS QUEEN". Yes, bold was a necessary touch. Penguin claims this was an "11 contender to be honest" for him, while Plethorya says "I love bratty pop music, and this role let Ashley be the brattiest of them all. It’s like Angelica Pickles grown up, given the run of the country club." "Iconic much?" inquires headztrong and the answer is yes. Sally_Harper quotes the lyric that is probably the backbone of Sharpay: "'I...want…MORE!' This is Sharpay summed up in a song and it’s done really well. The lyrics are hilariously bratty and it’s easily the best of Ashley’s HSM songs." I don't know about best, but maybe lalaclairi does? "The best Sharpay song; over the top in the best way." Okay then.

"I don’t even enjoy this song that much but I can’t deny its iconicness. Import that Turkey from Maine, queen!" praises WhenTheSunGoesDown. But the queen of kiis won't leave us without a snip: "'This won’t do, that’s a bore, that’s insulting', was she singing about the second half of Headstrong? Har har har." Sharpay should have been responsible for compiling that album, I guess. It would've been all glittery pop bops- uh-oh, I seem to have activated iheartpoptarts. She correctly dubs it "the definitive Sharpay anthem. All of a sudden I want to buy a million pink pool accessories." Who doesn't? Consumerism is the new thing, and constantino know$ it: "C’mon OPULENCE! This is THAT excessive over-spending JAM that we all use when we’ve made a bit of coin and are ready to SPEND. NAWT."

This song was a valuable source for Alouder98, who after listening to it claims "finally I found out info of DJHazey's profile." Run Hazey run, but not before your commentary is up: "You've got love Sharpay's persona on all full display. The shoutout to Maine is iconic, but to be honest we were never really known for our turkey. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Sonically this is very subpar, but I don't care when it's her theme song." Be grateful! You can say Sharpay of all people referenced your hometown in a song. That's hard, not everybody has that. Sprockrooster is definitely not fabulous: "Love the scene in the movie a lot, especially the pool-piano, but the song is not on equal par as it's title." Neither is sexercise, but they still stan her and I'm okay with that. "Madonna could never." Material Girl who? "This so would’ve been a ten back in the day but unfortunately I’ve grown up a bit and because this isn’t purely a Sharpay song (which it should be) it loses points. “I, want, MORE!” She is truly inspiring. It’s camp but a perfect number for Sharpay", assesses GhettoPrincess, though if this isn't purely a Sharpay number what is? Bop to the Top? NOT!

I have to admit that Kiss the Girls is easily one of the funnest "random Disney girl covers old random Disney song"-type songs. So I really enjoyed that one.

I'm Back though? Bit noisy innit.
My favourite top 10 ( In no order) :

He Said She Said
Not Like That
The Zoom Song
Acting Out
Crank It Up
Tell Me Lies
So Much For You
It's Alright It's Ok

Get other songs out before top 10 !
Specially Overrated!
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