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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Atletico, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. I thought Fabulous was absolutely shit but I feel/have none of that HSM nostalgia so maybe that has something to do with it.
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  2. This comment is overrated.


    The last two songs were dodged bullets.
  3. Bop to the Top is not better than What I've Been Looking For or Fabulous (both of which are amazing) by the way.
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  4. I definitely remember 'What I've Been Looking For' being a much bigger deal than 'Bop to the Top' at the time! How random.
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  5. The good sis Bop to the Top tried it.

    Guess what?

    PART 2


    Bop to the Top

    Average: 7.17
    Highest: 10 x 5 (@mat.overboard, @Sprockrooster, @Lost In Japan., @Penguin, @Totto)
    Lowest: 2 x 1 (@Shockbox)

    Sharpay and Ryan roughly got one original song per installment in the High School Musical series - which is a tragedy - and Bop to the Top was that of the first one. An introduction to the Evans twins' whimsy antics and sparkly outfits, this was their option for the winter musical audition - and, of course, an opportunity to speak Spanish for absolutely no reason. At least no one does camp better than them (or let's pretend). Mucho gusto. AYE QUE FABULOSA etc. This is amazing in its own way but no way in hell it should be ranked as the nineteenth best song that Ashley has put her name to. The fact that it's placed in conjunction with Fabulous is very cute, I must say, though I Want It All is better than both combined. (Let it go, Push, let it go.) It was later referenced in the terror of Gonna Shine, featured in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, if anyone cares.

    Let's invert it and start off by the non-believers. Icriticizepoptarts feels it's "not exactly the kind of bop I need in life" while Hazey isn't quite fussed either: "Sorry guys, but you aren't 'bopping to the top of any chart' with this cheesefest. I'm not here for all the Spanish appropriation either." Well it did reach the US Hot 100, peaking at #61 and #45 on the Pop chart (shunned out of the mainstream top 40 by five points, poor that). Also, mess at "appropriation". I don't need Katy Perry in this thread. sexercise tells us "I remembered this as a bop but all I got was secondhand embarrassment." Eesh! Drag Sharpay and Ryan to the fiery pits of hell. Lalaclairi's 6 is bundled with some unforeseen love for Lucas Grabeel. He should definitely get points for managing not to be overshadowed completely by his fictional brother: "Everything about this is hilarious, especially along with the scene from the movie. Lucas Grabeel really gave his all as Ryan." And even those who moderately detest it find themselves singing along, such as Sally_Harper: "I've thought this was awful since the first time I saw the film, and yet every now and then I find myself screeching 'BOP BOP BOP, BOP TO THE TOP' as I go about my business. So I'll give it half because it's undeniably catchy.

    Plethorya believes in dreaming and shooting for the stars: "Suavé! Zip zap zop! CAMP BRILLIANCE." constantino raises the bar: "Hay que fabulosa! Rrrrr aye aye AYE! FUCKING BOP! I wish this was longer because this is life-giving. This is sickeningly cheesy…but sickening none the less." Lost in Japan will climb that (golden) ladder of success: "HAY QUE FABULOSA, yasss fetch me my ladder I’m gonna recreate the choreography. Hands down my favourite Sharpay number from the films." Okay that's enough lyrics. "That ending at the stairs is a bit too wanky, but that intro makes up for it", comments Sprocky. And now it's time for another Popjustice's Funniest Home Videos! The text version of that, I mean. Shall we start with mat.overboard? "Not sure if I'm giving a 10 for the song itself or for the 16-year-old me dancing to it in front of the TV and getting caught by my mom." Reminds me of a similar story which I shall not tell to spare any of my remaining credibility. However, it is WhenTheSunGoesDown who takes the cake, of course, dressed in RPG character cosplay:

    "DEEPLY EMBARRASSING STORY TIME! About ten years ago I went to a two day Animé con despite not enjoying Animé whatsoever. But liking about three Japanese games and having friends who were going was enough for me to tag along in home made Kingdom Hearts cosplay. Practising for a terrible cosplay skit (that, fortunately, never saw the light of day), I actually learned to do the Bop To The Top dance with a friend. Which someone recorded. There is/was literally a video of 17 year old me and a friend doing the entire Bop To The Top choreography in some sad convention hallway, dressed up in video game cosplay, to our own out-of-breath vocals. This video has, as far as I know, been lost to time, but I remember watching it a while after the convention and thinking 'Yikes. Okay, nope, this isn’t for me'. So thanks, Bop To The Top, for helping me grow up, and out of a potential animé/gaming con phase. It was fun while it lasted but just definitely not for me. The song’s still iconic, even if I did forget the steps."

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  6. No Bop To the Top is too iconic to miss the top 10!
  7. I loved this artwork!
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  8. Incredible artwork!

    You're doing a great job, Push, but this rate is a disaster.
    So many people voting completely wrong. It's making me hate democracy.
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  9. I'm loving your commentary!
    The funniest thing about this is someone wanting Ashley Tisdale to Milli Vanilli them.
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  10. Receipts or it didn't happen. ~~~

    It's pretty much solid gold from here on out.
  12. Yeah we want the video evidence.
  13. I have talked with @WhenTheSunGoesDown and he has granted me exclusivity rights to premiere the video during the finale.

    Just kidding but that'd be just about the best thing to ever happen.
  14. I'll go digging but I'm pretty sure the video's literally gone.

    Edit: Fuck. I found a photo (in the actual hallway from the story) so I guess I have to post it.


    I don't know if that's a giant eyebrow or my greasy long hair. I'm not sure which would be worse.
    Why was everything in 2007 gross?

    Edit 2: For reference, this is what I was cosplaying:
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  15. Incredible.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Ashley is asking if it's safe to come out from under the covers yet.
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  17. This day has been a mess, my computer has been malfunctioning a bit but if nothing goes wrong tomorrow the top 15 is revealed!
  18. 18


    So Much for You

    Average: 7.23
    Highest: 10 x 1 (@Drawlight)
    Lowest: 4 x 2 (@coolforthesummer, @Shockbox)

    My younger self detests you all right now, although I could say that about every Headstrong elimination from now on. Aside Intro- actually, let's take a moment and discuss it. It's obviously inconsequential, redundant and objectively unnecessary, but at this point I still have it memorized in my head. Almost all the songs are joined in an airy, atmospheric piece which is obligatory in my Headstrong listening sessions. sexercise wasn't sure whether it was on the rate tracklist and actually rated this song with a 5, which I find offensive but adequate. Kii. Since this brief track is omitted in digital versions of the album, So Much for You can be considered its opener and it serves us right away with a healthy dose of teen-pop datedness and glitched beats realness.

    There's no context for this but in March 2007 Warner serviced So Much For You to Australian radios as a promotional single and even entered the chart. In 2008, rather unexplainably, the song was included in the soundtrack for a Brazilian soap opera called Duas Caras, serving as the theme song for a character who claimed to be a nurse but was actually a stripper. Makes perfect sense. The popularity of the tune rose gradually and it was eventually sent to radios, ultimately peaking at a mighty #74 on the Brazil Hot 100... still better than Suddenly.

    "That's how you open an album", writes headztrong. "Intro is awesome as well but okay, we're not rating it" YAS. I'm always up for a little Introjustice. Constantino goes for a small challenge today and attempts to outsing Ashley: "I'll dooo thhhaaaaaaattttt. This isn't quite a bopbut the production is decent and there are several attempts at creating memorable hooks. The last post-chorus towards the end is pretty good." 'CAUSE IF YOU WANT IT YOU GOTTA SHOUT IT etc. Lalaclairi informs us "I didn't remember this song but I actually like it better than the singles!" Well, if it were up to Tylerc904, she probably would have recognised it. "A strong start, should have been a single." Enthusiastic as ever, sexercise just calls it a "BOP!!!!", exclamation points included.

    "I remember this on the first listen," states Totto, "being completely in love with the hook 'I'll do that'. It kinda sounds like she is saying 'I'll do there'." Queen of slightly irrelevant information. WhenTheSunGoesDown solidifies his place as queen of kiis in this rate: "This song must be so pissed that there are three singles right after it on the album. Maybe that’s why it ends with a massive fart." Can't be unheard, teebs. Moderately enthused DJHazey feels it, datedness and all: "This sounds dated as hell, but I do enjoy her attitude in the verses and it has a nice beat throughout the chorus. I never listen to it actively, but it's a mild bop for sure. Giving me a 'this album isn't going to be as bad as I thought' vibe." Hazey later rectified his comment with "(EDIT - I guess I was wrong)" in regards to the quality of Headstrong. Ashley, the true queen of deception.

    Sally_Harper isn't really feeling the love: "I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s catchy but in an annoying way, I find the backing vocals in the verses slightly terrifying and the way Ashley sings the 'so much for you' bits REALLY gets on my tits, which is a bit unfortunate." This elimination continues the streak of luck for ishadepoptarts too: "Very of its time. Maybe it's just me, but I always preferred the tracks that sounded left over from the turn-of-the-century pop era instead!" Shockbox, I choose you! "I feel like I've been transported back to 2001."

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  19. Do y'all remember hearing the sample of Positivity in the intro that didn't prepare you for the actual song? Good times.
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  20. "catchy but in an annoying way"

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