The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

I'm surprised you don't like the pop-rock sound of Guilty Pleasure. We'll see how things go in the Shakira, Song of the Year, and Romanian Queens rates.

I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ why does this always happen. I wait to post a reveal at the beginning of a new page and then little old Push just crawls to second place.

Guess what didn't get to second place.



Not Like That

Average: 7.40
Highest: 10 x 3 (@Alouder98, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Push)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@GhettoPrincess)

I sound like a broken record by now, but most of the Headstrong eliminations really sting due to my strong attachment to this album growing up. Not Like That was decidedly one of my favorites, I remember watching the video almost religiously and learning all the lyrics through mine and Sophie Ellis-Bextor's great friend Yeah, I wasn't too great with English back then. I can't even describe the sound of this song, produced by Twin (the same production team which contributed most of the work on Guilty Pleasure), though critics say it incorporates influences from worldbeat and dancehall which must be right. Simply put, this is that ignore-jealousy bop which I used to think had a positive message but it now gives me mixed feelings. On one hand she feels fabulous in the red carpet and what not, on the other she's complaining due to the attention she receives and the rumors she's caught up in, claiming she's just the girl next door. Somebody should've just copywritten the lyrics. And deleted those rap interludes as well.

"This reminds me of a Sharpay song in a bad way, the talky parts are awful." opines GhettoPrincess. Boo. "I won’t rant about it too much" announces Wendy Will- Sally_Harper, "but unfortunately I have never liked the lyrics to this, and I find them atrocious enough to drag the rest of the song down a bit. The song itself is enjoyable in a bit of a basic way but the lyrics let it down." And boy oh boy did you guys hate the lyrics. Lalaclairi wasn't having it either: "So I looked it up and Not Like That has like 5 writers. I don't understand how these lyrics were the result of 5 people." A Rihanna chai. Queen of writing camps! mat.overboard finds Ashley "a very humble human being." Is it ha alter-ego singing? Get ready for Ashley's own I Am... Sasha Fierce. constantino is surprised by Ashley's natural talents: "WAIT at this being kinda ok! **** at her getting a writing credit…I mean…the lyrics are poor but still…she gets a 7 for effort." And we'll take it.

Iheartpoptarts defines it as "tacky but fun. Not that I come back to it or anything!" I bet it's hidden under 300 folders in your computer and you just keep bopping when no one's around. "I have a feeling I should like this song more, but I don’t. I mean the chorus is super catchy, the lyrics are quite sassy, but it’s a bit the same throughout. Even the middle-8 is fire." Totto, you obviously love it. I probably overrated it though, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. "Yeah, it’s white girl Pon de Replay. But Pon de Replay’s a 10." That's... something I never heard, Plethorya, but I guess Ashley is the white Rihanna. Headztrong utters a few words as usual—"Fun song, lyrics a bit too silly"—whereas Sprockrooster's boyfriend makes a rare appearance: "My boyfriend is hating this, but since I am putting down the scores let me put a solid 9. Cause this song is such a bop." Your boyfriend needs to go to the light and see Jesus.

, educate them: "Such a fucking jam. Hook after hook after hook. Probably the catchiest thing she’s done this side of Guilty Pleasure." DJHazey wasn't right about how this got treated in the rate after all. It's obviously not top 10 worthy, so #14 seems very adequate. "This is going to be done so wrong judging by what I was reading in the thread. Come on now, that chorus is as fun as it gets. The post-chorus is off the hook and the fact that she says "I don't even care" is appropriate when she's throwing the sassy attitude like this. I could also listen to "youheardmeeee" from the middle-8 on a loop along with the sassy "the type of chick that hits spots, in my flip-flops" WHAT A FUCKING QUEEN! I BOW." Ring the alarm. @LA Hallucinations is here: "So many girls be checkin’ my style but I don’t even care. QUEEN.


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I'm happy Not Like That is out now.

I wouldn't mind It's Alright, It's OK going soon.