The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

Erase & Rewind is incredible.

I'd like How Do You Love Someone and He Said She Said next on the chopping block but all 10 are so good I can't be mad.

Now that's a song I can brush to.​



Be Good to Me

Average: 8.08
Highest: 11 x 2 (@sexercise, @Totto), 10 x 5 (@GhettoPrincess, @tylerc904, @LA Hallucinations, @Push, @Sally_Harper)

The lead single from Headstrong (and debut should we ignore the release of Last Christmas), Be Good to Me was released the day after Christmas 2006 for some reason to US radios and it became a defining hit in her career. Well, not really; even though it was performed at GMA, it peaked at #80 on the Hot 100 and grappled with even entering the radio top 60. It did however leave a dent in Ukrania, becoming a #2 on the Pop Chart. With all the local pop/dance divas, how hard could that have been? (Free promo for @Up Down Suite's rate) Relatively to its performance on this leaderboard, it was frequently in and out of the top 10; the consecutive 11s and 10s it received at the end was what pushed it to the edge of the top. I say it's a fair placement.

This is a tasty dish of 2000s pop, written by Kara DioGuardi and more. There's actually a glimpse of the recording process in the Headstrong deluxe bonus DVD which I was able to trace down, during which she complains that the song is hard to sing if I recall correctly. Mess. The song would probably score about 75% on iheartpoptarts' Pop or Flop app, but we gotta get her confirmation. (yes, I named it.) Seriously though, how dramatic is the production? Almost in the same league of Who I Am, so I was surprised the producers weren't the same.

The drama is quite alright in GhettoPrincess's book, who acknowledges that "the production is very much of it’s time but it works very well. It manages to be more grown up whilst not going over the top/left field with it." DJHazey likens the production to that of a "90s rap song, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_." He isn't too keen on Ashley's "sing-talking", which makes the chorus a salvation, but then it's all back to square one because of the rap verse: "The rapper addition is terrible in this case though and derails any chance of me ever adding this to a regular rotation. It's real shame because that final chorus is low-key explosive." Okay so the single version was thankfully devoid of any extra voices, but the album version contains a rap verse from David Jassy, which should obviously be the other way around. For the 1000th time I grew up with the Headstrong CD but for some reason I had obliterated the rapping from my mind. It's not cringe-inducing so that's good at least. All cool then...

...NAWT! I'll let Plethorya break it to those who don't know (like me before I read their commentary I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_): "I guess having a murderer on your song is kind of notable?" Swedish rapper David Jassy was found guilty of second-degree murder of a jazz musician in Los Angeles, one year after the release of Headstrong. The Ashley curse is real. The thing is he actually co-wrote and produced some of the songs in Guilty Pleasure, which I suppose were composed before the incarceration. (I just pictured Ashley visiting him in prison with massive blocks of paper. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.) WhenTheSunGoesDown similarly wasn't aware of the rap version: "Huh? There’s a rent-a-rapper version I’ve never heard before? How did that happen?" Low rates probably. You know who doesn't care about the whole manslaughter thing? Headztrong: "Love the rent-a-rapper here".

is practically me in this case: "I have just discovered that there are two versions of this song, and the one I have must be the single version as there’s no rap feature on it. I’m not quite sure what happened to the album version as I must have had it at some point, but the single version is the one I know, so that is the one I’m going to rate. “I don’t ask for much, all I want is…” good songs without rap features. Anyway. Strings and sirens in the same song, what’s not to love? I still listen to this all the time with no shame whatsoever. I LOVE IT. With the lyrics this could easily have been a dreary ballad so I’m glad they went the other way." It appears the consensus has been reached, as our first 11-giver sexercise also praises the fact that the rapper isn't totally rubbish. Professionally only, I mean. "YES!!!! A flop rapper that nobody knows about somehow not ruining the song is an achievement. This is legitimately incredible though. This sounds like a Big Pop Girl© song." What do you mean Ashley isn't a Big Pop Girl?!?

"I love the urgent apocalyptic vibe this song has", praises LA Hallucinations and I totally hear it, but also breaks the pattern: "The rap is totally unnecessary, though." NO we were going to be a cute rate family in sync. For once at least! Iheartpoptarts doesn't know her Ashley 101 and asks "Wait, ‘He Said She Said’ wasn’t her first single? It’s surprisingly 2003, and totally this: (link to No Angels' 'Feelgood Lies')". Wait, let me fix you up with Conan: "I love how the producers just rehashed their own production. I'm a No Angels stan so obviously I prefer their song (Feelgood Lies), but in general it's a track that cannot be denied and is a still a 10 no matter what." Y'all better stan No Angels. WAIT BUT WHY IS IT THE SAME AT THE BEGINNING? Okay. After an astonishing amount of hated songs, mat.overboard is back to stanning. Perhaps momentaneously: "I love that it builds up to the chorus! Very powerful. I would be amazing on stage singing this and translating the high energy that is present on the chorus, really. Definitely signing up for a random talent show just so I can smash this." Why did I never perform this at my school talent show? Amazing. I did lipsync to Rob Thomas' Lonely No More at one once so I think it's pretty equal.

It's time for another 2000s Nostalgia moment provided by tylerc904: "This was the song that made me buy the album. I was previewing the songs on iTunes back in 2007 (at my neighbor's house cause she had fast internet I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_) and this just went AWF. Still one of my favorite Ashley tracks." Kii @ the fast Internet detail. Just like me when my Internet was shitty and downloading a 5MB song took 20 minutes. The struggle was real. Our other 11-giver after sexercise (his commentary is above in case you missed it) is Totto: "After thinking a lot about which song I should give my 11 to, it’s this one. I used to be a bit more obsessive over Headstrong, but quickly changed to this song. I still listen a lot to it this days. The last note from the middle-8 and her ad-lib is truly what makes me fall in love this song. For me this was Peak Tiz Pop Perfection, PTPP." That's officially now a thing. constantino thinks "This is very 00s Pop 101 but it’s definitively a serviceable bop. Again, her voice isn’t good enough to compensate for the lack of hooks."

Oh, and Drawlight's only piece of commentary was for Be Good to Me: "Surprisingly bland vocals." Informative. Back to song information and stuff, why is every fact regarding this song kind of a kii? There were two music videos filmed for the song and one of them (aired in Disney Channel) featured behind-the-scenes footage interspersed with clips of Ashley performing this song during the High School Musical tour. The funniest thing is they tried to play it off by inserting a (fake) clip at the beginning of the video of the Orpheum Theatre marquee saying "ASHLEY TISDALE - SOLD OUT" when everyone knows damn well she never headlined a concert in a venue other than malls.


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Top 5:

Crank It Up
Acting Out
He Said, She Said or How Do You Love Someone
'Hot Mess' is the best song left and should totally take this. Failing that, 'Masquerade'.

(This is not a prediction. I'm very aware that everyone always gets everything wrong by now!)