The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

So this will be a double whammy for some...

The album opener to end all album openers.



Acting Out

Average: 8.12
Highest: 10 x 10 (@GhettoPrincess, @DJHazey, @Alouder98, @lalaclairi_, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @constantino, @Penguin, @LA Hallucinations, @Totto, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 4 x 3 (@coolforthesummer, @Shockbox, @Drawlight)

The last song out on its way not to have received an 11, but the song on the rate with the most 10s: Acting Out. The album opener to destroy all other album openers. As we all know, Ashley's stance as an artist shifted heavily from her first era to the second and if the photoshoots, promotional material etc. suggested said change, it is Acting Out what confirms and solidifies that transition. Beginning with some sort of weird creepy theremin-sounding siren atop people conversating ("something to talk about...") you don't expect what's to come. Then you hear the three taps and the mundane-yet-eerie soundscape fades out. Five seconds and the orchestra begins. "Up above the surface I was just the perfect child / But underneath it all I was craving to be wild". Perfect. But if you lost a few strands of that weave, once the chorus starts they're all gone. LET ME OUT THIS CAGE. Despite all its imperfections, it is the perfect track to begin an album so related to personal change. I really should've upped my score to a 9. Acting Out never got a single treatment but it was released on 21 July 2009 as the fourth digital promotional single of Guilty Pleasure.

WhenTheSunGoesDown echoes my words: "What a smash. What a way to open an album. When she goes “I’m suffocating… I can’t breathe…” and you know the chorus is about to punch you in the face… it’s just perfect." Mat.overboard gets in line: "THIS is how you open an album! It sounds like track number 1. I mean, you know when you go to a fancy restaurant and you have garlic bread as first course? Yep, that's what the 'Intro' from Headstrong tastes like to me. But Acting Out is like a pepper-ish tomato soup and you KNOW you'll have chicked breast stuffed with pear and gouda for the main course (It's Alright It's CHICKEN and MasPEARade - I'm sorry if you had to read this)" NOOOOOO. It's 1 AM, I can't be cackling like this. "A nice opener, but there is MUCH better to come", hints tylerc904. Put more praise on it, Lalala(Dare)clairi: "Perfect mission statement for the album! The chorus makes this a 10/10."

"OK Ashley come through with that melodramatic, string-led intro! This reminds me of the cheesy-but-addictive rock-pop I’d only hear on radio in Cyprus, but never in the UK. This completely knocks" writes constantino, and mess. Ashley'd better re-release this as a Cyprus-only single and get that #1. GhettoPrincess would probably buy a copy: "I absolutely love the drama in this song. That intro, the dramatic lyrics and rock pop production. Vocally impressive too." It's actually her vocal performance I think could be improved in this song but it's great nonetheless. Sprockrooster finds it "a little bit darker than the previous album. I love it." "White girl #Rebel anthem" is sexercise's description. Why is it so accurate though?

"Every mid-00s pop/rock song ever, but the middle 8 elevates it a bit" says iheartpoptarts, while headztrong admits to his hearing difficulties: "Terrible way to start an album." "I didn’t like this much when Ashlee Simpson did it, either." Repent, Plethorya. Let me stan her best song L.O.V.E. though. Shockbox is getting serious "Autotuney realness". No, it's used in an ~a r t i s t i q u e~ way. I should point out that Alouder98 originally handed their 11 to Acting Out, which would have made it jump one spot, and mentioned in his commentary that it "was the first song that I heard from her. And something inside told me this is gonna be your 11." Queen of intuition. DJHazey didn't give this his 11 but he could've and the commentary would have been appropriate.

"And the parade of 10s begins, people. This does such a wonderful job of presenting her new (and improved sound) right down to the 'tap tap' from the SHH Y'ALL IT'S TIME TO PAY ATTENTION! The pop-rock sound wastes no time making itself apparent and I live for every fucking second! Anybody who is wondering what the 'guilty pleasure' just has to hear Ashley say "it's time to get dirty" once and we're ready to go, because "life's to short just to do what you're told!" What an amazing statement anthem with Ashley clearly telling us that this album will be her 100% and she's holding NOTHING back. Seismographs are used to measures both earthquakes and the impact that pop choruses like this have; the amount of energy bursting at the seams here is immeasurable! LET ME OUT THIS CAGE! starts a sequences of events that I don't even remember half the time but I know I loved it all. Melodies like one we ride at "I'm gonna give you something to talk about" are drugs in sonic form. I wish I could bottle up the feeling of euphoria I had when I first heard this song and wondered if I was about to get 13 doses more of it."​


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Ouch. I'm starting to think my 11 has no chance now. Starting to lose all my favourites.
Love the living hell out of this song, but it's about right at #8. He Said She Said should've been out at #8, It's Alright, It's OK at #7 and this at #6...but it doesn't seem like I'm winning that battle anytime soon.
Acting Out is out????? NO!!!!!
It really reminds me of Miley earlier songs (Other Disney singers too). Also I'm surprised it is nobody's 11, Maybe I should have kept it.
I'm laughing so hard at my own comment.

When did I become this amazing?

"THIS is how you open an album! It sounds like track number 1. I mean, you know when you go to a fancy restaurant and you have garlic bread as first course? Yep, that's what the 'Intro' from Headstrong tastes like to me. But Acting Out is like a pepper-ish tomato soup and you KNOW you'll have chicked breast stuffed with pear and gouda for the main course (It's Alright It's CHICKEN and MasPEARade - I'm sorry if you had to read this)"
Is there such thing as a triple whammy?




Average: 8.17
Highest: 11 x 3 (@Shockbox, @DJHazey, @RainOnFire), 10 x 4 (@tylerc904, @Conan, @sexercise, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 3 x 1 (@headztrong)

The third consecutive Guilty Pleasure track to go, and with an awful title for this context. Overrated is that recovering-your-own-identity-but-not-in-a-Bourne-kind-of-way bop. It could be described as a more toned-down Acting Out, both musically and thematically, as this pop-rock anthem is a bit less aggressive but just as confrontational. One of the defining songs from the Guilty Pleasure era. Something impeded me from giving it a 10, possibly in the pre-chorus or the actual hook. Not sure. Anyway, it's certainly not overrated and could actually do with a bit more love than it actually received. Though all the people who are going to be destroyed by this elimination can take solace in the fact that this never left the top 10 since the ballots started coming in. Warner serviced Overrated (what a bad title in our context I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_) as the second promotional single from Guilty Pleasure as part of the iTunes Countdown campaign and there were rumours of this becoming a full-fledged single after Crank It Up but let's face it, the era was dead and gone after the album was released.

Between this and Acting Out, WhenTheSunGoesDown seems to be loving the drama: "This took a while to grow on me but it’s just so dramatic that I couldn’t resist." Exclaim IT, constantino: "BOP! Give me those searing, arcade game synths that I LOVE, kween!! The verses are pretty uneventful and generic, but then again, that was to be expected and the chorus more than compensates! Very close to getting a 10 from me." But if you didn't give it a 10, there are plenty who did, so don't worry. For example, sexercise: "Queen of serving VOCALS and huge choruses!" It was also the case for tylerc904, for whom Overrated was his second best: "Another massive chorus. Definitely my personal runner-up." I was waiting for someone to do it... "Underrated", writes Sprockrooster while sipping his victory tea.

Leave it to Overrated to bring some sense into Plethorya: "It’s songs like these that convince me maybe guitars have some purpose after all." Overrated (Rock Version) is abound. However, it didn't convince iheartpoptarts, who threw it a 6.5. "I wonder if this will live up to its title…" Did it? Certainly so for headztrong: "This is terrible and I always skip it." You'll have to run away from the following panellists, and, to an extent, from me too. This certainly isn't terrible! It's one of the best moments in the album. Three voters awarded this anthem their 11s; RainOnFire was the only one not to submit commentary, perhaps he'll give us some insights later. We begin with Shockbox: "I was obsessed with this when it came out. I thought I was such a good singer screaming along to this when really, dogs across the land were welping in pain from my screeching." Me with every Ashley song ever. (One especially) Finally, you're about to read the peak of queen commentary DJHazey. Take it away:

"When I first started listening to this album, I actually underrated this song because the next two tracks were my early favorites. Over time this became the song I go back to most often; it has the most profound impact of any Ashley song I've ever listened to. That impact can be found in each and every word, but especially in a chorus that towers over everything. The second that "be youuuuu, it's just an act!" starts, I'm in the zone. I love how Ashley sounds almost defeated at first in the verses, but she builds towards a moment when she's had enough of façade, the resulting chorus shows her triumph over a bad situation. I've felt like this in my life and I can easily share in the triumph, which leads to a passionate rendition of the song from me as it plays. The highlight line is always "I gotta be who I am underneath, who I gave up so you'll believe", where I still get goosebumps to this day. It's just such a genius little melody changeup in the midst of everything else going on in the chorus and I anticipate it every time. There's also that beautiful moment which leads into the final chorus so perfectly: Ashley realizes she can be herself again by almost breathing out the words as a sigh rather than saying them: 'The mirror is shattered, I'm finally free...' PURE BLISS!"


@Shockbox and @RainOnFire, you guys are fucking flawless and I love you forever for this.
Obviously I would never underscore underrated. All the songs were new to me, but this song stands the test of time. I vividly remember how it goes and I cannot say that for aome other high scores from me.