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The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

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    It's Alright, It's OK

    Average: 8.27
    Highest: 11 x 4 (@tylerc904, @constantino, @Lost In Japan., @Push), 10 x 3 (@WhenTheSunGoesDown, @mat.overboard, @Totto)
    Lowest: 4 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Drawlight)

    I think I'm going to cry. After having been a fan during the Headstrong era and living to the edge with all that immature teen pop realness, I guess I never really thought about it but I figured Ashley's second effort would be in a similar vein. Rumours, interviews, the Autumn Goodbye mess, etc etc were all the plate of the day in 2008 for any fan of hers. I'm Back leaks and it's a bit of a change from the first album, noticeably with more attitude but stilll not that much of a departure. Skip to April and the excitement is growing like crazy. For me and the rest of her fanbase. It's been 7 years and more incisive details have since evaded my mind but I was so excited that I woke up earlier to listen to the radio premiere in some country. It was an iconic moment: getting completely blown away since the very first second of the song. Even more so than Acting Out, It's Alright It's OK commands you to stop what you're doing and be immersed by her energy, her drive. The muted, teasing production in the beginning is paired with a low vocal and it's instantly a career high.

    When the chorus hits you in all its confrontational, powerful force...

    you don't have a choice, you're transported all the way to the Ganges to get baptised. You're caught in a giant ass earthquake, holding on for your dear life. I was amazed. I repeated it for as long as I could. When it bombed in the US it was sad because I truly thought she had a chance to breakout, and then it peaked at #99. A mess. However, it did become a sizable hit in Europe. Back in the day of committed-as-fuck fansites, I was quite an adept myself; the top site was MissTisdale which had all the exclusive info (a few years later it exposed Ashley for her apathy and lack of concern towards her fans I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ the end of an era). I was watching MTV (and I'm from Portugal, where Ashley was never big either, but did have a tiny dedicated fanbase. I actually have a messy story with the owner of one of these sites but let me not tell it I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.) There was this morning music video block and all of a sudden It's Alright, It's OK starts playing and I just go ecstatic and screaming and everything. (I later enthusiastically emailed the fansite about this situation as if they cared, kii) This is one of the moments that made me give it my 11. The release of this song was the apex of my Ashley stanning days, one of the releases that I anticipated heavily and did deliver, a throwback to days I hold very close to my heart. All that and the fact that it's an absolute triumph.

    The music video, directed by her then-boyfriend Scott Speer is obviously quite fitting. Thematically, that is. Ashley finds out her fictional beau Adam Gregory (literally who?) is cheating on her so she breaks into his house and decides to be a little #rebel. Call all your friends? Check. Perform your hit single by the pool? Check. Invite a bunch of Brazilian male models you don't know? Double check. She proceeds to fill up a digital camera (I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_) with photographic proof of her posing very suggestively with those guys. The perks of being Ashley Tisdale, I guess. The cheater's new girlfriend then leaves her upon glancing at the mess yatta yatta happy ending. How iconic is the initial moment when she kicks the garden gnome though?

    So now is the moment when I drag each and every one of you by the actual Hair.mp3. Except for Sprockrooster's commentary, there's just no salvation for this mess: "This is very Miley Cyrus isn't it? But Miley did it better, so that is a problem." You do you. And lock your windows this night. GhettoPrincess, what do you have to say for yourself? "I used to love this one but it’s really grated on me. That chorus is rather flat. I do love the ad-libs though." I can't really drag my hunties like that but I'M STILL MAD. What even? How does this grate on anyone really? Let me just angrily quote lyrics at you: I WON'T RETURN, OUR BRIDGE HAS BURNT DOWN I'M STRONGER NOW. And that were all the negative/mixed comments MESS. I loaded my Glock for nothing I guess. The nay-sayers felt my future wrath when they were rating this and decided not to say anything. Queens of intuition! I'm still coming to terms with the fact that this isn't our #1. The funny thing is it was practically always in the top 5 until the end. It was entirely my fault for forgetting to input her scores but Sally_Harper's 7 made it slip to a 6.

    *moment of silence*

    Okay. Let's proceed. This song was comparison fodder so let's move on to that. It's P!nk for Iheartpoptarts: "The chorus gives me bubblegum 'So What' and I kind of love it." Remove kind of and that's quite alright in my book. A few reviewers on iTunes agree with you but in a very negative way (1-star reviews kind of way, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_). They're a mess. "Ooh, this one sounds like Kelly Clarkson! I wonder if Ashley could hit the Since U Been Gone high notes?" muses Plethorya. Definitely not but of course there is a YouTube fan video of Ashley with Since U Been Gone as the background music. Oh, the horrors of Movie Maker and One True Media, and lesbian Ashley-Vanessa video fanfiction. Shockbox hails Ashley as "the queen of basic pop bops" and of course he's right. She's the queen of everything, so logically.

    DJHazey is serving all I wanted to read in the commentary for It's Alright, It's OK: "The magic in this song is right in the second half of the chorus where Ashley delivers the words with every bit of conviction she can muster: "I WON'T RETURN, OUR BRIDGE HAS BURNED DOWN, I'M STRONGER NOW!" Even if the beginning of the chorus is actually a bit clunky if you ask me. That last chorus is the kind of thing popstars dream of having. *Checks for remaining hair*" Welp. Ashley doesn't get her weaves made out of nothing. WhenTheSunGoesDown is stanning for the bridge. Let me quote i- okay I'll ju- DON'T WASTE YOUR FAKE SHIT TEARS ON ME. "This middle 8! A gift from the gods". For mat.overboard, it's a "POP ANTHEM. Queen of adlibs and high notes! Jade Ewen WHO?" That's a good question, actually! Sexercise, you better not fuck it up: "Honestly this should’ve smashed. It was probably 2 years too late though." You get a cookie.

    And now for my absolute 11 hunties. I adore you all! Tylerc904: "Couldn't resist giving this classic an 11. After really liking Headstrong (and Ashley in general) I sort of stopped paying attention. This tune was on the radio and I could NOT believe it was her. Immediately downloaded it and have loved it ever since. Screaming this chorus is just amazing." Queen of comebacks!! constantino tells it like it is and laments the stateside flop it was: "This Avril Lavigne-lite pick-me-up ANTHEM! Is it me or is this eerily similar to P!nk’s So What, except much better? Miss Tisdale was ROBBED of that global sma$h!! This is so much better than anything I was expecting from this rate and I’m kinda gagging to be honest. I will definitely use this a lot from now on…in fact I might even buy this legally to throw the good sis some coins." Also thanks to Lost in Japan who didn't submit commentary for this.

    I think I've finally made my peace with it departing at #6. At least it's not a total disaster like it leaving before the top 15 or something. Imagine that happening. I'd pull a Mushroom.

  2. *high fives @constantino*

    The more bubblegum take is always better!
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  3. But how did It's Alright, It's OK not win?!
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  4. I need links.

    I didn't realize it was such a fan favorite, but it feels right for it to leave now.
  5. I don't know either. But because it didn't I'm forcing you all to watch this horrendous Sims video (from 1:07 on).

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  6. I'm happy it's out, sorry @Push! Love your commentary for it though, definitely deserves a like.
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  7. He Said She Said's success if so baffling to me!
    I need ALL the details.
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  8. Preach. It's the embodiment of the kind of music I was glad she grew out of with Guilty Pleasure.
  9. It's all here. It actually wasn't MissTisdale. So there were two main fansites during that time I was referring to: the top one was, for many years, MissTisdale, but their success fizzled out as quickly as Ashley's music career headed to nowhere. It quickly ran out of steam and (their competitors) kept going at it and eventually became the biggest source. Then there was this complete and utter drama because they wanted to become her official website, and Ashley didn't give a fuck about it. Queen of not caring about her fans. And other fans have since exposed her as rude; there were a lot of people complaining that they went to see her film Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure and she gave them nasty looks.
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  10. Scandalous! I love this kind of stuff.
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  11. #5 Masquerade

    #4 Headstrong
    #3 Hot Mess
    #2 Crank It Up
    #1 He Said, She Said
  12. I have two 6.5s, two 8s and an 11 still left. I don't really know what the 6.5s are still doing here but I wouldn't mind any of the other three taking it.
  13. I said before that I didn't listen to any of her songs before and no one told me which song is good or bad. But seems like my taste is like the fans here. I have an 11, three 10s and one 8. I'm happy!
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  14. 5. He Said She Said
    4. Headstrong
    3. Crank It Up
    2. Masquerade
    1. Hot Mess
  15. 5. Hot Mess
    4. He Said, She Said
    3. Masquerade
    2. Headstrong
    1. Crank It Up
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  16. Crank It Up and He Said, She Said being in the Top 5 is.... not right.
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  17. You know, I really thought/hoped 'Guilty Pleasure' would get the unexpected bonus track love instead!
  18. 5


    Hot Mess

    Average: 8.31
    Highest: 11 x 2 (@Plethorya, @lalaclairi_), 10 x 7 (@DJHazey, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Jonathan27, @Sprockrooster, @iheartpoptarts, @Totto, @Sally_Harper)
    Lowest: 4 x 1 (@mat.overboard)

    Arguably the most notable fan favorite from Guilty Pleasure. Ever since the album was released I've seen practically nothing but high praises being sung for this one, which I admit... I've never fully understood. It starts off great with that guitar, the pressure building up all the way until the pre-chorus and you just expect this loud-as-fuck, energetic chorus. Most of you will disagree with me but I don't think that ever happens, the production on the chorus isn't that strong and it makes the song an 8 when it could be a 10. Now that I think of it I'm not really crazy for the pre-chorus either. The 'oh oh whoa oh' hook is great though! But enough about what I think. It's still a hit and a top 10 placement was practically guaranteed. This song is also a definite Ashley favorite: in 2016, she launched a fashion website called The Haute Mess. Entrepreneur, self-referential queen. Hot Mess was performed in the Guilty Pleasure promo radio tour, the AOL Sessions and more irrelevant events I'm not going to list. I will mention a Microsoft Store opening party because it is kind of a kii.

    It's already our fifth-to-last writeup. I'm going to miss this. As well as DJHazey's scriptures: "My second favorite from this album and I've always envisioned it as Ashley's 'dirty girl' track. I can imagine the things she was doing with this bad boy and it gets my 'creative' brain thinking. Kii. The guitar track adds to the scene, because it gives that rebellious rocker chic vibe that I need. Of course the first lyric I'm always going to point to is "you wake up in your bra and your makeup" which is honestly one of my favorite lyrics of all-time. When you've developed a bit of celebrity-crush on someone who is throwing out these lyrics you want the video to match! You add in all the "oh-oh-oh-ohs" that are done in a such a nonchalant manner and this song just exudes sex appeal for me. I wish they had changed the lyrics from "letting her mail pile up the ceiling" to something more agregious but I've been able to let that pass. Queen of admitting she's a hot mess by falling for the bad boy who altered her "good girl" image, so I guess in a way it's cute to leave that 'aww, she's worried about mail?' lyric in to reminds us that she really is an innocent girl to begin with." That verse is so cute. She better ignore those Lidl flyers a bit.

    Constantino and headztrong respectively speak the truth - "This doesn’t *quite* live up to the name, but it’s catchy enough. Unfortunately, the production is a bit bland and washed out, if it was fuller and punchier this would be a complete bop."; "Would definitely get a 10 if the production wasn’t too messy sometimes". Meanwhile, WhenTheSunGoesDown titles Ashley as the queen of vocabulary: "Easily the best song with the word ‘rambunctious’ in it." NOOOOOOO now I can't unhear it. That's going on my banned word lists. Have you ever rated a song by its title? No? But it's pretty normal for Sprockrooster: "*Looks at the title* *Hands out 10* My boyfriend says I should not rate like that. *He hears the song* He agrees on the score though, such a drama-maker." A mess. Iheartpoptarts has not been having the best of luck with this rate. After ranking Hot Mess as her preferred winner, it just vanishes... but, hey, a #5 is great! "Definitely one of the ones I come back to the most. It’s all about the pre-chorus, really!" *turns ATRL mode on* Hot Mess only received 2 11s. Why?

    Plethorya: "Wait, friends with benefits? Racy! The chorus kicks this into overdrive"

    Lalaclairi_: "I love everything about Hot Mess. From the first time I heard it till now, it's never gotten old. The opening notes to this one alone are amazing."

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