The Ashley Tisdale Rate.



He Said She Said

Average: 8.46
Highest: 11 x 2 (@LA Hallucinations, @Sprockrooster), 10 x 9 (@coolforthesummer, @Plethorya, @Alouder98, @headztrong, @Drawlight, @sexercise, @Totto, @Push, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 5 x 2 (@Shockbox, @DJHazey)

It happened. DJHazey is our lowest voter for one round, for Ashley's most iconic song? Are you all happy now that its long reprieve is now over? I legitimately thought this had been her biggest hit worldwide but... guess what? The superior It's Alright, It's OK outperformed He Said She Said virtually in all countries, except in the United States (#58 was its peak.) For an (unofficial) Disney star, He Said She Said was a tremendously risqué choice for a single. I should note it's not her debut, Be Good to Me was; nonetheless, a lot of people were introduced to Ashley with this song. This is why you've got to love Ashley: delivering straightforward, high-energy bops ever since the first album. It's a bit of a melodic/structural mess but it's still so good. The opening synths are showstopping, then the opening verse is just full of attitude and everything else is amazing. In fact, when you're listening to Headstrong, the transition from the last few seconds of So Much for You to He Said She Said is ruthless. Just ruthless. I want to call this a Disney classic but I can't because she was signed to Warner, but this is a fucking Disney classic.

The music video was directed by her then-boyfriend Scott Speer and was a TRL hit. God, I miss TRL. While in a club, Ashley and Josh Henderson share flirty looks; the rest of the video is set in the darkly-lit nightclub where Ashley performs a relatively terrible choreography with some people, interspersed with product placement, different outfit scenes (most notably a some sort of homage to Britney's diamond suit in Toxic. It's really cute.) However, this was not the original video for the song. More info below:

About the first music video: it was assigned to the famed Chris Applebaum - who brought us Umbrella - and was located in a high school, being way more """explicit""" than the revised version. The video would have been a mess but a fun one: "She becomes attracted to a male student and does various things to impress him. Tisdale enters a classroom (...) Then the class room turns into a nightclub. She starts having a dance-off with the mean girls from her school, and at the end, dances with the object of her affection" and kiss him in the end. First the kiss scene was deleted because of "Ashley's younger fans". Hmmm. Then it got scrapped altogether. Warner are rich anyway so I don't care but, still, what's the point of making plans you break all the ones we have? And it still hasn't leaked. This is the Disney-but-not-technically-Disney equivalent of Gimme More, but it hasn't leaked and probably never will. There is a bit of behind-the-scenes footage that surfaced online, probably filmed for the There's Something About Ashley DVD (which I still don't have, let me cry.)

Sally_Harper, I choose you: "There is never going to be a time when I don’t love this song, it is BRILLIANT. It probably hasn’t aged well but I don’t care. Impressive amount of adlibs, which I will always dramatically mime to. I do remember being confused as hell when this was on music channels back in the day as there seemed to be at least two different versions, one with less “naughty” lyrics, so you never knew which one you’d get. I hope I haven’t imagined that!" YAS! Perfect transition: there's quite a lot of trivia and controversy that the release of He Said She Said warranted. First off - the scandal around the racy lyrics. I suppose Radio Disney weren't too happy about their new star releasing a single centered on sex. The mentions to "kissin'" and "touchin'" mustn't have helped either (though they didn't have much of a problem playing Aly & AJ's Like Whoa, did they? That's just a three-minute sexual metaphors. Katy Perry teas. What a song though.) That's the story of how there are two versions of the song and how one is hilariously G-rated:

Baby I can see us bein' like that, like that
Baby I can see us dancin' like that, like that
Baby I can see us chillin' like that, like that
We don't need no more that he said, she said

I think that'd be even worse nowadays with the more recent connotation to 'chillin'' but I hear Radio Disney plays all the hit songs of today so probably not. WhenTheSunGoesDown, the classically-trained minor mess appreciator loves "that this was considered racy enough to warrant a censored version." Good old 2007 days.

"OH HELLO!" Hi constantino sis. "I had no idea that she had this in her. It’s not quite ~there~, but the middle-8 and chorus are all kinds of fantastic." Yes they are sir. "Always kind of enjoyed this, always thought it was kind of embarrassing." So, iheartpoptarts, is it a Guilty Pleasure? Har har har. Come to your senses and start loving it. GhettoPrincess only likes it too: "I used to love this, it’s pretty dated now. Vocally it’s a bit grating but the production is pretty great still but unfortunately slightly annoying in other aspects." Lalaclairi writes: "Definitely isn't aging well." Y'all... just follow Shockbox's lead: "I loved slut dropping to this when I was a teenager." AMAZING. I'll need visual. He adds, "I used to have really prudish friends who slagged her off for the unedited lyrics." Reminds me of when I brought my Headstrong CD to my class and my friends were examining the booklet and they said her outfits weren't appropriate. They also hated the album but let's not get me started on that.

DJHazey is far beyond salvation at this point: "I believe I upped my score to a 7 in the Ryan Tedder rate to help the queen out, but I don't really like this song much at all. In reality this is nothing more than average and it especially pales in comparison to some of her later work. In fact, it was songs like this that held me back from becoming a fan of her in the first place. The only thing I really enjoy about this song is the twinkly synth it opens up with, which often makes me forget how bad the rest of the song is." How bad? Excuse you. And excuse you too, mat.overboard: "The "Jessica Alba" thing KILLS the song. Nothing really makes sense, like, I heard the track for the first time and wanted to understand the concept of it but there's just no way. Then I realised 'all Ashley Tisdale tracks will be like that (like that)'." Is that Not Like That shade I detect?

Tylerc904 believes it was "her biggest US hit", recalls the video being ubiquitous and classifies the song as "quite a bop". All fantastic, to be honest. "Her best single", muses headztrong while sexercise acknowledges "this is kind of iconic. I never thought a Disney girl would deliver me this." The power of sex jams. Come through, Totto: "Another song where all hooks sound sublime. Truly one of my favorite Tiz songs. Also realized her falsettos troughout the songs, amazing." I kind of love how you refer to her as (The) Tiz. YAS Plethorya: "I could see this being a top-tier Gwen Stefani song. Cheers, Ashley." Although I must say I'm trying to imagine Gwen's vocals on it and it's not working.

Finally, our top scorers. Sprockrooster, who I am surprised didn't give his 11 to a Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure song: "WHERE WAS THIS SONG ALL MY LIFE? Making this rate worth it instantly. So much fierceness and sass in the first verse I am on the floor. Before I can recover the second verse already walts all over me. My boyfriend is such a mess for not knowing this album existed and consequently this specific song, but being head over heels with Sharpay and Guilty Pleasure." He didn't know Headstrong was a thing? I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. The ultimate shade. LA Hallucinations, it's your time to shine: "Amazing. One of the OG hoe anthems of my childhood, which fires up my puss every single time. The bridge is one of the highlights of the album. I can’t even begin to describe the sheer amount of life this song gives me. ASHLEGEND TISLAY." I'm proud at the way your younger selves bopped inappropriately to He Said She Said.

Wait a minute, that's the guy from Scene 23?


Mind blown.

I wonder why they had to censor the kissing line when 'Kiss the Girl' was apparently just fine. Oh, Disney.
Y'all are doing the most to He Said She Said. It's amazing. I forgot all about the scrapped video.

I went looking for my There's Something About Ashley DVD, but I don't think I have it anymore.