The Ashley Tisdale Rate.

I don't think I heard anyone talk about how much they liked the song Headstrong, so its top 3 placement must be some weird accident?
You haven't seen my commentary for it yet! I mainly stan for the intro but it's always been a favourite.

I'm more surprised Crank It Up is still in as I always forget it even exists. The thing I will take from this rate above all is that my Ashley tastes are clearly a bit wonky!

EDIT: I forgot to praise the INCREDIBLE Hot Mess artwork. I actually CACKLED.
Headstrong is really not that great and I'm so confused at it outlasting a bonafide CLASSIC like It's Alright, It's OK, a pop rock gem which stands up to Kelly Clarkson's best. Crank It Up to win, Masquerade in second please.

A round of applause for our bronze medallist.




Average: 8.56
Highest: 11 x 2 (@WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Reboot), 10 x 8 (@Alouder98, @mat.overboard, @Lost In Japan., @Penguin, @sexercise, @LA Hallucinations, @Totto, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 4 x 1 (@Drawlight)

(Is Drawlight our rate villain like Baby Clyde in the Björk rate? Possibly maybe.) Masquerade is one of the best songs from Guilty Pleasure and has long been a fan favorite, making it one of our most hotly-tipped to become a winner. It was the third song overall to be released from Guilty Pleasure, serviced as its first promotional single on iTunes. What's there to say about Masquerade other than it's a full-on loud ass pop rock tune where Ashley cements her place as Queen of Rhymes. Hipshaker. Dreammaker. Heartbreaker. Earthquaker. I can be anything that you want me to. Even if two of those words don't exist. I guess you could term it as Ashley's roleplaying bop, which probably justifies WhenTheSunGoesDown's 11, I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. I used to love this when it first came out and now it doesn't hold up as well but I still bop! Again I remember learning all the lyrics to this and shouting them incessantly around the house. My problem is mostly Ashley's watered-down, robotized vocals during the verses. They're a bit lifeless.

GhettoPrincess is completely in disagreement with me: "Those verses are sublime, the chorus loses me slightly but it’s still a thrill ride of a song". It truly is. "If you're ever throwing a party for all your 2 friends, this is the song to make it all party-like!" reccomends mat.overboard who has gone through that situation multiple times. "I guess this is the one that represents the 'mature' side of the album." Sex is always a mature topic I guess. headztrong feels this "It’s a rather experimental song in her discography, isn’t it?" I guess so, headztrong, it's not exactly the generic teen pop song. Go, iheartpoptarts: "The verses get off to the best start ever, and it really helps to set this song apart from a lot of the others!" You are all absolutely correct on that point: it truly is a departure from her other songs. There's an element of experimentation! I must confess, however, I'd never noted any outstanding drama in this. Penguin obviously sees it: "Masquerade is shrill and dramatic and kind of awesome." Okay the IS THIS LOVE WE'RE IMITATIN'? is a bit dramatic, yes. Ugh, I should've just given it a 10. Plethorya quotes the amazing lyrics: "Invitation/Masqueradin’/Charadin’/Imitatin’… This is Mariah Carey levels of multisyllabic lyrics."

Sexercise defends that "this deserved a great video" and I agree. There were rumors that this would be released an actual single but nothing came to fruition. What do you think, DJHazey? "I will NOT be shaded for giving this a 9, because I know that this is a all-time favorite for some. This is Ashley at her flirtiest and I crave more, to the point where she casually says "Do we want what we got? If not I say SO WHAT!" After telling her guy to essentially fuck off in the last song, she is clearly saying she's ready for a good time and nothing more...but the door is open for something more if she happens to find it. On the surface this is such a fun bop and I use for that reason, but if we peel the layers away we see Ashley wanting the same thing, but her need to hide behind the 'charade' means that her heart is safe for the time being." So why a 9? I mean, you describe each song with such passion and intricacy that they could be all 11s for you." Constantino blames the fact that it isn't quite a 10 on the "poor mixing... plus the autotune makes it sounds like she’s singing under water at some points. Regardless, the chorus knocks in the face of that adversity and I give her props for that." Did you mention underwater singing? That's basically the same as singing with water on your mouth and for that... OUR FIRST SPECIAL GUEST OF THE NIGHT: Jessie J!!!!! Yes, I know, that's the only one we could afford. Oh well.

I really expected more than two 11s for this song, but here they are. WhenTheSunGoesDown: "Congratulations Hazey, you were right. This is my 11. What a fucking smash! I love how this starts out super loud and thumping and doesn’t let up until the very end." And Reboot didn't submit commentary.