The Ashley Tisdale Rate.


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Oh wow, that oufit.


This is myself and @DJHazey. Who's carrying me luggage?
It's been one month now.

A lot of kiis have been had.

Dramatic twists and turns have occurred...

But the panel has made their decision.

And now it's time.

It's time to reveal our runner-up, it is.




Average: 8.68
Highest: 11 x 1 (@headztrong), 10 x 9 (@GhettoPrincess, @Alouder98, @Conan, @Jonathan27, @constantino, @Penguin, @Totto, @Push, @Sally_Harper)
Lowest: 4 x 1 (@Shockbox)

Wow. Just... wow. You lot better give Headstrong a fucking standing ovation. The little album track that could and did outdo every each of the singles on its parent album, of the same name. This is the true grand surprise of this rate, which has been as a whole a conjunction of horrors twists and turns, especially when it came to watching the rate leaderboard evolve. A nervewrecking process from day one, more particularly when I had to bear the pain of seeing It's Alright, It's OK slip from its peak position of #3. Enough about that! Although Headstrong received only one 11 from its namesake, it collected nine 10s which is one of the highest amounts on this rate. Aside from top scores, the remaining scores were largely uniformised and mostly on a scale from 8 to 9. Who'd have known that a rarely-mentioned non-single contained in Ashley's sadly unloved (kii) would trump over 96% (yes, I did The Math.mp3) of the rate tracklisting. WOO. Another round of applause for it!

Headstrong is one of the most off-kilter Ashley has put her name to. From the dramatic beginning and overall feel to the almost nonsensical lyrics, it has this incredible coolness and confidence to it that is unmatched in her own discography (perhaps by our winner). This is probably one of the weirdest pop bops I've ever heard and one that works the most for no apparent reason. Produced by The Matrix, it also encompasses a diversity of themes in its lyrics (M.I.A. who?): from girl empowerment to flirtation and all the way to dancing in a club. Knowledgeable queen! It must have been poised as a single sometime, since Ashley lipsynced to performed it in the High School Musical: Live In Concert Tour. It entered the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 at #121, which is something. IT'S #2 HERE, SO... YAAAAAAAAAAAS! My younger self is so proud of you all right now. This was definitely my favorite bop in the album and I couldn't wait to get to the thirteenth track to do dramatic performances of this in my bedroom while blasting it on my CD player. This should also be the end of the album but then Suddenly enters and kills the party!

DJHazey is right: "Okay, so I know most people are going to say "hell no" to this and it's hard to argue for this 'two lines on either side of Ashley clapping to the beat while she gets her life' jamboree. However, there's just some kind of mini-rush I get whenever it kicks into full gear, despite the fact that the """melody""" is a complete mess and the lyrics make little to no sense. It's just a lot of fun, what can I say?" Meanwhile, lalaclairi simply thinks the song "still holds up". Laconic queen! "That intro is worth a 10 on its own." TELL THEM, Sally_Harper! Oh. I can't do that anymore since practically everyone loved it. Oop. "That weird little blippy thing opening the track, then the vaguely creepy strings and that ominous beat crashing in together… I’m sorry, but on occasion I have actually got chills. I love a good side of dramatic instrumental with my pop. I’ve always loved the rest of it too. The lyrics are slightly uninspiring but I don’t care, I’m too busy getting my life to the music!" I must add that oftentimes I also get chills listening to it I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Queen of valuing the production over the lyrics!

"Catchy as hell", classifies tylerc904. "This used to be one of my favorites off the album back in the day but now I prefer Over It, Goin' Crazy, and Positivity." Over It? Positivity? Keep them, really. Queen of kiis WhenTheSunGoesDown is here, and better than never, complementing his sharply-precise 7.2 score. "Woah, this starts out intense! What kind of movie score intro? A delightful mess. I wasn’t listening very intently and heard the end of the second verse as 'Are you going down on me, you are - Yeah you’re coming all over me, you are'." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ I CACKLED THE FIRST TIME I READ THIS. It does sound a bit like that and now I can't unhear it. It's the massive fart situation ending So Much for You all over again. Queen of ruining songs for me! As I've mentioned before, GhettoPrincess' votes were the first I received and I was incredibly happy to see it getting a 10 right out the bat! "What a bop, that production. The middle 8 in particular is amazing and her vocals on that long high note is both impressive & strong." Queen of vocals! Plethorya is our only panellist to be thankful for or even recognise The Matrix, which is ka-yute: "The ever-reliable Matrix. Thank you for giving us Avril Lavigne, and for giving this song a surprising amount of bass."

Mat.overboard continues the praise train and I'm loving it: "I've always been in love with this track, I have. I've always thought this was the best uptempo one on the album, I have. I've always pictured 14-year-old Hilary Duff singing this song, I have." Stand up, get up! It's constantino's turn and- "WAIIITTTT! I’m BOPPING. Not ironically bopping. Not semi-bopping. I’m actually getting my life here. This is kind of amazing. The chorus? On point. The production? Full-on Lara Croft video game soundtrack realness. The vocals? Actually pretty good. ****, Ashley." This is why I love you all. And you better stan early Lara Croft! The actual videogaming queen. Sprocky gives Ashley an unprecedented extra title: "Caribbean queen." I don't know if it really fits but I'll take it. Sexercise writes the following commentary while aggressively moving his hips: "Nothing about this should work. Nothing."

The good sis headztrong should be pretty damn proud that this got to #2. I sure am. "This is grand! I can’t find a single thing I don’t like about this song. Love the production and the 11 is well deserved."

Oh nooo.
I knew it was going to happen as soon as Masquerade left but it's still a disappointment. I love most of the Guilty Pleasure album so much, but sadly Crank It Up is one of the tracks I enjoy occasionally but don't love. So.

@WhenTheSunGoesDown 's commentary is the best thing I've read all week though so at least there's that. @mat.overboard 's isn't far behind!

Thanks so much @Push even though I'm not overjoyed with the result this has been a fantastic rate and you've been a great host!
And there you have it. Our very worthy winner...



Crank It Up

Average: 9.06
Highest: 11 x 4 (@GhettoPrincess, @Alouder98, @Conan, @Penguin), 10 x 8 (@LA Hallucinations, @sexercise, @Drawlight, @Lost In Japan., @Sprockrooster, @DJHazey, @coolforthesummer, @Shockbox)
Lowest: 4 x 1 (@Plethorya)

I will let you in on a little secret: ever since I started collecting ballots, this song never, not in one moment left the top of the leaderboard. That Crank It Up reign just wouldn't let up. This is hands down one of the most brilliant moments in Guilty Pleasure and although not my favorite, it is one hell of a dance tour de force (is that a thing? No? I just invented it then!) What a fucking fantastic, refreshing moment. Placed right before the end of Guilty Pleasure, it is classified as a bonus track, presumably due to the difference in sound from the remaining pop rock-tinged songs. I very much regret not handing this a 10 instantly (my petty self gave it a 9.5 I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_) but it is a rightful winner, it is our winner and I'm proud of it. This is giving me serious nostalgia brews right now and I can't cope. I vividly recall thinking this was incredibly innovative and a distinctive departure for Ashley, as well as learning all the lyrics and then singing them out loud in my home. "THIS BEAT IS HYPNOTIC I WANNA RIDE IT LIKE A CHAUFFEUR!" What a messy lyric. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Crank It Up also features guest vocals from Sean Garrett, who has produced a massive amount of hits but whose major accomplishment is getting covered by Beyoncé (Lay Up Under Me is his song!). I kid, I kid.

It came as quite a surprise that a bonus track of all songs had been selected as the second single from Guilty Pleasure. Well, really only due to that categorisation, because the very straightforward dance sound was obviously single fodder. Also the last single from the LP, it wasn't granted an official launch in the United States, being released solely in Europe on 9 October 2009. Upon release, the single didn't perform as well as It's Alright, It's OK (well, of course I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_), lacking substantial promotion or the comeback hype that had benefitted its predecessor. Anyway, it still peaked at #19 in Germany, #22 in Austria, #66 in a totalised European singles chart and... #3 in Ukrania! I'm telling you, whenever Ashley stops her musical hiatus, she'll pull a Sophie Ellis-Bextor, just not in Russia.

The music video was premiered in a German TV channel named VIVA, which I religiously followed when I was younger. Then it ceased broadcasting to my country and that was it. I do remember a few High School Musical marathons being aired there, as well as great pop music of course. I'm going to risk it here but it's incredibly basic, though it's still compelling and worthy of many, many replays. It starts out with Ashley in a black outfit with wings, symbolising some sort of fallen angel I'd guess, while a metronome and a turntable are doing their thing in the background (this could have been some hint toward a Guilty Pleasure release on vinyl, which I would probably purchase, but no.) A few scenes in a hallway, some dancing in front of a wall, then in a nightclub, then again on top of a table while men play cards. Seductive but confusing.

I'll start with the moderate praise so we can get to the rave reviews and part-ay. "Bop!" exclaims headztrong. "I remember this being played a lot in MTV Brazil" Queen of Brazil! According to Wikipedia, it was #1 on the channel chart for three weeks. Queen of hits! "Total banger, but somehow the chorus is the least catchy part! I’m always a little disappointed when that happens." sighs iheartpoptarts but at least it's a downright bop! Tylerc904 is "not sure why this got the second single treatment when it is so unlike the rest of the album and not as amazing as many other tracks, but I do like this!" WhenTheSunGoesDown wasn't too crazy about it, but he'll bop nonetheless: "Wow, this Timbaland knockoff really flopped as a single, didn’t it? Should have released Masquerade…Still, I can definitely bop to it. 'The music video premiered on October 5, 2009 via VIVA and was featured on MySpace on October 6'. God, 2009 was a trip." I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_! The memories are too real. I'll seriously cry and laugh about how tragic everything was. A Jess Glynne tea. constantino writes "This doesn’t quite knock like it should…but it’s still kind of a bop. It’s serving me some mid-breakdown Britney teas but I’m not too mad about it." Queen of being inspired by Blackout. "I never thought I’d think of the Pussycat Dolls as influential musicians, but here we are" says the disillusioned Plethorya. They weren't the owners of electro-pop though, sis.

Now, the praise: " WOW! Give me that slutty bedroom jam that I was waiting for" demands Sprockrooster. I wonder what your boyfriend had to say about this one. Sexercise was obviously going to love this one: "YAS! Queen of slut bops", while Shockbox finds it "a weird choice for the second single. An underrated pop bop." Mat.overboard will shamelessly dance to it at night and he will not apologise: "Automatically having my ass banging on the floor when this comes on the nightclub." It's our last testament from DJHazey. I'll miss them! "I know who's going to love this perfect score. (xoxo bae) Overall it's a bit strange to see one of her best singles given bonus track status, but it really doesn't fit into the album at all sonically. Ashley's autotuned voice doesn't really add alot of passion to her voice, but it really doesn't matter because it sounds 'cool' on a party anthem like this. It really makes the delivery sound undeniable with a edge of "this is how it's going down and you'll deal" attitude to it. DJHazey has no choice but to crank the volume to past 11 and let Queen Ashley get ha life. She really rides the flow so well and I say flow because the way the lines blend into each other give it a touch of urban. Everything just melts together so perfectly. Perfect for the club, perfect for ridin' around at midnight, perfect for instantly making your day twice as good as it was before you hit play. By the way, queen looks so hot in the video...I'd love to delete those losers she's dancing with and insert myself and her scenes as she dances against that wall are everything."

Let's conclude our last writeup ever for The Ashley Tisdale Rate with our 11s. Our rate winners. Just one word and Penguin adequately sums it up: "Amazing." Alouder98, as I told you before, switched his 11 from Acting Out to Crank It Up and describes it as the following: "It was a surprise from her for me. One of the gems that I discovered from this thread." Take it away, GhettoPrincess! "Wow, what a bop. Her best music video and her best song. Euphoric and sexy. You can’t deny that chorus. The backing vocals add to the song and it all builds up to this unexpected glorious piece of pop music. TURN IT UP YEAAAAAH!"

The end. Pop the champagne, let's party!


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I'm so happy with the winner. Well deserved, high five to @Alouder98! WE DID IT. I'm so glad it was always at the top of the leaderboard where it deserves to be. So happy, sooooo happy. Thank you @Push! This rate has been thrilling, funny and so good. I also have this rate to thank for my discovery of Guilty Pleasure (the song, not the album of course) so I'm forever in your debt.
I wouldn't have guessed that 'Crank It Up' would take the whole thing, but I kind of love how pop triumphed over pop-rock in the end against all odds! Hehe.

I'll miss this rate a lot! It's been amazing, and it's made me nostalgic for all the most fun parts of the late 00s. Flawless, @Push, thanks!
Thanks a lot for hosting this rate @Push! It was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of, and you did flawless xx

Didn't expect Crank It Up to win to be honest, but it deserves it!