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The Australian Reality TV Girls Rate - #1 & #2 - And the winner IS...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by livefrommelbs, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Well there you have it.
    Samantha has won part 1 and part 2.
    Ricki-Lee was so close.
  2. OH MY FUCK I didn't even change the thread title to let y'all know this was happening why am I like this I truly did not deserve the crown.
  3. Yay my fave won! A strong start soon gave way to a stream of 1-3 pointers but super glad I got to discover some new songs and I really enjoyed the challenge of the search and also the reveals.
    The thread that keeps on giving <3
  4. Thank you everyone who gave points to Who We're Meant To Slay! Especially @vague for that super tasteful 12.
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  5. Me submitting another Ricki-Lee wig shifter for the Wildcard round.


    That was a blast, @livefrommelbs! Taking me back to PJSC days.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god that GIF I AM DONE.
  7. Yeah I was going to say, I know I told you the Wild Card Ricki songs were better in my eyes than the main rate ones and now you see I wasn't lying.
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  8. OMG I won! I actually didn't even know what to enter than was reminded that Samantha could be in but that's only because I misunderstood the wild card round though it was very clearly stated - (reading is fundamental) that we could enter anything from people in the rate already. So that's why I didn't look hard enough and then was pointed out that I could enter Up! and so I did because Samantha is my fav so duh and now I've won. Does this means she gets into the winner's rate? Maybe possibly with two songs if all goes well?

    Oh and the betrayal of @berserkboi dragging me for my ambivalence towards Ricki, then to see me give her 19 points, he gives her 3 points and could've been the deciding factor to his fav winning.
  9. Thank y'all for stanning my random bop - @berserkboi (I'd vote for it in PJSC), @klow, @saviodxl, @Sprockrooster, @Eric, @daninternational (iconic comment), @pop3blow2, @vague, @SloMover, @Ana Raquel, and especially @Fuchsia for the 12, please enter all the song contests, you're always amazing!

    Congrats @DJHazey my fave! I'm surprised 'Up' wasn't in the rate already, I feel like it could've gone far!

    Thanks @livefrommelbs, it's been super fun and awesome and I definitely got some discoveries out of this!
  10. Hey, Lisa did alright here! I'm sure the shock that swept over some of you when you saw my name by her submission was immense.

    I adore 'The Boys' , so much so that it was a late cut in my Ultimate 10s Song Ballot for that rate. This was fun extra thing here @livefrommelbs ... so thanks for doing it. I love any chance to highlight Lisa, but especially that song.

    Thanks to her voters & she got two 12s... whoo! I'm trying to remember if I've ever gotten a 12 from @berserkboi in a rate? If not, it only took me entering an artist I knew we both love > in an Australian Reality Pop Star rate > Wildcard Round! (seems right. ddd)

    Also congrats on the victory @DJHazey.
  11. I’m going to consider The Boys to be one of my favourite Song Contest discoveries ever! Her tone throughout and the melancholy of the melody plus her delivery of ‘I think that I’m beginning to care’ - euphoria in song that now makes me tear up in its beauty! I’d say send it to PJSC but it would be done wrong :(
  12. It surely does! Hopefully it does just as well there.

    I did not notice this until you mentioned it. YOU'RE IN TROUBLE, @berserkboi!
  13. I guess I was lucky that all my favourite Ricki singles were here + Hell No! Dddd
  14. Tenth place for a slow-moving quasi-gospel song is about as good as could be hoped! Thanks to everyone who gave points to "Fall Into My Arms", especially @pop3blow2 and @SloMover for their 12 points and @Sprockrooster and @berserkboi for their 10s and 8s!

    Here's Ngaiire singing it in an empty art gallery for your Tuesday morning listening pleasure:

    Also, after this result I'm convinced that not only has Samantha Jade won the whole rate but filled the entire top 5.

    I'm going to need to know more about "Girlband", @ruffdriverz. A bop so mighty I was forced to bestow it with 12 points, but where did they come from? I've never heard of them previously, and Wikipedia doesn't tell us much about their involvement with reality TV.
  15. Girlband was a short-lived reality TV show that aired on Channel 10 (I think?) in 2007. It was basically like Popstars without the competition, following the titular Girlband as they got together and recorded their debut album.

    Their first track was 'Party Girl', which charted (barely) after the show finished, and kinda took the wind out of the group's sails from the jump.

    Then they released 'Electric', which as your 12 (and my 10) demonstrate is a flawless, sultry electro-bop and clearly should have been the lead single. It's SO GOOD. 'Electric' fared even worse and the group never released another single.

    I actually saw them support Rogue Traders at the time they were making their debut, and I was seriously impressed with them live. They had amazing choreography, featuring back handsprings, flips, etc. They deserved better and 'Electric' should have been a smash.
  16. Not me deciding it all

    i'm honoured i'm honoured

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  17. Oh, and to further tie Girlband into the rate's theme of Australian Reality TV Girls, Renee Bargh from Girlband is now the co-host of The Voice Australia.
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