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The Australian Reality TV Girls Rate - #1 & #2 - And the winner IS...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by livefrommelbs, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. In Sam's top 5 in this rate, sure
  2. Okay, I'm not too pressed about losing Soldier at #13 when Sammi Jade has a mini-album's worth of songs lined up for the top 10. I could have justified giving my 11 to any of her tracks though, honestly. I'm just such a sucker for that 2011-2013 strain of dubstep-influenced pop. It's definitely aged, but who cares?

    The Firestarter - Soldier - UP! trinity of singles just makes me wish we got that original album from Samantha because it would have been such a masterpiece. Our girl is so much better than cover albums.
  3. [​IMG]

    The way my fave Natalia "Omnipresent" Kills gets a mention in every thread always makes me scream. Queen.
  4. Well this has gone to hell in a hurry! I hope Fireman and What You've Done to Me don't go before the Top or that's my entire Top 4 gone. @Sprockrooster's score was truly a sword being driven into the side of me.
  5. What does elimination #12 have in common with elimination #13?


    12. Bardot - ASAP

    dddd at this being the best image I could find. Nice hat, Tiff.

    Average Score - 8.61

    High Scorers - @Remorque (11),
    @daninternational, @Ana Raquel & @Music Is Life (10), @berserkboi (9.5)

    Low Scorers - @klow (6), @saviodxl (7.3) & @pop3blow2 (7.4)

    My Score - 8

    Welp, and in one fell sweep we lose @Remorque's 11, Bardot's last song and Team Popstars entirely! Give it up to the OGs of the rate for finishing in a solid 6th place though. Not a bad showing.

    Strange, however, that it was for 'ASAP'! i guess the benefits of only having one score under 7 clearly worked in the track's favour. If I'm being honest, I'd have liked to have seen 'I Need Somebody' up here - and would have predicted 'Poison' to be at the top of the Team Popstars leaderboard. But y'all clearly love a 00s-flavoured bop about a nosy mother, because 'ASAP' is the MVP!

    'ASAP' was released as the lead single from the gals' second album Play It Like That back in 2001. Katie had left the group, and Bardot were looking to build on the momentum of their first album as an awesome foursome. Given the sound of pop music at the time, 'ASAP' was absolutely the right choice to kick off album #2. It follows a similar DNA to any number of Swedish-produced pop hits of the area, from the likes of Britney, Christina, Jessica Simpson, and co. through to the sort of low-key bops that have peppered the PJ00s contests.

    The public agreed, sending the track to #5 on the ARIA Singles Charts (Bardot really did have quite an impressive chart run, didn't they?)

    Fun fact for y'all - I had no idea this was about a mother interfering with a relationship until Bardot put their back catalogue on streaming last year. In my memory, this existed as a turn-of-the-millenium bop that ranks among the girls' best. Hearing it in 2019, the shortcomings of the production are clearly on show - and the lyrics read as naff.

    And yet, I gave it an 8 in amongst a sea of 8s and 9s (to say nothing of the 11 and the handful of 10s). So why does 'ASAP' still work for its flaws? If I, a popular music scholar, had to guess, its success in the rate would be two-fold. The first is that the hook in the chorus is absolutely unforgettable. The way the girls sing lines like 'she's been ooooon my nerves since day one (whats! go-ing! on?)' just hit the eardrums like pop crack. You're singing along before you even know the word. It's powerful pop sorcery.

    The second (perhaps moreso for us Aussies) is the nostalgia factor. Besides 'Poison', 'ASAP' is arguably Bardot's most widely-remembered hit. 90s and 00s kids remember it slappin', even if you were a little shook to discover like me that it wasn't quite the 10/10 banger our childhoods would have us believe.

    Still, it's a solid piece of pop - and deserves a round of applause for almost reaching the top 10 in the company of 11 other tracks that feel much fresher and more contemporary. An accomplishment in and of itself.

    No commentary from @Remorque - but let's hear from some of the other judges.

    @daninternational (10) finds an instant fave - yasss this is more like it. adding to my music collection... ASAP

    @berserkboi (9.5) pays his respect to the mums up in everyone's business - On subject matter uniqueness alone, this is a 10 and I stanned like any good ESL gay boy did back in the day, but truthfully it isn’t their song I return to the most…

    @Sprockrooster (8) considers this a discography highlight - I was really not digging their output, but ASAP is refreshing. I feel like this has been in a rate before and I think I scored it lower there. The growth. There is hope for the other tracks now too!

    @Pineapple (8) is getting shades of Simpson - This sounds very Jessica Simpson – Irresistible album. A little piece of early dark pop?

    @pop3blow2 (7.4) considers 'ASAP' to be a little too 'MOR' - This isn’t horrible, just kinda comes down on the dreaded side of 'generic' a bit.

    @saviodxl (7.3) falls into a similar category - Mixed, but generally favorable feelings. You can't blame them, right? This is what was working in the early 2000s and they are a manufactured group after all.

    @klow (6) doesn't want to hear no more crying to your mama - A "mummy issues" bop? "Ain't It Fun", take notes!

  6. With 'ASAP' taking a tumble, let's give it up for our 3rd placing team...


    12. Bardot - ASAP - 8.61
    20. Bardot - I Need Somebody - 8.217
    28. Sophie Monk - Inside Outside - 7.9
    29. Bardot - These Days - 7.88
    32. Bardot - Poison - 7.82
    43. Danielle Stearman - Tell Me If You Like It - 7.43
    46. Miranda Murphy - That Girl - 7.4
    53. Katie Underwood - Danger - 7.12
    62. Bardot - I Should've Never Let You Go - 6.65
    65. Tiffani Wood - Devil In Your Soul - 6.54

    Average Score - 7.56
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  7. Sometimes... having nostalgia.... are worse
  8. Let's give it up for @Pineapple's favourite pop chameleon, Nostalgia Kills!
  9. I'll be back with our last elimiation before the Semi-Finals aka Top 10 later today - but in the meantime, which song do you think will leave us at #11? Which would you like to see go next?

    Paulini - Fireman
    Ricki-Lee - Raining Diamonds
    Ricki-Lee - Come & Get In Trouble With Me
    Owl Eyes - Closure
    Owl Eyes - You & I
    Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me
    Samantha Jade - Firestarter
    Samantha Jade - Sweet Talk
    Samantha Jade - Always
    Dami Im - Super Love
    Dami Im - Sound Of Silence​
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  10. I hate to say it, but this should go before the Top 10:

  11. Always is my lowest score left. A cute girl, but I'd also like a more even playing field in the top 10.
  12. On principle, I think Samantha Jade should lose something as I'd rather she didn't dominate the Top 10 with 40% of the songs - just don't get rid of What You've Done To Me or Firestarter!
  13. I agree, Sweet Talk or Always can leave us now
  14. And I STRONGLY DISGAREE on fireman
  15. Two of our top 11 songs have more in common than the others.

    Not just because they're both world-class dance bangers.

    But because they both have 'fire' in their titles too.

    Only one of them is making it to the top 10, though.

    So who fared better? The pyromaniacs, or the pecs of steel?

    It's bad news for fans of starting fires...

    Because you'll have to wait a little longer for that write-up.

    11. Paulini - Fireman
    Average Score - 8.62

    High Scorers -
    @DJHazey, @berserkboi, @Fuchsia, @daninternational, @Untouchable Ace, @Ana Raquel & @Remorque (10)

    Low Scorers -
    @pop3blow2 (5.5), @Phonetics Boy & @klow (6)

    My Score - 9.5

    Sorry to all lovers of men and of dancing, but it's poor Paulini who narrowly misses a spot in the top 10 - finishing up a rather hit-and-miss rate run as our 5th place finalist! Sis really brought it home after losing 'We Can Try' and 'Rough Day' in the first third of the rate. Never underestimate the power of a dancefloor queen.

    And there aren't many songs in this rate that rise to the mantle of 'dancefloor anthem' quite like 'Fireman'. It is, to team with the theme, an incendiary banger that truly deserves all of the high scores it got. Released in 2012 at the height of the dance-pop craze, the track proved to the gays masses that Paulini had what it takes, as an independent artist, to deliver a track just as overblown and amazing as any of the big pop girls at the time.

    I remember hearing this the day it was released and having my wig blown clean off my scalp. Call 911, indeed. After a few years of relatively mediocre releases. and diminishing commercial returns, 'Fireman' felt like a massive return to form for Paulini. Sis snapped and went full dance diva/gay icon - and she had the shirtless firemen and latex mini-dresses to prove it.

    There's so much to raise a glass to with this song. Let's start with the production. To be brief, she slaps. The structure does what all the best dance-pop songs should, building from verse-to-bridge-to-chorus and getting hotter and hotter as it goes. The 'cool me down, cool me down, be my fireman' bridge into the 'I NEED A FIYAH! FIYAH! FIYAH-MAN!' of the chorus? Take out a will and get your affairs in order gals.

    Then there is, of course, Paulini's vocals. Ever her best asset, even some patchy vocal mixing can't hide the fact that she's singing for high heavens. When has a club anthem about sweaty men ever sounded so pristine? Much like 'Air It All Out', 'Fireman' gives Ms. Paulini the chance to chuck in some incredible ad-libs towards the back of the song that really drive the whole thing home. She knows us pop goblins are still hear for a belt note over our EDM beats and she hath delivered.

    And finally - the video. A moment I will never forget. A moment... most pleasing to me, in my homosexual career. Paulini clearly had a certain target market in mind (her performances of the song at gay clubs around Australia only solidified that), but she really delivered on the visuals. And as if a troupe of shirtless, oiled up firemen wasn't enough, Paulini also went ahead and gave us choreography, face, body and glamour. She gave us all of this in some

    It was all supremely on point - so naturally it failed to chart and is oft-forgotten in the annals of modern Australian pop. AUSTRALIA EXPLAIN! At least we've been able to give the track its moment in the spotlight here. If some of the comments today - and the commentary in general - are any indication, many of you will be sad to see it go. But let's take a minute to celebrate Queen Paulini. Original Idol diva, soul sister, dancefloor diva and public service promotor.

    @DJHazey (10) is truly one of our best straight allies, if this anecdote is anything to go by - I remember like it was yesterday how this was on the songlist of the first PJSC I ever entered (circa 2014) and it's still one of the easiest 12s I've ever given. I was so obsessed I shared it with a pop music-loving friend on Facebook and a week later they said they had played it so many times at top volume throughout the Philadelphia area they were surprised they hadn't been arrested, had their car vandalized, or met a guy because of how much it was on repeat. They were obsessed and could not stop thanking me enough for bringing Paulini into their life. It definitely would have gotten a 12 from me too!

    @berserkboi (10) gives love to Paulini AND @DJHazey - So this bop is the Hazey Paulini song of choice? I stan a true ally loving such an obvious gay bop! Glad I gave you Everybody Needs A Man to bop to! You are awesome and deserve it! XXX As for the song – I wouldn’t be surprised to find this in the Top 10! I would lie if I said I haven’t been distracted many times watching this video at the gym! Dddddd I need to know what gym you're going to if they play this dddd

    @Untouchable Ace (10) is 10 places off, but I detect no lies in his commentary - What a standout, and it should have been #1. It says winner to me. The fact it didn't chart remains a hate crime.

    @daninternational (10) proves you can always count on firemen - Knew from the title this would be a banger!

    @Music Is Life (9) needs some water - THE MUSIC VIDEO.

    @saviodxl (8.2) has one word to say to y'all - B A N G E R

    @klow (6) describes what could be my life when I move in a month - Like inhaling a whole heap of amyl and then stepping into the saunas at Fitness First Richmond. See you there, boo!

    And @pop3blow2 (5.5) will just use a fire extinguisher, thanks - Ummm, this is not working for me. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad here , though for her songs!

  16. Sorry, @daninternational!
  17. Ezz


    What a shame. What a bop!
  18. @pop3blow2 what even is that taste?
    Does not compute.
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  19. What a complete fucking mess this 'just outside the Top 10' has been. So disappointed.
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