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The Australian Reality TV Girls Rate - #1 & #2 - And the winner IS...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by livefrommelbs, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    Latin Leche tho
  2. Our next elimination is one of only a handful of songs to get more than one 11...

    So it's particularly sad to see it go this early into the Semi-Finals.

    Especially because one of those 11s is mine.

    9. Dami Im - Sound Of Silence
    Average Score - 8.71

    High Scorers - Me & @Sprockrooster (11),
    @Phonetics Boy, @daninternational, @Eric, @Music Is Life, @Pineapple & @Remorque

    Low Scorers - @Hurricane Drunk (4.5), @abael (5), @Ana Raquel (6)


    I mean, when I go about picking an 11 in any rate, I'm not particularly pre-occupied with where it'll end up. That said, you always want to see it do well. And while a top 10 berth isn't anything to scoff it, I can't help but feel like 'Sound Of Silence' deserved a top 5 finish. But here we are.

    Choosing my 11 for this rate was tough. As you'd expect from someone who put their hand up to host a rate spotlighting our homegrown reality TV gals, I have an invested interest in the careers of many of these underrated, talented ladies - and some of my favourite pop songs of the past 15 years have been served up by these kweens.

    Samantha, Kate, Casey, and Ricki-Lee all made decent claims for the top spot, with 'Firestarter', 'Faded', 'Whats Going On' and 'Raining Diamonds' respectively - but ultimately I knew it was going to be Dami Im who got my 11. 'Super Love' had it first - those who've been following @ohnostalgia's Ultimate SongJustice Rate might've noticed it was recently revealed as my 3rd-favourite song of the 10s. But the more I sat with it, the more I realised 'Sound Of Silence' was getting top honours.

    I'll get to the song itself in a minute, but allow me to wax lyrical about my personal attachments to 'Sound of Silence' for a second. As a big Eurovision fan, having Dami announced as our rep for 2016 was such a thrill. Would she release a 'Super Love'-sized uptempo, or maybe a 'Gladiator'-style midtempo? With DNA on songwriting and production duties, the BPM felt like it was going to be high. Imagine my surprise when Dami dropped 'Sound Of Silence' instead. On record, it was beautifully-sung and emotive, if not immediately instant. I liked it alot - but didn't love it just yet.


    Fast forward to May 2016 and your esteemed host is travelling solo through Europe for 4 weeks. This was a strange trip for me. Merely months before, I'd met someone. We'd been dating - and about a fortnight before I was due to take off we decided to make things official. In hindsight, this was a bit of a mistake. We were still getting to know each other, for starters. He was still emotionally unavailable in many ways and I was extremely insecure and anxious - so the fear of it fizzling while I was away meant I kinda wanted to lock shit down - whereas the livefrommelbs of 2020 would have thrown a little more caution to the wind, let fate take the wheel and trusted that we could have either picked up where we left off when I returned, or it wasn't meant to be. No harm, no foul.

    So off I flew to Europe for a month with a boyfriend in name, but definitely not yet by nature. It was a half-alive relationship. To look back on that trip is this weird hybrid of beautiful, stunning scenery and cities and absolutely crippling anxiety. I enjoyed what I saw - I did not enjoy the experience. And all the while, 'Sound Of Silence' was playing on a near-infinite loop. I felt the lyrics so deeply in my bones, that sense of disconnection, emotional unavailability and ultimately longing. Dami done fucked me up.

    Around the halfway mark of my trip, I was in Oslo - and Eurovision took place in Stockholm. I watched the contest with my AirBnB hosts and some friends at a Eurovision party they were hosting. As anyone that's seen the performance knows, Dami delivered above and beyond any of us could have expected. It was a truly stellar moment, elevating the song to entirely new heights.

    To see Dami soar so brightly, ultimately just missing the crown, was a joy. Seeing my AirBnB hosts and their friends cheering her on instead of their own country (or any neighbours) only solidified how much of a moment it was. And for Dami to do so with a song that had soundtrack the emotional turbulence of the last few weeks - while I was still in the throes of that topsy-turvy energy, no less - was like being hit by an emotional freight train. I definitely shed some tears. It was one of the most striking experiences I've shared with a song in my entire life.

    The story with 'Sound of Silence' has a happy ending. I came home and my partner and I stayed together for the next three years. We had our time to grow emotionally closer - even if we had trouble expressing that for a while there. Eventually, I told him how 'Sound Of Silence' reminded me of him and that time; how it's a special song cos it symbolises one of those key turning points in a person's life. And from then on, whenever we'd have a few wines and fall down a YouTube rabbit hole, we'd take the time to watch Dami perform 'Sound Of Silence' at the Grand Final. It become a bit of an unspoken tribute to us persevering when we really weren't operating effectively as a new couple. When I hear it now I hear longing but I also hear love. And even though we're no longer together, this song only makes me happy. It's really special to me.

    And that's why it got my 11. Thank you for listening to my TEDTalk.

    Of course, I'm not the only gal to give 'Sound Of Silence' top honours - @Sprockrooster also displayed the pinaccle of taste, with this to say - I am honestly not sure if there ever was a better live performance at Eurovision than when Sound of Silence was performed in the grand finale. I mean the added adlibs show a vocal range that is already superb. But then the emotional delivery without being sappy at all, yet still making sure I am feeling them through and through. Honestly a shame it did not win. Australia will never win, cause Dami just proved that. The song itself lents itself perfectly for her vocals too. Her restraint start but still packing emotion and then building up to a climax that goes higher and higher. Forget cloud 9. This is cloud 11. A wall of sound that demands silence after she is finishing giving it her all. Preach. The. Fucking. Gospel.

    What else is there to say about it, really? Our low scorers are probably bored out of their brains but you will SOAK ALL THIS EMOTION UP. Sprocky and I are leading you in worship.

    And let us conclude this sermon by giving praise to the fact that 'Sound of Silence' excels through all three stages of pop's 'Holy Trinity'.

    Firstly - in original, recorded form:

    Secondly - in gay AF, poppers o'clock remix form (seriously kids, get your life to this if you don't already):

    And most importantly of all, as a transcendent live experience:

    And now let's here from the rest of the congregation, praise be.

    @daninternational (10) has clearly already experience the Holy Trinity as it should be - Cheering this on from my flat in Sydney at 6am with all my friends was one of my best Australia moments. As was the gay shouting 'FUCK ME UP DAMI' when they played the remix in a gay club YES! I went out in Oslo and got my life to the remix as well. The perfect way to cap off her triumph.

    @Pineapple (10) is speaking nothing but truth - This should have won Eurovision. I have so much love for this – if you want to do Eurovision right, this is how you do it.

    @Eric (10) is going to need to tell me about his Eurovision experience PRONTO! - Happy memories of watching this in Stockholm in 2016 - what a performance!

    @berserkboi (9.7) might need a few more visits to the Church of Dami - Epic would be the word? Some exceptional elements but not her very best in my book…

    @pop3blow2 (9) compares Dami to a vocal great. (And Lea Michele). - I’m just really liking her voice, regardless of the song. She’s kinda like someone like Leona Lewis or Lea Michele in that regard to me. One of those singers where the song is almost less important the experience of listening to the singer. Her songs are pretty good though, too!

    @Ana Raquel (6) might be one of our lower scorers, but I respect the acknowledgement of the song's merits - I always wished I could root for this as much as people still root for. This is on my middle of the table of 2016 and when I see people saying she should have won I'm just... no? She looked gorgeous that day though.
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  3. I'm delighted this leaves us now because I got to enjoy that beautiful write-up!
    But otherwise devastated as this REALLY should have made top 5. A clear second choice for my 11, it is so transcendent.

    Fun to think you an Australian were watching it live in Europe, and me a European, in Australia.
    What a day that was... some of my friends slept through their alarms and came over to my house around 10am after the show was over, we didn't tell them the results and kept drinking all day until the broadcast at 7pm, and the voting was just as exhilarating second time round ok it might have been the alcohol too
  4. Hahahaha! That sounds amazing - although you would have been praying for the sound of silence the next day to cope with the hangover/sleep deprivation :P
  5. Not the three ballad haters torpeding this in unison. I... poor Dami can't catch a break.

    I would like to see a performance from the leftover songs that is as good as this one:

    Ohh. You can't find it?! Pretends to be shocked.
  6. Looks like I spoke too soon. Oops.
  7. Your story and connection to the song was wonderful to read @livefrommelbs ! Thanks for sharing xxx
  8. Thank you! It felt like I was getting a little bit live(journal)frommelbs, but I tried my best to articulate why I have such an attachment to the song. We gotta celebrate those moments!
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  9. THIS! It wasn't until I heard the live version in person at the second semi final of Eurovision 2016 that I fell head over heel in love with this song.

    'Firestarter' was my fave song of 2013 and 'Sound Of Silence' was my fave song of 2016, though I think if I had participated in this rate, my 11 would have gone to Dami.

    BTW, I have a recollection seeing Dami spruiking her damn Carpenters album on morning television a few weeks out from the competition and cursing Dami for not being over in Europe promoting her song like every other Eurovision artist. So basically I blame her Carpenters album for her loss at Eurovision.
  10. [​IMG]
    Beautiful write-up.

    But this elimination?
    She's all out of 10s.
  11. It’s kinda wild that something as unassuming as, say, “Closure” managed to beat out “Sound Of Silence”, which is not only a belter of a song, but was also part of one of the last decade’s most unique pop cultural moments for Australia - its (mostly inexplicable) participation in a song contest from a continent on the other side of the world. But I guess this rate’s gonna rate!

    I guess I didn’t really help - I gave this an 8, a decent score relative to many others I gave, but still below average in this case. Nonetheless, it’s the sort of thing I’d’ve been happy to see win, just because of its iconic cultural status. Sorry to @livefrommelbs and @Sprockrooster that it didn’t go further!
  12. it’s the power (and problem) of a smaller rating pool! All it takes is a handful of scores lower than average and the song gets significantly impacted. Especially when there’s usually less than 0.5 points different between each track!

    I’ll take your 8 as a win for Team Dami!
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  13. I knew it would be our host's 11 after it popped up in Songjustice.

    This almost me except I still have What You've Done to Me.
  14. I actually gave Super Love more points in SongJustice! But if I did my scores over 'SoS' would be close to the top spot.
  15. I'm not doing an 8th elimination.

    Not because I'm still bitter about my 11 going...

    But because two songs have tied in 7th.

    Let's farewell the first, shall we?

    =7th. Owl Eyes - You & I
    Average Score - 8.79

    High Scorers-
    @Untouchable Ace, @abael, @Ana Raquel & @klow (10), @berserkboi (9.9)

    Low Scorers - @daninternational (6.5), @Eric & @Pineapple (7)

    My Scorer - 8.5


    In a single word, Owl Eyes re-invented disco. Or at the very least, gave our rate one of the most unique, artistic expressions in the songlist. And as the placing of 'You & I' suggests, we have eaten. it. up.

    Playing out like the spiritual successor to Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love', the track is an elegant, Italo-disco-influenced bop that's pretty undeniable. It further established Owl Eyes' powers as a musician - proving that nobody else in the rate (except maybe Miss Vera) can give us pop with this much hipster cred.

    It helps as well that Owl Eyes sounds absolutely sublime on the song - giving us falsetto for days that only adds to 'You and I's enchanting charm. I get disco balls, velvet furniture, bell bottom jeans and beautiful people with long manes of hair. It's not just a mood, it's a whole damn time capsule.

    If I had one criticism of the song, it's that it maintains a fairly consistent energy throughout - and I'm partial to a few more peaks and troughs in my pop song. Depending on who you ask though, that could be part of the appeal of 'You & I'. It's not here for your nightclubs and your radio smashes. It's here to prove twinkling synths and a funky bassline are timeless.

    The video only drives the track's retro sensibilities home further, playing out like a night out with some of Melbourne's most beautiful and unfriendly hipsters. You want to dance with them? You can't. You want to watch a movie in a vintage cinema with them? Too bad, ya basic. And through it all, Ms. Brooke shines like a striking siren.

    In amongst some of the more commercially accessible bops and bangers, it's pretty fabulous to see 'You & I' make the top 10. But when you consider the fact it didn't score less than 6.5, we clearly love ourselves some disco. Owl Eyes truly was the dark horse for the rate for me - and even though she's down to a single song, there's no denying how well she's performed so far.

    So go find your most retrofabulous ensemble. Make sure your disco ball hights the light just right. Then go ahead and do what the good sis tells us to do...


    Resident Owl Eyes stan @Untouchable Ace (10) gives it full marks - 1970's vibes for a modern classic

    @klow (10) will be sad to see this one go - Er....Ms Addamo throwing us a huge disco moment out of nowhere? I'm shocked!

    @berserkboi (9.9) is feeling the Donna Summer fantasy - Anything that sounds like it is sampling I Feel Love is a winner in my book! This girl may be worth a proper deep dive! Who was she on Idol? IDontKnowHerAtAll!!!

    @pop3blow2 (9) is here for it, but suggests that the right song is Owl Eyes' last standing - Another Owl Eyes that walks the line of ‘throwback production’ pretty well. Not as well as ‘Closure’ but still really good.

    @daninternational (6.5) is still suffering from a prolonged case of future nostalgia - After a week of Dua's album on repeat, this feels a bit flat

    Who do you think the second half of our top-10 tie is? I'll give you a hint... Owl Eyes didn't tie with herself.
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  16. It better be Samantha Jade.
    She's got too far with her 4th best song.
  17. Oops @ me being the lowest scorer.
    I stand by my comment though, disco walks a fine line for me between glorious and meh, which I think is down to how much I let my teenage internalised homophobia shape my music tastes.
  18. I'm still pretty shaken by your comments though.
    Dua shouldn't do that to anyone.
    Especially when Brooke did it first, and better.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Also, I don't really know what I want to happen now. Sammy J has too many songs left, but I also think she has the best songs left.

    I'm going to call for a downpour of cubic zirconia next but don't think I'll have many allies in that.
  20. [​IMG]
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