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The Australian Reality TV Girls Rate - #1 & #2 - And the winner IS...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by livefrommelbs, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. If you ever come to Aus and Miss Rona goes away I will FIND that club and I will TAKE YOU THERE.
  2. SCREAM @ my 7.5 of all scores having to show up as a low score so @berserkboi can side-eye me or worse!
  3. He’s the least of your worries good sir!
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  4. I lost my Top 3 of the whole rate before the Top 10 so I'm not feeling sorry. x
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  5. 75 songs.

    30 artists.

    20 wildcard entries.

    72 eliminations.

    3 songs left standing.

    2 artists going head to head.

    1 Grand Final.

    After weeks of listening, scoring, rating and revealing, we've reached the final showdown of our Australian Reality TV Girls Rate!

    Over the coming days I'll be hard at work getting everything ready for the crowning of our winner - the creme de la dreme of Australian Reality TV Girls music.

    But before all is revealed, I want to hear from you.

    Are you Team 'What You've Done To Me'?

    Team 'Firestarter'?

    Or Team 'Super Love'?

    And while we're here, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the following:

    What was your favourite new discovery of the rate?
    - Which song or artist did you personally feel was done the dirtiest?
    - Song you might not love personally but could have sworn would have placed higher?

    Stay tuned.
    Our winner isn't far away!​
  6. Can I say 'Sexy'?

    No because it's not true.

    I'll have to think.

    I'm team 'Superlove'!
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  7. #TeamWhatYouveDoneToMe

    Lisa Mitchell was done the dirtiest for sure, with Karis and Casey not far behind. I also thought Do It Like That would have done better overall as it is PopJustice catnip to my ears!
  8. A fair point! I'd agree with that.

    Here's my take on the above questions:

    What was your favourite new discovery of the rate?
    Obviously no new discoveries on account of my building the tracklist, but the rate definitely reinvigorated my love for Paulini's 'Air It All Out' - which is likely to be one of my most played songs of 2020.

    Which song or artist did you personally feel was done the dirtiest?
    Casey was DEFINITELY the artist done dirtiest on the whole. As for songs, they'd be Casey's 'Whats Going On', Miranda Murphy's 'That Girl', Sarah De Bono's 'Oasis', Reigan's 'All Of The Pieces' and Vera Blue's 'Lady Powers'

    Song you might not love personally but could have sworn would have placed higher?
    Bardot's 'Poison' seemed like a shoo-in for top 15 and it placed 32nd.
  9. #TeamFirestarter

    - What was your favourite new discovery of the rate?
    Paulini - We Can Try (aka our #59)

    - Which song or artist did you personally feel was done the dirtiest?
    BARDOT! Recency bias is real! The fact they are the oldest act in the rate (I guess) was a big disadvantage.

    - Song you might not love personally but could have sworn would have placed higher?
    Katy Underwood's Danger (aka our #53). Once again, recency bias, but I guess there were plenty of bops that pushed Danger out of the top 50, and that's ok.
  10. 100% #TeamSuperLove

    Dami Im was probably my overall fave new discovery. (I’d throw Owl Eyes in there, too. I had heard a song before by her, I think, but this was my first proper intro). Really there were many new artists I really liked here. Great rate for discoveries.

    Obviously Lisa was done the wrongest! She should’ve at least had one song in the top 30.

    I probably thought a Bardot song like ‘Poison’ might’ve placed a bit higher.
  11. Wow a truly amazing top 3 - RPDR could never.
    My 11 is the one I'm rooting for, but it's purely the icing on an amazing rate

    - What was your favourite new discovery of the rate?
    These were all new discoveries AND 10s!
    Bardot - ASAP
    Paulini - Fireman
    Paulini - Air It All Out (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
    Ricki-Lee - Raining Diamonds
    Owl Eyes - Love Run Dry
    KYA aka Christina Parie - What I Live For (with LDN NOISE)
    Nat Conway - Summer To Stay

    - Which song or artist did you personally feel was done the dirtiest?
    Paulini should have got at least 1 Top 10er!

    Song you might not love personally but could have sworn would have placed higher?
    Tbh I was expecting Bardot to do better as the OGs - but glad they didn't
  12. I'd pick "What You've Done For Me" of those 3, though there's not much between them. I have a feeling I will end up as the lowest scorer for all three of the songs, unfortunately (as with about 80% of this rate). But at least I had the foresight to be upfront about this from the beginning.

    The best discovery was, of course, "You & I"! Who knew Werribee could produce such exquisite disco bangers?!

    "Lady Powers" was "done dirty", but not so much as "Poison". "Poison" failing to break the top 30 was a surprise and an abomination. As was also the case with my 11. But I'll shut up about that.

    Bring on the finale!
  13. Yes and no! But more on that later.
  14. Slightly gutted that Raining Diamonds is out- my back up 11. Oh well, Team What You've Done To Me!


    What was your favourite new discovery of the rate?
    Feels Like Heaven by Reigan. Also bopped hard to Last Regret by Casey, Fighting For Love by Dami and Good Day by Hayley Warner dd.

    Which song or artist did you personally feel was done the dirtiest?
    Definitely gooped at Poison and What's Going On not smashing, and any of Lisa Mitchell's 3 Wonder singles flopping.
  15. I'm definitely on #TeamSuperLove.
    Owl Eyes — "Closure" / "You And I."
    Y'all did "Coin Laundry" and "Regular Touch" so dirty, but the artist done the dirtiest was—without a doubt—Bardot.
    I honestly would've never guessed that "I'm So Excited" would've been the first elimination. I assume that it'd be one of the Australian Idol winner's singles.
  16. [​IMG]


    I'm so loving you today @elektroxx!
  17. I'm #TeamFirestarter, but wow: what a top 3. Maybe one of the best top 3s ever, literally all of them would be 11's in any other rate.

    - What was your favourite new discovery of the rate?

    It was more of a rediscovery of sorts, but Ricki-Lee's Do It Like That.

    - Which song or artist did you personally feel was done the dirtiest?
    Marlisa and Anja were done pretty wrong. Stand By You and Never Alone could have been top 10 and I'd have had no complaints at all.

    - Song you might not love personally but could have sworn would have placed higher?
    Some of Bardot's stuff maybe, since they seem to be popular with a lot of people. They just weren't for me though.
  18. Yes to 'Stand By You' being done wrong! Once again I have forgotten about Marlisa. Sorry to this Marlisa.
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  19. I'm team What You've Done To Me.

    Fave discovery was quite easily Faded.

    I feel like Paulini was done rather wrong, but the most burning travesty was Sound of Silence not being in this top 3 smh.

    Oh, and Lady Powers not getting top 10 was the biggest surprise. Not losing any sleep, though.
  20. Alrighty gang, let's get this Grand Final a'going.

    We've reached our final three songs - and over the next few hours, we'll know who our winner is.

    But let's start with our bronze medalist.

    Finishing in 3rd place is...

    3. Dami Im - Super Love
    Average Score - 9.06

    High Scorers -
    Me, @Hurricane Drunk, @Sprockrooster, @pop3blow2, @Untouchable Ace, @Ana Raquel, @Pineapple & @Remorque (10), @berserkboi (9.6), @Fuchsia & @daninternational (9.5)

    Low Scorers - @saviodxl (6.9), @klow & @Phonetics Boy (7)

    It's a third place finish for the iconic 'Super Love' - proving definitively that Samantha Jade is the queen of this rate. But our winning artist will get her time in the sun. For now, let's shine the spotlight on this truly glorious Australian pop moment from one of the country's finest singers.
    I'll wax lyrical about why 'Super Love' is so special to me in a minute, but can I first say I'm actually so proud - and a little surprised - that it made top 3? I knew it was widely liked and considered one of Dami's best, but I didn't realise y'all loved it this much. As the ballots came in, though, it held on to its spot in the top 10 (mostly in the positions between 5 and 10) - before finally rising to the top half over the last few ballots. Where, to be fair, it rightly belongs. To see it get a podium finish fills me with happiness. It's what Dami and the song deserve.

    'Super Love' is essentially Dami's 'Firestarter' - a pristinely-produced pop MOMENT to kick off her post-show career following a #1 winner's single. The single was released in May of 2014 and just missed the top 10, peaking at #11. This is a top 10 single through and through so I'm not bloody sure what happened there. Australian public in NOT HAVING ANY TASTE shocker!

    While there are some elements of 'Super Love' that sound dated in 2020 (mostly those of the banjo variety), there's no denying that this was a brilliant sound for Dami to come out with at the time. In a post-Avicii True world, mixing a little folk into your dance pop was all the rage - and 'Super Love' following that blueprint helped make the song feel fresh and current. As the years have passed though, it's the more timeless qualities of the song that have truly helped it endure (as evidence by its placing here). It's the parts that are 110% Dami Im that really make 'Super Love' shine.

    Kicking off with some spectral, atmospheric production. Dami sounds absolutely divine on the verses. Restrained yet still emotive, weaving in subtle vocal hooks without playing her hand entirely. Lyrics like 'Maybe it's euphoria that's talking now / But I wanna breathe you in, and never breathe you out' give the song a lovestruck, poetic DNA as well. It's a really pretty start to a pop track.

    Then of course the whole thing levels up big time with the 'We're diamonds in the ROUGH!' pre-chorus. You want a song with a hook? Why not have two? Dami's doing a double-up and we have decided to stan forever. By the time she launches into the chorus proper with a declaration of 'WE GOT THAT SUPER LOVE!' it's all over for us hoes.

    I've also got to give a special shout out to the middle-eight, where Dami takes the vocals up an octave to coo her way through some heavenly head notes, before coming back around for a few more choruses. As I mentioned in this thread before, the ad libs right before the end of the tracks - you know, the one we're she's like 'We've got that super LUH-AH-uh-ah-uh-ove... Lo-oh-oh-uh-AH-ove!' (literal translation) - are genuinely my favourite recorded vocal moment in the whole rate.

    While I could go on and on about the technical elements that make 'Super Love' special, the secret ingredient here really is the unbridled joy that courses throughout the track. Much like the longing in 'Sound Of Silence', or the triumph of 'Raining Diamonds', 'Super Love' pops off with a loved-up levity that is truly worthy of applause. You only need to watch the music video to see how much positivity Dami is dishing out with this song. It's truly a diamond in the rough.

    As I mentioned in my 'Sound Of Silence' write-up, 'Super Love' had my 11 for a portion of the voting period. Those of you following the Ultimate 10s Songjustice might have noticed I voted it in as my 3rd-favourite song of the decade - a distinction higher than any other track in this rate. So there's deep, deep love for this one from yours truly. A huge portion of that comes from the fact that the song was released the day I moved to Melbourne, and soundtracked the better part of the 9 hour drive down to my new city. The joy that I previously mentioned ran through 'Super Love' well and truly fuelled me forward. It helped me process the almost sickening anxiety I had about moving away from all my friends and family to a city where I knew nobody, and kept me optimistic about all that lay before me in this new chapter of my life. As that year went on, it endured as a bit of an anthem for all of the goodness that can come from getting away from your 'home town' and building a life somewhere new - and to this day feels me with a special kind of nostalgia. It sounds like LIVING, baby!

    And you best believe I am living for its top 3 finish here. Well done to y'all for having taste. Let's hear from our super lovely judges.

    @Sprockrooster (10) is going to need to fix hisself another quarantini and keep getting his life - The energy I am getting from this despite being quaraintined at home. The audicity. Guess I will be wreck havoc in my living room when dancing to this.

    @pop3blow2 (10) has super love for 'Super Love' - She just has the voice to pull off this big pop. I like some of the quirkier instrument choices for such anthemic pop song. Kinda Avicii-esque.

    @Untouchable Ace (10) gives us French via Australia - Her pista resistance. Berserkboi found serving a gag order. Livefrommelbs found nodding in agreement.

    @Pineapple (10) continues to prove that they are my twin and/or soulmate - I used to be obsessed with Super Love. Dami is a superstar in this. The video, the song, the vocal… she got everything right. I could have easily given this an 11 in any other rate!

    Dami's not playing the banjo as well, @berserkboi (9.6) - Love it as it plays along – strong demonstration of Dami’s multiple talents!

    @daninternational is gonna need to give me a time stamp so I can investigate - It's not the kind of stuff she likes, and that's what makes it so much better. The video makes me miss my Sydney time. And is that Renata Bliss??


    Actual footage of @Sprockrooster dancing in quarantine.

    @Eric (8.5) loves a superhero video moment - Love the final bridge and the best video in the rate - gloriously elegant The video does such a great job of showcasing how beautiful Sydney is too. Home state represent!

    @klow (7) can't with the banjos, but CAN with the vocals - The banjo breakdowns give me Aloe Blacc & Avicii PTSD, but to her credit she sings the hell out of it.

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