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The Australian Reality TV Girls Rate - #1 & #2 - And the winner IS...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by livefrommelbs, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Well, with that Top 2 of 10s I really cannot lose! Dddddd
  2. Oh.

    I just realised before the tag I recieved that you held the grand final with 3 entries because Dami finished 3rd and the other 2 are both Sami.

    Well done in getting this far.

    If 'Super Love" did get your 11 @livefrommelbs would it have climbed?
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  3. I was always going to have a top 3 for the grand final to follow the X Factor final 3 format. It was also the middle of a two-song final (like Idol), or a four-song finale like The Voice :)

    And if Super Love got 11 it still wouldn't have been enough to catch the 2nd place song. Even if @Pineapple had given it their 11 as well it would have finished third!
  4. The woman at 1:09 :D

    Didn't realise I didn't give this a 10, which was harsh, but I needed to give Sound of Silence a higher score. What a tune to kick off my Friday <3
  5. Hahahaha it's not Renata, but she's clearly in the mood for some freestyle dance shenanigans!
  6. What a song - now I want to visit Sydney! Sorry I missed the discovery of the rate bit, work has been manic this week with new tasks so I have the attention span of a gnat. I guess my discovery of the rate was Casey: her life story is compelling and there's a truth and cleanliness to her vocals.
  7. I love your taste and support of Kween Casey! We need more of it.
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  8. Acceptable Top 2 considering what it could've been!
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  9. For a second there I thought this was real! That top 5... far too excellent.

    Ps. I was hoping to reveal the final two results today but given the forum fuckery I’ll do it tomorrow! What’s 12 more hours of suspense, right gals? ;)
  10. Keep us waiting... like a true reality show!
  11. Okay gals, we're back.

    Our broadcast network is live and functional...

    You've waited long enough.

    It's time to reveal the winner of Popjustice's Australian Reality TV Girls Rate...

    By first revealing our runner-up.

    2. Samantha Jade - Firestarter
    Average Score - 9.22

    High Scorers -
    Me, @Hurricane Drunk, @berserkboi, @Sprockrooster, @saviodxl, @daninternational, @Untouchable Ace, @Ana Raquel, @Music Is Life & @Pineapple (10), @DJHazey & @Fuchsia (9.5)

    Low Scorers - @Phonetics Boy, @abael & @klow (7)

    It was Samantha Jade vs Samantha Jade for the crown - and it's the incendiary dance-pop banger that is Firestarter that ultimately just falls short of the top spot.​

    But seriously, what a song to earn the title of our rate runner-up. With the exception of perhaps 'Fireman' or 'Air It All Out', 'Firestarter' is the premier poppers o'clock bop in the rate. We've shown plenty of love to the uptempo numbers present, and few have quite the energy of this here anthem.

    Firestarter was released in 2013 and it shows. I absolutely don't mean that as shade either. This was the time when high-octane, EDM-influenced dance-pop was in its heyday, and 'Firestarter' truly is a world-class example of that sound. I don't know about you gals, but when I put it on I'm instantly taken back to the glory days when this sound ruled the radios, the clubs and even the charts. It all started changing from about 2014 onward - but 'Firestarter' has a throwback quality to it that only elevates its appeal.

    Let's unpack the reason why this song is a 10/10. First up? The production. That opening beat has become almost immediately recognisable to me now. It sounds like the start of a party - like an icon walking up to the microphone to command you to start moving. As soon as Sammi starts singing, you know it's on. The beat kicks in and we're away. There are production flourishes in 'Firestarter' that I still love to this day - particularly that crunching, heavy synth rockets around your head as the verses play out (put on your headphones and admire the mastery).

    With the exception of the middle-eight, which slows things down for a minute to include a piano melody, the production on 'Firestarter' is balls-to-the-wall BANGER. It's got that relentless, sledgehammer beat to it that refuses to let up once it's started stepping on your neck, and the breakdown before the final choruses? Sensual and chaotic all the same time, before bringing us home for one final hit of adrenaline. It's a tightly-constructed pop song and we must stan.

    Secondly? It's the most important production element of it all - the vocals. Starting off with a Britney-esque purr and building to that almighty chorus. From the moment Sammi sings the first line, it's clear that she is a pop force. This isn't superstar cosplay - it's a genuinely talented singer who gets exactly what's needed from a pop performance to elevate things above 'lovely vocals'. But best believe, the vocals ARE lovely. The way she belts out that chorus? Nothing short of iconic. Throw in those ad libs over the final thirty seconds or so and there's really no hope for my oxygen intake. I'm left breathless.

    Third reason why 'Firestarter' is a 10/10? It COMPLETELY sticks the landing in transitioning Samantha Jade from 'reality TV winner with one great winner's single' to 'pop act with the potential for multiple chart hits'. There's such a confidence to it - it was the right song for the time, packaged the right way as well. The struck while the iron was hot and struck gold as well. There's a reason why it's a double-platinum top 10 hit. And it's not just goodwill post-X Factor.

    'Firestarter' is my favourite SJ song, and one of the 5 contenders for my 11. Like our 3rd and 4th placing tracks. So I won't dwell on the fact - but to see it get this high is very satisfying. Honestly though, if memory serves correct it never left the top 5. We have had our disagreements on scores throughout the rate, but we are all in consensus here - 'Firestarter' is one of the absolute best songs in this rate. One of the great Aussie pop tracks of the 10s. And a worthy runner-up to our winner. Also sung by this stunning queen of everything.

    But before we get to celebrating our winner, let's hear what the judges had to say about 'Firestarter'.

    It's 10s, 10s, 10s across the board for @berserkboi (10) - Is Samantha on her way to a perfect 10 average from the Berserky corner? It’s looking likely!

    @Untouchable Ace (10) shares my sentiments about 'Firestarter' being world-class - This is another example for Samantha to be a world renowned artist.

    @Sprockrooster (10) is an old-school stan - One of the few songs I knew before going into this rate and I think it is because of PJ. What a fucking banger.

    @Pineapple (10) has 'Firestarter' to thank for some rock-solid standom - Firestarter was my first Samantha Jade song and it made me a stan. This is gay catnip. Everything is on point.

    @daninternational (10) remembers the glory days - Back in these days every single was a moment.

    @Eric (9) is taken back to the outside days before Miss Rona put out or big gay fires - A solid gay bar bop (oh for the days of a trashy sticky floored dancefloor)

    @pop3blow2 (8.2) might need a stronger match - Servicable anthem pop, but not really wowing me.

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  12. And that means, our winner is...

    1. Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me
    Average Score - 9.42

    High Scorers - @daninternational & @Ana Raquel (11),
    Me, @DJHazey, @Hurricane Drunk, @berserkboi, @Sprockrooster, @Fuchsia, @Music Is Life & @Pineapple (10), @saviodxl (9.7)

    Low Scorers - @abael (7) and that's about it (sorry boo!)

    God this feels right.

    As @berserkboi said throughout the rate, 'What You've Done To Me' is SUCH a perfect winner for a rate that celebrates Aussie Reality TV Girls.

    For starters, it's already a winner's single. And not just any winner's single either, but a triple-platinum #1 smash. That it triumphed again here only adds to its powers. It feels poetic. On top of that, 'What You've Done To Me' is a best-in-show example of how seamlessly a contestant's time on a reality show can segue into a bonafide pop career. When this song dropped at the end of 2012 you could feel all of the effort Sammi had just been putting into her time on X Factor. You could hear the victory. And you could also hear the beginnings of a proper pop career.

    Besides all that, it's just a really fucking good song. So much so, that it got two 11s and has basically been winning since I spilled the first bit of leaderboard tea after 5 ballots. There was almost no contest - this is our rate winner. So why do we, as a taste-filled forum collective, stan this song so much? Maybe it's the fact that 'What You've Done To Me' is the perfect combination of pure, euphoric pop and dance. A propulsive breath of fresh air that feels entirely effortless in the way it sprints along snatching every wig within reach and claiming them as its own.

    The production knocks, and it's all elevated by a vocal that sounds radio-ready while still finding opportunities to showcase Samantha's impressive talent. There's a technical proficiency on display that isn't screaming LOOK AT HOW EXCELLENT A SINGER I AM, while still demonstrating what pipes the good sis has. Also, that chorus is a textbook earworm. It's cleverly crafted in that you basically know the words before the first chorus has even concluded.


    I also think, now that we're nearly 8 years on (!!!) from the single's release that there might be a little nostalgia in there too. Samantha Jade truly became a national treasure for a minute there - before she'd even won the X Factor. After the audience initially wrote her off as a pop princess who'd missed her shot at stardom, getting to know her week after week meant getting to know the kind, down-to-earth girl-next-door with the voice of an angel. That personality we as the audience had become so familiar with only helped to further sell the charms of 'What You've Done To Me'. It was the perfect cap to a reality TV story arc that struck a chord with the voters. Years after the fact, there's an easy, breezy warmth to the song that's easy to associate with that time period.

    Some of our judges clearly felt the way. Both our 11-givers, in fact. Here's what the dazzling @daninternational had to say:

    I found this song just before my very first trip to Australia, and it soundtracked me falling in love with the place (and eventually moving there) perfectly. And who *isn't* a hobbit on the run?

    And now, a word from bop queen and fellow judge @Ana Raquel

    This one wins my 11 because of a bit of nostalgia factor. Samantha was the first australian x factor contestant i rooted for so i dont even have to say how much i waited for this song. it's not even her best here on the rate, but as i said before, congrats nostalgia.

    Our other judges were just as complimentary. So for one last time, let's throw it to them:

    @berserkboi (10) almost gave 'What You've Done To Me' a third 11 and states some absolute facts - A close contender for my 11, easily the best Winners Single, possibly ever! Yes, even more so than Sound Of The Underground! PS: Surrender is also amazing so even if the boys had won – we were due some greatness that year!

    @Pineapple (10) agrees that it's in a class of its own - This is how you do a winner’s single. Oh my god. So good!! I wish we got an album of bops rather than her covers from the show.

    @saviodxl (9.7) echoes that sentiment too - Having a first amazing single after emerging from a reality show: check

    And @Untouchable Ace (9.3) touches on a songwriting truth that could be the secret to its powers? - They have successfully boppified this ballad.

    You know what else? I think 'What You've Done To Me' perfectly encapsulates why so many of us stan Samantha Jade. Her strength isn't just in her ability to deliver pop bops. It's that they're sung to perfection by a beautiful and likeable young woman that clearly knows her way around not only pop songcraft, but pop as an industry.

    She knew it when she first had a crack at the big time in the 00s.

    She proved definitively that she still had it when she decimated her season of the X Factor.

    She's demonstrated it time and time again in her career after the show. Firestarter. Soldier. UP!. Sweet Talk. Always. Bounce. In The Morning. All great tunes, all the time.

    And finally, she's proven it once and for all with a rate run that's been nothing short of iconic.

    5 top 20 songs.

    4 top 10 smashes.

    The most 11s of any artist.

    A top 2 all to herself.

    And now, finally, victoriously, the top spot of Popjustice's Australian Reality TV Girls Rate.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your winning song...

    'What You've Done To Me', by the brilliant Samantha Jade.

    Thanks for voting, for following along, and for sharing in all of the amazing music.
    I've been livefrommelbs. You've been iconic. Goodnight!

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  13. Amazing! The perfect winner for a perfect rate! Hosting skills to 1000% @livefrommelbs!! :D
  14. This was a great rate, @livefrommelbs! Even though I'm still in shock at how dirty y'all did "Sound Of Silence," which makes me regret not taking part even more.
  15. What an event of a rate.
    Thanks so much.

    I know there's a few more stats left. Let's see.
  16. OH MY. Never expected this to win and I'm super glad it did!

    Thanks for the rate, legend!
  17. Oh wow, I really thought Firestarter had it in the bag! Would be happy either way, but the right song definitely won.

    A brilliant rate, @livefrommelbs! So much fun to shine a spotlight on many of these (unfortunately) underrated/forgotten acts. Thank you so much for running this!
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