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The Australian Reality TV Girls Rate - #1 & #2 - And the winner IS...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by livefrommelbs, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. The right winner imo! And I wasn’t the lowest scorer!

    Thanks so much to @livefrommelbs for hosting this wonderful rate. It honestly had it all - nostalgia, humour, bangers, drama, shock eliminations, and Summer Bay. It was history. And you helmed it all! Bravo.
  2. Thanks guys! It's truly been a privilege and a pleasure hosting this for y'all. Thanks for sharing your scores, your thoughts and your wildcard entries too. It's been really special.

    You're correct! Here's the stats for our winning team...

    Team X Factor

    1. Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me - 9.42
    2. Samantha Jade - Firestarter - 9.22
    3. Dami Im - Super Love - 9.17
    5. Samantha Jade - Sweet Talk - 8.93
    =7. Samantha Jade - Always - 8.79
    9. Dami Im - Sound Of Silence - 8.71
    13. Samantha Jade - Soldier - 8.46
    19. Dami Im - Fighting For Love - 8.24
    23. Dami Im - Gladiator - 8.15
    25. Dami Im - Alive - 8.108
    27. Samantha Jade - Bounce - 7.92
    30. Reigan - Feels Like Heaven - 7.85
    =33. KYA aka Christina Parie What I Live For (feat. LDN Noise) - 7.8
    =33. Reigan - All Of The Pieces - 7.8
    37. Marlisa - Stand By You - 7.69
    44. Nat Conway - Summer To Stay - 7.43
    50. Nat Conway - So Loud - 7.17
    51. Dami Im - Crying Underwater - 7.14
    56. Marlisa - Forever Young - 7.006
    68. Bella Ferraro - Set Me On Fire - 6.27
    73. Christina Parie - 16 & Unstoppable - 5.76

    Team Average - 7.95

    Which mean our final team rankings are as follows:

    1. Team X Factor - 7.95
    2. Team Popstars - 7.56
    3. Team Idol - 7.45
    4. Team The Voice - 7.20
  3. No way idol was 3rd.
    I thought they'd be second.
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  4. YAY! First ever rate where my 11 has even come close won <3

    I joined this rate quite last minute when you posted elsewhere and the sheer passion you had for this project truly won me over. I'm so glad I came here, it's been the perfect rate - loads of new bangers, a lot of education, lots of nostalgia for my time living in Oz, and some excellent results at the sharp end!

    Congrats and thank you <3
  5. LOVE YOU. So glad you took part! Please let us know if you get back here, the Melbourne fam would love to adopt you.
  6. Ezz


    Thank you so much @livefrommelbs - this was a brilliant rate, loved the spotlights and perfectly paced. A good helping of bops in there too!
  7. The way this rate just radiated with positive energy, whew! Iconic hosting, @livefrommelbs! This was a pleasure to take part in.
  8. What a great rate! I’ll admit to not really taking to Samantha as much compared to some other artists here, but I loved taking part and discovered many new songs and artists I really like. I also got to give my unbridled support to Lisa Mitchell... so there was no way I was passing that up. This was a lot fun & thanks @livefrommelbs
  9. Samantha winning is just the cherry on top of a great rate, either song could have won and I'd have been just as happy. What You've Done To Me is such an amazing, breezy pop song that birthed the career of such an unashamedly glittery and camp popstar. Love to Sammi.

    Truly one of the best Australian singles of the decade and the best X Factor winner's single ever! I'd say Sammi is the best X Factor winner ever, too.

    And a flawless top 10 that was. Samantha, Dami and Ricki are such superstars. Thanks for giving the girls some spotlight with this fab rate @livefrommelbs !!
  10. I don't even know why I didn't give Firestarter a 10 as well, they're both 10s let's be honest but I think I do prefer What You've Done to Me. With all the disasters of my Holy Trinity in the rate, we still end up with an amazing winner and a side contest winner I'm still shocked I was able to win. Two Samantha songs in a winner's rate. DREAMLAND! Thank you so much for running this rate @livefrommelbs! I appreciate the chance to hear a lot of what Australia has to offer from artists I didn't know in most cases.
  11. Lisa Mitchell—the artist who released "Spiritus," No. 35 in this rate—just dropped a new single.

  12. Paulini is going to be in Australia's Eurovision 2022 pre-selection and I couldn't be more excited.

    The power of this rate that finished ages ago etc
  13. I am so excited for Miss Paulini! Let's hope she gives us more of a Fireman than an Angel Eyes.
  14. Lisa Mitchell dropped a single not too long ago.

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